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360 Panorama from the summit of Mt. Democrat. Click to view pano

November, 2012: Mt. Democrat from 13er Mt. Tweto. Left of Democrat are Quandary, Grays and Torreys and to the right are Lincoln (summit barely visible), Cameron and Bross.
May, 2008: Democrat seen during a hike.
March, 2007: Democrat seen from the Kite Lake road.
May, 2005: Democrat seen from the west side of Mt. Bross.
April, 2005: Democrat seen from 11,000` on the Kite Lake road.
September, 2004: Democrat seen from Mt. Buckskin (13,865`).
September, 2004: Democrat from Clinton Peak (13,857`) and Traver Peak (13,852`).
August, 2004: Democrat seen during a hike.
June, 2004: Democrat from Crystal Peak (13,852`).
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