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Since Sopris...
Mt. Sneffels, Holy Cross Ridge, Kit Carson Peak, Maroon Peak, Oklahoma, Mt, Blanca Peak, PT 13,001, Humboldt Peak, Baldy Alto, Buckskin BM
Ski Report
Ski Touring Outpost Peak
Outpost Peak
6 2
Centennial Cone
Centennial Cone
27 4
Mt Evans area bike & hike
Gray Wolf Mtn, Warren, Mt, Rogers Pk
11 6
A Tale of Four Towers
The Dragons Tail, The Great Googley Moogley, Devils Golf Ball, Tonka Tower
39 7
Ski Report
The Goldilocks Zone
Sheridan, Mt
19 2
Beta Back Ribs: Chalk Creek 13ers
"Tigger Pk", Boulder Mtn, Mamma, Mt, PT 13,078, PT 13,317, PT 13,626, PT 13,050, "Tincup Pk", Emma Burr Mtn, Fitzpatrick Pk
5 3
Ski Report
Hurricanes in Alaska!
Thompson Pass, AK
9 2
Old, Historic, Abandoned, Unmaintained and Unmerciful Trails: Finding Ways in the Gore Range
Deming Mountain
Ski Report
Getting Back, Back on Track
Meeker, Mt
12 6
Fall Fun
London Mtn, Kuss Pk, Hoosier Ridge, Red Mtn C, Red Pk A
43 3
So Long and thanks for all the fish
Vermilion Pk, Golden Horn, Fuller Pk
13 17
Fall Hikes in the Sangres
Rito Alto Pk, Hermit Pk A, Eureka Mtn A, Cottonwood Pk A, PT 13,123 B, Colony Baldy, Twin Pks A
88 7
Decalibron w/ free dog
Mt. Democrat, Mt. Cameron, Mt. Lincoln, Mt. Bross
17 10
Keeping Copeland Interesting
Copeland Mtn
3 6
Beautiful fall weather for a Sawatch twofer.
Grizzly Pk A, Garfield Pk A
3 8
Leukemia Climb for 3 year old Colton at 23,406ft. A Four Seasons and Love, Hope, & Strength Story.
Lenin Peak
40 26
Trick or Treat – Clohesy Lake 13ers
"Magdalene Mtn", PT 13,517 A, "Pear Pk"
10 4
50 State Highpoint completion
50 State Highpoints
O SurfnTurf Especial
Pico do Baepi
31 6
Sangre Huérfanos
Colony Baldy, West Spanish Pk
34 5
Mt. Sneffels – Labor day and first 14er
Mt. Sneffels
All This for a Knob?
Sheridan, Mt, Peerless Mtn, Horseshoe Mtn A, Finnback Knob
32 2
Lady Washington (13,281’)
Lady Washington, Mt
35 10
Ski Report
Video: Summer School
Conundrum Peak, Torreys Peak, "Pk C", Powell A, Mt
1 3
Cinnamon Sweet
Cinnamon Mtn A, Seigal Mtn, Wood Mtn A, PT 13,535, PT 13,708, PT 13,722
38 10
Tour d’Abyss – Summit Fever Strikes!
Mt. Bierstadt, Sawtooth, The, Mt. Evans, "West Evans"
5 9
Crestone Needle in the Autumn
Crestone Needle
4 4
South Diamond from Cameron Pass
South Diamond Peak
17 7
A Long Road to Hagerman
Hagerman Pk, Belleview Mtn A, Buckskin BM
56 15
Bierstadt –– West Slopes
Mt. Bierstadt
Bierstadt, because I love bier
Mt. Bierstadt
Big McBeta: Mosquito & Other 13ers
London Mtn, Kuss Pk, Mosquito Pk, Treasurevault Mtn, Arkansas Mt, Tweto, Mt, Buckskin, Mt, Loveland Mtn, Silverheels, Mt, Kelso Mtn
3 2
Betamon: Mosquito 13ers
Gemini Pk, Dyer Mtn, West Dyer Mtn, Evans B, Mt, Horseshoe Mtn A, Finnback Knob, Peerless Mtn, Sheridan, Mt, Mt. Sherman, White Ridge
Little Horn Peak and Mount Adams
Adams A, Mt, Little Horn Pk
Grand Canyon R2R2R on Bass Trails
Grand Canyon
4 5
Meandering the Divide: Bear Lake to Powell
Powell Pk, Taylor Pk B, Otis Peak, Flattop Mountain
2 9
The Sawtooth in Mid October
Mt. Bierstadt
14 2
Getting the Band Back Together
Marble Mtn A
24 10
Mountain Hobo Colorado!!!!
Square Top Mtn A, Argentine Pk, Wilcox, Mt
44 11
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