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Nothing But The Best – Turret Ridge
Turret Ridge
6 5
Snowmass via S Ridge from Schofield Park (Crested Butte)
Snowmass Mountain
15 2
If Polaris were a Mountain
North Star Mtn
36 1
Missouri – East Ridge
Missouri Mountain
27 2
Lincoln Amphitheater
Mt. Lincoln
Ice Lakes Basin – 1st Snow Climb
Vermilion Pk, Fuller Pk, "V 2"
10 12
Mt. Rainier – Disappointment Cleaver
Mt. Rainier
38 7
Celebrating Bastille Day on Mt. Bierstadt (Standard Route)
Mt. Bierstadt
Big Daddy Blanca + Ellingwood Pt. via Lake Como Road
Blanca Peak, Ellingwood Point
15 4
Mt. Huron’s Beauty (Standard Route)
Huron Peak
15 1
Taking first timers up Mt. Elbert (Northeast Ridge)
Mt. Elbert
11 1
Rainy summit in a day
Capitol Peak
19 8
Mt Edwards from Waldorf Mine via Argentine Pass
Edwards, Mt
Another Day, Another Mosquito 13er
Horseshoe Mtn A
Good Run of Bad Luck Part II
Jagged Mtn, Pigeon Pk, Turret Pk A
38 2
The Ellingwood Arete
Crestone Needle, Broken Hand Pk
8 11
Mt Sneffles. Standard Route. My First Fourteener!
Mt. Sneffels
32 2
Grays/Torrey’s via Kelso Ridge
Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Buffalo Peaks – Four Mile Creek
West Buffalo Pk, East Buffalo Pk
10 6
Gonna see the ’Stones
Humboldt Peak
36 4
Sawtooth Route through Bierstadt and Evens
Mt. Evans, Mt. Bierstadt, Sawtooth, The
Massive SW, Elbert standard rt
Mt. Massive, Mt. Elbert
We Took a Bite Out of #52 –– El Diente
El Diente Peak
30 5
Mt of the Holy Cross – North Ridge
Mt. of the Holy Cross
10 5
They say you never forget your first time.........
Pyramid Peak
53 24
#51 & My Favorite 14er So Far!!
Wetterhorn Peak
39 15
Summer Glissade on Snowmass Mountain! #50
Snowmass Mountain
25 11
Good Run of Bad Luck Part I
Hagerman Pk, Jones Mtn A, Niagara Pk, Jupiter Mtn
36 7
Grays and Torreys with Time Data
Grays Peak, Torreys Peak
Humboldt Peak
Lone Summit Of 2014
Mt. Elbert
9 9
Huron Peak, July 21, 2014
Huron Peak
10 1
Baby Jesus and ’Murica saved Humboldt Peak
Humboldt Peak
16 7
Eureka Mountain West Ridge
Eureka Mtn A
12 2
Guached Up on Tabeguache––West Ridge
Tabeguache Peak
Ypsilon Mountain – Blitzen Ridge
Ypsilon Mtn
36 9
Sherman – Iowa Gulch
Mt. Sherman
Into the unknown the remote south San Juan’s
Conejos Pk
35 3
Fog and rain in the south San Juan’s
Summit Pk, Montezuma Pk, "Unicorn, The"
21 4
Barking Humans and Mt. Lindsey
Mt. Lindsey, Iron Nipple, "Huerfano Pk"
18 11
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