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2016-11-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: I would say about 2/3 of the trail had some sort of snow cover. Even though it is definitely doable without micro spikes, I found mine to be very useful. 
hollyhammons  2016-11-25   0             
2016-11-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: So little snow below treeline it might as well have been dry. Above treeline the trail was either blown dry by wind or buried under a drift. Drifts ranged from 2 to 8 inches deep and were sometimes avoidable. We wore microspikes above treeline because of the ice hidden under the drifts, and the abundance of steep sections above 12,000 ft, but it could certainly be done without them. 
sjfredrickson  2016-11-21   3             
2016-11-06  Route: East Ridge
Info: Summer conditions below treeline, snow up to 4 inches on trail to summit made microspikes helpful. 
Brian Thomas  2016-11-07   0             
2016-11-04  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Light snow on the trail above treeline. I had microspikes, but they were not needed, poles were sufficient. Microspikes would have been helpful in a few spots descending from 14,000 through 13000. Great sunny day, calm winds on the summit. 
mrcub14  2016-11-05   1             
2016-10-29  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: We hiked Mt. Elbert yesterday. We didn't encounter any snow/ice on the trail until after tree line. Even then, it was minimal but enough to get you slipping and sliding if you weren't careful. The summit didn't have snow and the wind was COLD! 
awtakontrl  2016-10-30   1             
2016-10-23  Route: East Ridge
Info: Beautiful day today. A little snow on the trail above 13k. No need for spikes. Maybe if it's cold, but you'd probably be taking them on and off. Wind was much more calm than forecasted. Not too crowded for Elbert. 
alpinenut  2016-10-23   0   2          
2016-10-09  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Left from the trailhead, took us 2hr 50min to summit. 1hr 45min to get down. Great day, trail conditions were good. Snow in spots, but it's packed down. 
avos05  2016-10-09   1             
2016-10-08  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: 10-degrees at trailhead, 8AM start time. Quickly warmed to 40s. Calm winds, sunny, even at summit. 5 hours up for us, 3 hours down. Snow on trail almost everywhere above treeline. Microspikes would have been helpful. 
pointfinder  2016-10-10   1             
2016-10-08  Route: East Ridge
Info: There was a decent amount of snow on the trail, but it was soft snow and traction was good. I got by just fine with hiking boots and some trekking pole (I didn't use the yaktraks I brought). The 4WD road was clear to the upper trailhead. Some now in the trees down low, but it cleared up around treeline. Sporadic snow on trail between 12,500' and 13,500', pretty consistent snow higher than that. Surprisingly little wind at the top. Warm weather the next couple of days should melt some of the snow 
Danger_D  2016-10-08   0             
2016-09-15  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Light snow above treeline. No traction required. 
beachrya  2016-09-15   0             
2016-09-10  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Beautiful day with no clouds in the sky. This is a longer hike but very easy and a simple trail to follow. There's about three false summits. Took us 8 hours total to go up and down, including multiple breaks for snacks and a long break at the top. There is no snow whatsoever on the trails. The parking lot is very easy to get to, any car could make it up this flat dirt road with just a few small bumps. I recommend this one for first timers and beginners 
vmunson  2016-09-11   0             
2016-09-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Clear of snow and beatiful early morning conditions today. 
nMonster  2016-09-03   0             
2016-08-31  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Started the trail at 6AM and we there were four cars before us at the parking of the TH. First 30-45 minutes used a light on the trail, which was easy to find. Also the rest of the trail clearly visible where the main path goes. Got warmer, and took of the jacket at about 7.30AM. Above treeline sometimes some strong wind (colder, put on jacket again) or less wind (feels warm right away) and only few little spots with snow, but not significant. Didn't use poles/spikes. Reached summit at about 9.45AM, enjoyed the view of an almost spotless clear blue sky with only 4 other hikers there. After a bagel and some water started the descend, warmed up below treeline and got back at TH at about 1PM in a t-shirt. 
franksoree  2016-09-06   4             
2016-08-28  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail was in excellent shape with some snow above 13,700'. Unfortunately, peak was completely cloud covered when I arrived but views on way up, and back down, were spectacular. My first 14'er and looking forward to at least one more before Winter. 
Daackpack  2016-08-28   2             
2016-08-13  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Class 1 route mid-summer - it's exactly what you would expect. But seriously... trail is in good condition, mostly packed dirt, more rocks toward the top. Not much scree. The trail was super easy to follow, and the junctions with the Colorado Trail are clearly marked. There are a few places where people have taken shortcuts off the main trail and created "social trails" - not cool people. Please do your best to stay on the actual trail. It prevents erosion and keeps the trail from turning into a 6 foot wide highway. No snow anywhere on the route, and only a few places where there was a little bit water on the trail (again, don't walk off trail to avoid the puddles - bring proper gear to walk through them). Overall a beautiful day! 
kingshimmers  2016-08-17   1             
2016-07-30  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Started at 1:30 A.M. I was the first person to summit about 45 minutes before sunrise. Easy to follow the route in the dark as long as you have a light. The route was packed on my descent around 6:30. I would recommend an early start as this is a popular peak. 
Zach5  2016-07-30   1             
2016-07-03  Route: East Ridge
Info: Excellent summer conditions throughout the trail! The turn from the Colorado trail is clearly marked as well. No issues at all! Tons of people, lots of dogs and even a couple of bikes! 
DamienK  2016-07-04   0             
2016-06-30  Route: East Ridge
Info: Gorgeous day on Mt. Elbert, up until we got fogged out at the summit. The East Ridge trail is in great condition, no snow on the path all the way up to the top. Beautiful views of Twin Lakes all the way up. The sky was clear as we started at 6am but cloud cover started to creep in around 10a. We reached the summit at about 1130 and you couldn't see a dang thing over the other side of the mountain! Such a bizarre experience to be on top of a mountain but only see pure whiteness in the distance. Luckily I've done Elbert before and had experienced the summit beauty but my 2 other hiking partners hadn't and I felt bad for them to get screwed on the view! That is the consequence of dealing with mother nature though, you don't always get the exact conditions that you want-- it definitely could have been worse if she decided to start storming on us at the peak! I highly recommend this route, especially if you're taking dogs. Our boxer loved every second of the climb. 
thomkath  2016-07-04   2             
2016-06-24  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Peak conditions great. Breezy, but tolerable. 2 layers of clothing was plenty. I wore a hat and light gloves off and on up to the summit. No shoe cleats were needed for snow. Took 4 hours; 27 minutes to summit which included 3 small breaks. A little over 2 hours to descend. Weather changes quite fast, sunny with a few clouds at summit, and on our decent, we got rained on and hailed on several times. (Not enough to soak clothes though) There is no cover above the tree line. From summit to tree line, it takes about an hour moving very fast. I would also recommend sunscreen if you have visible arms/legs showing. Also use the rest room at the trailhead before starting your hike. After the tree line, there is no hiding! When you get to the rock piles, "do I have to climb this?" goes through your head... No. You can if you want as you will eventually meet the trail, but look for the trail that vears off to the right. All said and done, Amazing hike! I'm a runner of 8 years and very active, and this tested my abilities as a class 1 hike. 
kellyskramstad  2016-06-25   3             
2016-06-18  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Summer conditions entire way. Started at 1:30am and reached the summit around 5:30, 15 minutes before sunrise. I took 4 hours to summit and took about 4.5 hours to descend (took lots of breaks on the way down to eat and relax). Besides one other individual who left around 5:50am, I had the peak completely to myself for the entire time. Summer conditions besides some snow patches that are totally avoidable 13,00k+ and up. If you do a night hike, just be aware the snow patches can throw you off the well maintained trail around 13k, so just keep your eyes out for that. The trail is easy to find again but I still ended up off of it for about 5-10 minutes. I didn't have this issue descending in the sunlight. Summit was a bit chilly and I needed gloves and layers but I doubt they're necessary if you summit after 7am on a sunny day. Trail was pretty busy on my way down. Elbert is an "easy" hike, but you still gain over 4000', so be sure to wear appropriate footwear. Lots of people wearing flat running sneakers and without poles will definitely struggle on the descend (some parts are pretty steep and slippery). 
LilSpookies  2016-06-18   0             

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