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Twining Peak  
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2012-10-31  Route: South slopes
Info: I climbed Twining via Pt. 13,500 just north of the Independence Pass parking lot. Snow was mostly avoidable, except for the short traverse between the false summit of Twining and the true summit to the north (see picture #4 below). I took that area very carefully and should have put on Microspikes. There are cornices on the traverse. There was also a little snow on the north side of Pt. 13,500 that caused some very minor scrambling (see picture #3). No snowshoes are needed. Independence Pass was completely dry. Picture #2 was taken from near the summit of Pt. 13,500 looking towards Twining (a little left of center). 
Eph 2 5  2012-11-02   4   1          
2012-06-24  Route: Via Pt 13,500 & Independence Pass
Info: Route up and over Pt. 13,500 is dry, obviously too much so given fire activity. link Link to usual trip narrative 
Wyoming Bob  2012-06-24   1             

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