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2012-09-09  Route: Cebolla
Info: It‘s hunting season, and the hunters are out in force. Wear orange and leave the antler hats at home. The leaves on the drive to TH are changing and display some brilliant yellow and orange (less of the latter). 
JosephG  2012-09-10   0             
2012-06-07  Route: Nutras Creek Approach
Info: Long drive on a pretty nice dirt road last night and I woke up this morning in the La Garitas! The trail up Nutras Creek is disappearing...I guess not many people use it but I was able to follow it all the way up the wrong it led me up a side drainage to the right of Nutras Creek looking up so I ended up climbing to the top of Willow Mesa (12er) and traversing the ridge to Stewart. It was a quaint climb Id describe it as. Very beautiful and simple right now. The beaver dams I saw were quite impressive and I saw two full herds of elk roaming the tundra above treeline in upper Nutras Valley. After a windy stay on the summit I traversed to Baldy Alto and then ran the ridge on the other side of the Nutras Valley to treeline and back into the valley to pick up the trail once again. There is something about the simplicity of some peaks I just like. I saw signitures from "IHikeLikeAGirl" on both summits (I think that was you as you just posted a report as well). Snow free the entire day 
Matt Lemke  2012-06-07   0   3          
2012-06-06  Route: Cebolla Trl via Column Ridge
Info: Plus Baldy Chato, Column Ridge, and Baldy Alto Few small patches of snow, but basically it‘s summer there. The roads are in perfect condition. Any car could make it. Amazing how smooth those miles and miles of back roads are. Looked down the Nutras Creek side, did not see any significant snow on the ridge or in the basin. 
IHikeLikeAGirl  2012-06-07   0   2          
2011-07-09  Route: East Ridge via Nutras Creek
Info: Approach road from Rt. 114 - dry and graded; Nutras Creek Camp spot - dry; trail up Nutras Creek obvious for first 3 miles or so to first major infeeder creek; less obvious from creek to "willow maze" at cut off to east ridge access point indicated in Roach & Roach guide; flank clear of snow, ridge proper has some snow, none that requires crossing; moose in Nutras creek beaver ponds. link Link to Trip Report with photos if interested . . . 
Wyoming Bob  2011-07-10   0             

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