Treasurevault Mountain  
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2015-06-28  Route: Loop: Kuss > Mosquito > Treasurevault
Info: Snow entirely avoidable. 
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2011-09-18  Route: Mosquito Pass
Info: Did Repeater, Mosquito, and Treasurevault from the pass. A few inches of snow made the talus a bit slick. Descending Mosquito took some care, but no traction or ice axe was needed. Came back along a mining road (skirting the summits). Some snow and mud on road, but a pleasant hike with great views. Came up Mosquito Pass Road from the east. Road only had a dusting of snow and little ice on it near the top. Went up in a Ford Ranger with good clearance and tires. Could not have made it in my Jeep Liberty. Were a few small boulders on the road, but was able to squeeze by. At least 4 other vehicles and 2 ATVs made it up as well (all with high clearance). 
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