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Quandary Peak  
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2014-08-18  West Ridge  Trail well marked to the saddle, but beware cairns that lead to the right of the upper basin exit. Stay left and aim for the bump left of saddle to avoid snow fields and dirt slides. Trail from the saddle to old mining site is well worn with few cairns. The route finding begins after the mine site. Cairns are not always obvious, but in general stay center and climb the bumps directly. The "dirt gulley" was dry with plenty of holds on the right and left. The wall was a lot of exposure, but holds are solid. abell9er   2014-08-18 3     Edit Delete 
2014-08-12  East Ridge  Sunrise from summit, didn‘t see anyone on our way up but passed a boat load of people coming down. Even on a Tuesday. Incredible sunrise and phenomenal view to the west. Trail was very clear and marked with cairns. You can see the summit as you approach it when you get above treeline. Perfect weather, perfect climb. Awesome morning! wbuck   2014-08-15  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-11  East Ridge  East ridge was clear of snow. Weather was perfect. pocketmaces   2014-08-11  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-25  East Ridge  Just a desk-size patch of snow near the top that was easily avoidable. Trail is dry and visible. CFI was there today doing maintenance, making a good trail even better! marscip   2014-07-25  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-11  East Ridge  East ridge route was great - very easy to stay on the path, well maintained. Only 2 very small patches of snow to cross - maybe 10 feet wide and a foot seep. Hiking boots got through no problem! EricaG   2014-07-12  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-04  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  Ditto what Mike Shepherd reported. Melted out at about 12300‘ then again about 13500‘, then right before the summit. Still, must trap a lot of snow to hold it this late southfacing. surface conditions were good, actually did a lot of frontpointing. SkiAndClimb   2014-07-04  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-03  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  I would say that after this weekend consider finding other options for couloir climbing. I‘ve not climbed this route before today but I imagine as a pure snow climb it will be more enjoyable. There are three sections where the route is melted out, as shown in the arrows below. The red arrow indicates where one could if they desired keep their crampons on. Blue arrows are where you will need to remove crampons. The two blue areas are boulder fields more or less and will require some class 3 scrambling. The sun did not hit most of the route until about 7am, and the snow stayed firm until we summited just before 9am. The 2nd photo is taken from the red arrow section. The snow to the far right was much steeper than elsewhere in the couloir. Mike Shepherd   2014-07-03 2     Edit Delete 
2014-07-02  East Ridge  We camped on road 851 near the trailhead, and left at 6:40 in the morning. Took our time going up, and summited around 11:30 with a lot of breaks. Above treeline there‘s a patch or two of snow that you can walk across if firm, or avoid. The last tenth or quarter mile from the summit, there‘s a big patch of snow. You can either go to the left of it straight toward the summit, or you can continue up the ridge across it until right near the summit. Otherwise the trail is clear and great. Saw quite a few mountain goats, and a few marmots. bdloftin77   2014-07-03  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-29  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  Good conditions for a snow accent, but get there early, as it was softening up by 0830. There is only one section where you will need to remove your crampons. The snow is very sun pitted, and wouldn‘t make for a very enjoyable ski descent, but once it softens up it is perfect for a glissade descent. wisedog1   2014-06-29  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-28  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  Today was a great day in the Cristo Couloir! The snow was great for about 80% of the route. I had to navigate around a few rock outcroppings, but it was solid! Grab it while you can! aLiEn   2014-06-28 4  1    Edit Delete 
2014-06-28  East Ridge  Skied down the upper bowl. A little crusty so would recommend going as late in the day as storms allow to let it soften up. I was at the top at 8am and the highest 200‘ were very icy, but further down it warmed up and the snow turned to good corn for summer skiing. Good snowpack down to 13000‘. quinnwolf   2014-06-28 1     Edit Delete 
2014-06-27  East Ridge  Last couple hundred feet including the summit ridge still holding plenty of snow. Firm and easily passable in the early morning. East face snow provides for an excellent glissade op. Very little snow elsewhere, however is present and not always avoidable. emiller6   2014-06-27 1  1  Edit Delete 
2014-06-21  East Ridge  Started the Climb @ 6:20am. Overcast skies with bits of sunshine. Lost the trail after a mile into the climb- Due to the snow fields. But found it after quick ascent through the snow fields. Weather was great at the top. Hardly any wind and we enjoyed a nice brunch at the top. I used poles that helped out a lot in the snow fields but saw a lot of people with out them doing just fine. On the way down we took the trail the whole way and wondered how we got off track. Look for the dirty snow (this is the trail) We also saw lots of wildlife (check the pics) All in all it was a great hike jamhawkman   2014-06-22 2  1    Edit Delete 
2014-06-15  East Ridge  Left at 6:30 AM; took 3:30 to summit in no rush; down just after noon. No post holing, but had we left later, it would have been a different story. We appreciated our micro spikes and poles, and would recommend them, but they aren‘t necessary. Ice axe was left at home with no regrets. Trail can be hard to track down low. Follow the 10,000 foot prints up the ridge line and you‘ll eventually intersect the trail. vidoona   2014-06-15 1     Edit Delete 
2014-06-13  East Ridge  Started 08:20, topped out at 11:20. One longer section of snow, but the angle is low and we ended up caching our snow shoes since we did not need them. No crampons or axe are needed but a trekking pole is helpful in the snow. We got back to the TH around 2PM. Did NOT have a problem post holing - just watch your step around tree wells and near rocks (where the underlying snow is more likely to have melted). Most of the snow can be avoided. jeffth5   2014-06-13 3  3    Edit Delete 
2014-06-13  East Ridge  Perfect morning for a climb, left TH slightly before 0630, reached the summit at 1000, despite a fair bit of wind it was an excellent day. Quite a bit of snow above 13,000 and some spots even below as low as 12,000 that required moving across a bit of deeper snow. But the snow was hard on the way up, postholed less than 5 times the entire climb. However on the way down snow got soft around 1000 and postholing galore. I would absolutely leave earlier or move faster than we did. For added fun bring an axe along for a quick descent from the top. blantow   2014-06-13 2     Edit Delete 
2014-06-12  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  Couloir is mostly in, we cut across some rocks on the ascent, a ski descent might require a roundabout way around those rocks. Snow was good until about 10:00 am when we started post holing in select spots, but even upper portions of the couloir stayed crusty up to our summit. Standard route on the descent (early afternoon) allowed for some skiing, but not a continuous line to even the base of the ridge. Snowshoes were not required, but some post holing was had. Safe travels! mountain_man   2014-06-12  0     Edit Delete 
2014-05-31  East Ridge  Bluebird day. I wore my running shoes and though they got pretty wet, it was warm enough that I didn‘t mind. Above treeline I was fine without flotation, but in the trees on the way down it was pretty terrible at times. Microspikes were pretty useless as they just collected snow, easier to just kick in steps the whole way up. Fun day. cordisimo   2014-05-31 3  3    Edit Delete 
2014-05-18  East Ridge  Quandary has pretty much continuous snow from top to bottom, with the exception of a couple spots near the trailhead...other than that we were able to skin to the top. The coverage in the east bowl is amazing, didn‘t hit a single rock on the way down. Lower bowl was equally good. Lots of skiers doing lots of different routes. Great day! SolarAlex   2014-05-18  0     Edit Delete 
2014-05-18  East Ridge  There is still a good amount of snow on Quandary. A couple of short sections have thawed out on the ‘trail‘ below treeline, but for the most part, snow is covering the trail. There are tracks left from previous climbers but with everything starting to melt, it‘s getting a bit messy. Some form of traction should be used. I was glad to have snowshoes today, especially on the descent, when things around treeline started to get slushy. The road to the summer trailhead is still snowed in as well. pmreyn2010   2014-05-18 1     Edit Delete 

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