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2016-02-26  Route: East Ridge
Info: Started about 8am - approximately 20 or so folks were there throughout the hike. Parking lot was small so recommend getting there early. Trail was snow packed to the summit and easy to follow. Spikes and poles were extremely helpful particularly on the last ~1000 feet or so. If you have a small butt sled I'd bring it - great sledding on the way down! We saw 4 mountain goats on the main trail and they didn't seem to care that we were 10 feet away. Took us about 5 hours RT but had a few first-time winter/14er hikers with us. Gorgeous day and hike! 
djacobson  2016-02-28   0             
2016-02-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: There is a very firm trench from the parking lot to the summit. We skinned most of the way up but left the skis at about 13,000' due to crazy high winds and very bad snow for skiing. Another party skied down from the top but it looked ugly. The wind was 50 mph at about 12,500' according to a person we met who had a wind gauge with him and it was much stronger than that on top. I was genuinely concerned about being blown off the ridge. 
RobertKay  2016-02-25   4   1          
2016-02-21  Route: East Ridge
Info: Hiked up the east ridge- the trail was well packed from a lot of use over the weekend. We only needed microspikes to get all the way to the peak. There were a lot of hikers on the trail. Low winds even on the peak and it was sunny and clear the entire hike. We started the hike at 11am and were at the trailhead by 5pm. Gorgeous views from the top- an excellent winter 14er! 
kbrenner326  2016-02-22   0             
2016-02-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: We made the ascent in just microspikes, but there were a handful of spots snowshoes would have been nice. Yet if I had to do the hike over again, I still don't know if I would have taken snowshoes. Coming down was rough in spots as the route was heavily trafficked that day and it tore up the packed snow, but all in all, the lack thereof didn't slow us down too much. We only postholed a dozen or so times. Winds were pretty brisk after treeline and quite gusty on the summit, leaving my fingers achy and frozen after only a short period of exposure. Left crowded TH at 7:30am, summitted by 10:45am, and arrived back at car at 1pm. 
NickJohnson  2016-02-21   3   3          
2016-02-13  Route: East Ridge
Info: Arrived at 7AM with 3/4 of parking lot full. Four hours later, both sides of road were full of cars. Skied east ridge. Below tree line, warm loose snow, with no wind. Near tree line and Above tree line. Moderate winds transported snow into east bowl. Booted up to 13,500 and skinned to summit. Good hard pack to the top. Ski back down was variable hard pack with "lord of the boards" type of skiing below tree line to the T.H. 
abreibart  2016-02-14   0             
2016-02-13  Route: East Ridge
Info: There hasn‘t been any snow on Quandary for about a week and a half, so the trail is a very well defined hard-packed trench all the way to the summit. Or just follow all the dog crap cairns and frozen urine. Seriously, it‘s like one big public restroom up there right now. No snow shoes are necessary, but microspikes are essential. For some reason, as you emerge from the tree line, the well beaten path takes a sharp right (north) turn, which is odd because the actual trail goes exactly the opposite direction. Oh well, it all leads to the same place. Lots of people hauled skis and snowboards up Quandary today, but the conditions looked horrible for that. Not nearly enough snow, and very icy. They didn‘t look like they were having much fun. 
AcornMan  2016-02-13   0   3          
2016-02-06  Route: East Ridge
Info: Despite all the recent snow, there was a well-defined and relatively hard-packed trench from the parking lot until the trees become more disperse. Microspikes are highly recommended for this first section. From there, I found no tracks at all because the wind had erased them. Snowshoes were absolutely essential from that point until the first level spot, where there was a lot of exposed rock. I did fine without snowshoes from that point on, but I turned back just short of the false summit because one of my mittens blew away, so I can‘t comment on conditions higher than that. There were about fifty people behind me, and they packed down the trail that I blazed through the powder so much that I didn‘t need snowshoes at all during my descent. I still recommend bringing snowshoes though, because there‘s no telling how much drifting snow has been deposited by the wind. This was my second trip to Quandary this winter, and both times the trail completely disappeared in the same place. There must be something about the way the snow gets deposited that covers people‘s tracks there. 
AcornMan  2016-02-07   1      1       
2016-02-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: Did the East Ridge today on touring skis. Deep snow down below treeline (some guy behind us postholed all the way up on foot when we were coming down). Harder packed up top (and not very deep snow anyways). No avalanches seen on Quandry, but you could hear the "thumps" of snow settling all around. 
dthurmer  2016-02-04   0   3          
2016-01-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail is well-packed until you leave the trees, then it fumbles around a bit with several short-cuts zigzagging the apparent main trail. The trail clears up after a few hundred yards and is stable to the summit. Snowshoes not required but microspikes and trek poles were very useful. Summited at 11am, peak temp was subzero with windchill: intermittent clouds and snow. 
skywalker993  2016-01-25   3   6   1       
2016-01-23  Route: East Ridge
Info: Weather was perfect with fairly minor wind throughout the day. Trail is snow packed for the most part, but there was some post-holing that will definitely warrant snowshoes in the coming weeks. 
Grex  2016-01-24   7             
2016-01-22  Route: East Ridge
Info: There‘s a solid trench to tree line and from 12k to the summit, the ridge has a snow-packed trail. 
BillMiddlebrook  2016-01-23   7             
2016-01-13  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail is hard packed snow the entire way, but I lost the trail near the tree line ascending and descending because it just kind of disappears for a bit. It looks like people must have scattered at that point. Finding it again wasn‘t too hard though. MicroSpikes are highly recommended. Cramp-ons would probably have helped for the final stretch, but they aren‘t necessary. 
AcornMan  2016-01-13   0   1          
2016-01-10  Route: East Ridge
Info: Microspikes all the way unless you step off the packed trail. 
mlz2000  2016-01-14   0             
2016-01-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: Perfect weather. Would recommend microspikes and either trekking poles or ice axe just for the balance. Few groups with out them and they looked miserable on the way down. Snow shoes not needed at all. 
KelanAnzures  2016-01-04   0             
2016-01-02  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail is well blazed entire way. Traction device of some kind would definitely help. Snow all the way to summit with varying degrees of pack. Snowshoes could be nice above tree line but doable with microspikes. 
LU09  2016-01-03   0             
2015-12-09  Route: East Ridge
Info: Trail is obvious and well packed to treeline. Normal drifts just above then wind blown. No snowshoes needed but micro spikes were helpful on the descent. 
Alan Arnette  2015-12-09   0             
2015-12-05  Route: East Ridge
Info: After failing to reach the blue lakes trail head I decided to go up Quandary‘s East ridge during a break in the clouds Saturday morning. Trail had a great boot pack through the trees up to the ridge line where it was a mix of wind packed snow and rock. The last couple hundred feet had a bit of unconsolidated snow but nothing that made me regret leaving the snowshoes in the car. Spikes were helpful near the very top and for the descent. I started around 8am and the snow was still solid from the night before. By 10:30am on the way down I was sinking a bit in the portion just above treeline. It was a chilly summit so be prepared for the no exposed skin rule if the temperature is low or the wind picks up. Limited picture visibility but attached is a picture of the "typical" terrain conditions up most of the ridge. 
jwgrosser  2015-12-07   1             
2015-11-14  Route: East Ridge
Info: Beautiful day on Quandary. Trail is pretty well packed and easy to follow all the way to the summit. Snowshoes are not needed, and I did not use microspikes either, though many others were using them. Some parts of the trail below treeline were muddy and slushy by afternoon, and there are a few spots above treeline where the snow is deep, but there are plenty of footsteps you can use to get through those spots. The goats were out to welcome hikers - even a baby. And not terribly busy for a Saturday either - all around a great day. 
joyfulwriter  2015-11-15   6             
2015-11-09  Route: East Ridge
Info: Quandary‘s east ridge is still doable without snowshoes but microspikes are helpful, especially on the upper route. There‘s a well-defined track from the trailhead to the summit. The 851 road is snow-covered but, for now, 2wd vehicles can make it to the summer trailhead. 
BillMiddlebrook  2015-11-09   4   3          
2015-10-25  Route: East Ridge
Info: Weather was perfect - snow from trail head to summit on the way up, with a few spots that were patchy, dry, or rocky. Had turned to mud for some sections by the time I made it back down. Was maybe 20s when starting right at sunrise, summit was probably in the 10s with the wind chill, most of the way was warm and calm - only needed a softshell and thin gloves to stay comfortable other than at the summit. Trail was packed down the whole way, postholed up to shins or so near the top if you went off trail. Would recommend gaiters and microspikes - but could probably do it without if you really wanted to (and saw others doing just that). Was my first 14er this late in the season - really can‘t reccomend it enough if you‘re on the fence, just bring extra layers and go for it! Took ~5 hours from TH to TH, but at a fairly easy pace. Compared to summer, it was about an hour and a bit longer for me. 
jabiii  2015-10-27   0             

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