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Quandary Peak  
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2014-02-15  East Ridge  Broke new trail the entire time until 13k, where we turned around due to poor visibility. Wore snowshoe the entire time. So long as there isn‘t any new snow, the trail was fairly packed all the way to treeline when we got back down. Above treeline snow shoes were still needed, saw two guys without who were thigh deep, but the trail we broke was swept away by the wind before we got back down. cordisimo   2014-02-18 2     Edit Delete 
2014-02-07  East Ridge  Packed down trail until about treeline then we had to find our own way. Wind blown on the southern most portion of the east ridge but wish I would have brought my skis because conditions were perfect for a ski descent if you stayed to the not wind blown portion. We took a hard right at the tree line (see pics on east ridge route) to gain the ridge and avoid any avalanche conditions. After the past week of wind and less snow I would imagine it is now more packed down than what we saw. Great hike! We wore our snowshoes the entire way, probably not needed on lower portion to tree line but definitely needed from 12k to the top. Will post a trip report with pics tonight. deters34   2014-02-13  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-26  East Ridge  When I hiked it on Sunday, Quandary had a fairly obvious packed-in trail leading from the parking area off 850 all the way up the East Ridge Route to the summit. My friend and I hiked up and back in about 6 hours using our trekking poles and microspikes for traction. We saw at least a dozen people carrying their snowshoes, and no one wearing them, so I assume those weren‘t too helpful. The ever-present wind made for rather uncomfortable hiking, sometimes gusting hard enough to blow me a little off balance. In fact, I spoke with quite a number of parties who had turned back before the summit due to the wind. I couldn‘t blame them, and as small granules of snow managed to blast their way into my eyes, I mentally kicked myself for wearing sunglasses rather than ski goggles. I would also have liked my balaclava, but made the best of it with a neck gaiter. Probably because of using trekking poles, my gloved fingers became uncomfortably cold, and I wished for mittens instead of gloves. Thankfully, some well-placed handwarmers saved me the worst of the discomfort. My friend lamented forgetting his gaiters when a bit of snow got on his socks, but his feet survived the round trip in relative comfort, and with no blisters despite the damp. All in all, a little suffering led us to spectacular views and a rewarding summit. Michael Underwood   2014-01-31  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-25  East Ridge  There is a hard packed trench and trail the entire route. I wore microspikes from start to finish. Snowshoes were never necessary. The ridge and summit are pretty windblown and stripped of thick snow. Bring snow pants so you can glissade during the descent. Once you are back under treeline, soon there is a fork marked by a big branch where many missed the trail turning left. Leave your skis at home until one or two more storms hit. HankofOhio   2014-01-26  0  4    Edit Delete 
2014-01-20  East Ridge  Ski attempt (with AT setup) of E. Ridge. Mostly decent snow coverage up the flat spot at 13K - above that too rocky for skiing. E. Face likewise needs more snow to be skiable. Snow was generally hard, windpacked and bumpy above treeline, and deep and soft below. The best, most continuous skiing to be had is on the snowfields between about 12 and 12.5K. The large bowl to the N. (skier‘s left) of the outcrop at 12,100‘ also looked pretty promising, though avy danger could be an issue. All in all not terrible, but I‘d wait until a few more big dumps. As seems to be the story everywhere in CO this year, too much wind and not enough snow... AlexeyD   2014-01-21  0     Edit Delete 
2014-01-18  East Ridge  It could not have been a nicer day. Clear, blue skies and breezy on the ridge. We all lounged on the south side of the summit, and were treated to warm sunshine and comfortable temperatures - just a beautiful day. Lots of snow up to tree line, but there is an incredible trench that should last until the next heavy snowfall. Up on the ridge, we had intermittent snow and trail - I kept microspikes on the whole way up. Spikes are helpful right now, but snowshoes will not be necessary until that trench disappears. Get out there and enjoy it! ameristrat   2014-01-20  0     Edit Delete 
2013-12-29  East Ridge  Good trail to treeline, snowpacked and visible (12/29/13). After that, it‘s windswept for the most part, so no problem getting to the top with spikes (no snowshoes necessary). There are a bunch of unofficial trails along the way, which can be a little confusing. Follow the most snowpacked/well-established trail, it will pop you out a couple of hundred feet below the official trail where you head up to the ridge. (Helpful trail hints: turn right right before the Private Property sign; if the snow is low enough, you will see a metal pipe sticking out of the snow on your right shortly after you turned right; when you get to the clearing at about 11,600ft, you can turn right up the clearing to meet the "official" trail, or just go straight through the clearing, which will pop you out a couple of hundred feet below the trail sign at treeline). GermanLovesHiking   2013-12-30 4     Edit Delete 
2013-12-28  East Ridge  Trail showing well from parking lot. Snow shoes were nice but not necessary. Quite a few skiers hiking up and hiking partially down due to spotty snowpack. As we crested the Summitt the wind spiked and the temps plummeted. Beautiful views as long as you don‘t turn into a kite! Be sure to insulate your water as exposed bottles started to freeze. Arno Bergstrom   2014-01-07 1     Edit Delete 
2013-12-27  East Ridge  Trail well packed all the way to the summit. Spikes are useful. One short section of post holing just after breaking out of the trees but nothing that would justify carrying snowshoes. a94buff   2013-12-28 3  1    Edit Delete 
2013-12-14  East Ridge  Packed trail all the way to the summit. A little icy in places, but we didn‘t need spikes or crampons. Descent through the trees was a little powdery from all of the winds, but still a good trail. -5 F with winds gusting to 35MPH; dress warm! And figure out a way to keep your water from freezing. 7 Hours Car-to-car Jeremya   2013-12-15  0  1  Edit Delete 
2013-11-30  East Ridge  My first winter climb. I was pleasantly surprised that the trail was well packed and easy to follow. Most everyone left the snowshoes in the truck. Micro-Spikes were useful on the way down. (40 mph winds on the summit - do not plan to stay long.) Coyote_Run   2013-12-01 3  1 1  Edit Delete 
2013-11-20  East Ridge  It‘s crampon season! Most of the east ridge is covered with snow. Bring snowshoes if you don‘t want to post-hole. The beginning of the trail is well packed, however, it is lost after roughly 1 mile. After you ascend above tree-line, the slopes are fairly wind-exposed and the snow is not even deep enough to warrant gaitors. Conditions are semi-icy...would recommend crampons or microspikes for anything above roughly 13,000 ft. Lastly, an ice-axe for self arrest might come in handy! Dave Schaeffer   2013-11-20  0     Edit Delete 
2013-11-15  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  The route was partly covered in snow, spikes weren‘t necessary, but an ice axe is recommended. Our thanks goes out to whoever made the nice foot prints in the snow on the way up, it was kinda like walking up stairs for the snowy part, the loose, rocky section was kinda miserable above the snow. philip135792   2013-11-16 4     Edit Delete 
2013-11-12  South Gully aka Cristo Couloir  Mushy narrow snow that ends about 400‘ below summit. Alan Arnette   2013-11-13 1     Edit Delete 
2013-11-10  East Ridge  The conditions on Quandary are pretty good as of Sunday. No need for snowshoes, even by the afternoon. The trail does have packed snow and ice in spots, especially after the flat part of the ridge on the upper 1,000 feet. I wore micro-spikes and used trekking poles, which I would recommend. Ryan00000   2013-11-12 2     Edit Delete 
2013-11-03  East Ridge  Patchy snow and ice near TH soon gives way to solid snow. Snow cover continues to treeline and a bit above. As one gets higher on the ridge, snow again becomes very thin and patchy, with numerous sections of rock, scree, and ice, along with brief sections of deeper drifts. Summit area was partially snow-covered. Recommended equipment: microspikes (very useful); poles (helpful). Snowshoes are overkill at this point, and it‘s still way too thin for skis. Other notes: the West Ridge had some fairly recent-looking tracks leading up to it from the summit. On the return, we saw a group of very shaggy goats around 13,000‘. They were neither aggressive, nor in the least bit shy of humans, but acted as though we weren‘t there. Pretty neat! AlexeyD   2013-11-10  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-24  East Ridge  On Thurs Oct 24th conditions were good and probably have only improved in recent days since then due to warm weather. Icetrekkers and poles were very helpful for stretches of the trail, but not absolutely necessary for experienced hikers. Snowshoes were not needed at all. Due to the snowfalls on the weekend of Oct 19-20, about 80% of trail had some degree of snow on it when we went up in early morning, in warm afternoon sun much snow melted off, became slushy above treeline, and below treeline was slushy/muddy in sunlit areas and slick frozen compacted snow/ice in shady areas. Trail was easy to follow and well compacted from traffic. Oliver99   2013-10-29  0     Edit Delete 
2013-09-21  West Ridge  Everything is nice and clear all the way up to the start of the West Ridge. Snow accumulation begins and makes the crux area and other walls near the summit (within 0.5mi of summit) slippery. Makes for difficult and somewhat dangerous Class 3 conditions. Recommend taking some rope or webbing if travelling in a group to help anchor each other. Tyler Phillips   2013-09-21 3     Edit Delete 
2013-07-23  East Ridge  Conditions were great. About a half dozen mountain goats were see along the route. Quite unafraid of people. Some dog owners were not controlling their dogs. As a result, it was reported that one dog on the summit was gored by a goat in the leg and side and had some bleeding. The dog was still able to decend. DDePenning   2013-08-24  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-20  West Ridge  Climbed the West Ridge route today - dry except for the pesky snow in the small, rust-colored gully, near 12,500‘, during the approach. BillMiddlebrook   2013-07-20  0  1    Edit Delete 

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