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Columbia Point  
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2012-06-03  Route: Bears Playground
Info: No notable snow. Deadfall on both the old 4WD trail and the new Humboldt trail is easily negotaited. Several route descriptions suggest staying on the N/NW side of the jagged ridge from Humboldt‘s saddle to Bear‘s Playground. We found staying on the ridge proper more straightforward; certainly more enjoyable. Generally stay right (NE) when ascending Kitty Kat (dumb name; sigh). Use trails abound. Obviously, employ your own route-finding discretion, but as a rule the use trails have the right idea. The view to Kit Carson Peak revealed snow in the Avenue in inconvenient locations. Broken Hand Pass also still has snow. Picture 1: Bear‘s Playground to Kitty Kat Carson Picture 2: Gully up Kitty Kat Picture 3: Kit Carson and the Avenue 
JosephG  2012-06-05   3      1       

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