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2015-08-06  Route: South Ridge
Info: My Hyundai Elantra easily made it to the trailhead. The route was clear of snow. The usual numerous puddles on the 4WD road could be avoided using the sidetrails. 
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2015-05-16  Route: North Ridge
Info: As expected, superb coverage on Wheeler‘s NE Face. Was able to ski in/out from near Blue Lakes gate. Pics can be seen here: http://skithegarage.blogspot.com/2015/05/wheeler-mountain-13690-ft-northeast-face.html 
bjburg  2015-05-17   0      2       
2012-12-02  Route: South Ridge
Info: The 4WD road to Wheeler Lake was mostly snow free. However, the road was a pure sheet of ice in numerous sections, which required either diverting into the willows or slip-n-sliding along the ice. Wheeler Lake is mostly frozen, and the road around it is snowy but yielded only minimal postholing. The trail to the upper lake is readily apparent along the left of the stream. From the upper lake to the saddle, the snow is holding—anywhere from a couple inches to a foot is the norm. From the saddle to the summit, the ridge was 99% snow-free, and 100% snow-free where you’d want it to be (although Sunday night’s system probably deposited at least a little powder). We took but did not use or ever feel the need to use spikes and axe. Left the snowshoes at home and didn’t regret it. I forgot my gaiters and didn’t really suffer. Pic 1: The road. Pic 2: Snow slope to the saddle. Pic 3: Ascent gully. Pic 4: Summit. Doesn’t appear Sunday night’s/Monday’s snow left much, so this report should hold for a few days at least. 
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2012-07-01  Route: South Ridge
Info: Dry as a bone all the way 
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2011-07-23  Route: South Ridge
Info: Gate open, jeep trail has usual jeep wallows and one snow bank, creek crossing slightly challenging just before climb to Wheeler lake if you want dry feet, can climb to summit on dry ground, an axe will allow snow field climbing to avoid talus, no snow on ridge proper. Link to link photos and trip narrative of route/climb at time of report. 
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