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Longs Peak  
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2013-08-17  Keyhole Route  Route was clear nearly the entire way up...a bit of residual snow and melt-off, but nothing that you can‘t avoid. rjennings   2013-08-21  0     Edit Delete 
2013-08-14  Keyhole Route  Some snow and ice past the keyhole. Ice on the homestretch. A warm day or two and it should melt off. IkeB   2013-08-14  0     Edit Delete 
2013-08-10  North Face  We went up the North Face (Cables route) and down the Keyhole. Summer conditions all over the mountain. esagas   2013-08-10  0       
2013-07-22  Keyhole Route  The Keyhole Route is completely free of snow and in great shape. There were just a couple of wet spots from drainage above on the Narrows. Don’t forget to rent/pickup a bear canister for your food if you plan on doing backcountry camping in RMNP. The park rangers at the TH will not issue a camping permit unless you have one… jrs1965   2013-07-24  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-22  Kieners  Lambs is very icy now. There was a thin strip of snow along the climber‘s right side, but it will rapidly disappear. It is possible to climb Glacier Rib and then go over the top of the snow/ice and back down to Broadway, this will add a couple hundred feet. The rest of the route is dry and good shape. North Face nearly dry - easy DC. pbakwin   2013-07-22  0       
2013-07-16  Keyhole Route  Was up there Tuesday 7/16, route was completely snow free. Homestretch was a bit wet/icey but mostly avoidable. Water running pretty well near boulderfield campsites and accessable for getting filled up on the way up and down. Rambler   2013-07-18  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-13  Keyhole Route  Homestrech has some ice / snow on the left hand side that can easily be avoided. Was a little wet in places around 6AM but is also possible to avoid. Rest of trail is snowfree, some wet patches you can get around. JohnnyZ   2013-07-13 1     Edit Delete 
2013-07-12  Keyhole Route  The only small amount of snow is half way up the homestretch. It is easily avoidable. capetrekker   2013-07-12  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-10  Kiener's  Kiener‘s is in great shape...Good snow for kicking on Lamb‘s Slide, avoidable snow on Broadway, a little wet going up the rock pitches. Have fun! alwetend   2013-07-10  0       
2013-07-07  Loft - via East Longs Trailhead  Snow is 100% avoidable up to the Loft. We kicked a few steps since it was easier, but did not carry any traction or an ice ax and never felt like it was necessary. Rock was wet in spots, but not bad. The Homestretch had running water but it was avoidable. JonW   2013-07-09  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-03  Keyhole Route  Attempted NW Couloir from the Ledges today but bailed due to conditions. Full TR tomorrow. Retreated to Keyhole and as already reported, almost summer conditions. Snowfree: approach, boulderfield, Ledges, Narrows. A bit of snow and/or veriglass which was easily, very easily avoided on the Trough and Homestretch. I rap‘d the North Face and found the usual running water but virtually no veriglass. Alan Arnette   2013-07-03 4     Edit Delete 
2013-07-03  Keyhole Route  Went for a stroll up longs peak up through the keyhole route. Ledges, narrow, trough full snow avoidable. There was some ice in the trough but soon started melting. I summoned at 6:30 avoidable snow on the homestretch, but the rocks were cover with black ice going up and Down it. Used no traction, maybe microspike would be helpful for the homestretch Stevo68   2013-07-03 1     Edit Delete 
2013-06-19  Keyhole Route  Clear and free of snow from trailhead up to the Keyhole. Some slight mud/water on the trail due to melting snow, mostly between turnoff for Chasm Lake and the boulderfield. After the Keyhole, fair sized patches of snow and ice along route. I hit the Keyhole at 7am, so everything was still frozen pretty solid from the night. Definitely made the first part, traversing to the trough, much slower than had it been dry. (Image 3) The trough was a mix of snow, rock, and ice, with the snow providing the best bet for climbing. (Image 4) Narrows were almost completely dry except for 1 patch of ice. Compared to other parts of the hike, definitely not the sketchiest part. Homestretch was mostly solid spring snow with some ice. Ice ax definitely needed after the Keyhole, and crampons would also help significantly. Image 1: Longs from Chasm Lake turnoff Image 2: Boulderfield from the Keyhole Image 3: Traversing to the Trough from the Keyhole Image 4: Looking back down the Trough from part way up AWright   2013-06-26 4     Edit Delete 
2013-06-12  The Flying Dutchman  Good snow in TFD with short ice section (WI2/2+). Traverse rock and snow to Homestretch. Decent snow on Homestretch but softening. Keyhole descent substantially covered in snow/ice to Keyhole, especially along Narrows and Ledges. Soft snow in Trough. moose_535   2013-06-14  0  4 1    
2013-06-09  Keyhole Route  Went up and down the Keyhole route on Sunday 6/9/13. Warm in the morning (50F), and pleasant on the summit (maybe high 40s-50?). It was very warm at the trailhead when we returned in the afternoon (70s). Very minimal crowds still up there, as the parking lot was half empty. Conditions were still as reported by Alan on 6/6/13. The trail is mostly clear all the way into the Boulderfield, with just a few small snow patches to cross. The trail is VERY wet above Chasm Jct and turns into a full on river by the afternoon. Prepare to get wet if you‘re heading up there, though this means the snow is melting fast. From the Keyhole to the summit is also complete snow, with a few sections of rock. At 9am before the sun hit the Keyhole Traverse/Trough it was hard snow, but took crampons really well. When we hit the Narrows and Homestretch around 10ish they were in full sun and softening, but the steps were still solid. Be careful if you are ascending/descending after this time. The Trough and Keyhole Traverse get sun starting around 10am, and were nice and soft by 11ish when we returned, good plunge stepping, but no postholing at that hour. Overall snow conditions were good, but would recommend full crampons/ice axe, though one person from another party did ascending in microspikes, crampons would be more secure. Photos; #1-Keyhole Traverse, #2-Trough, #3-Narrows, #4-Homestretch thebeave7   2013-06-10 4  1 2  Edit Delete 
2013-06-06  Keyhole Route  Mostly dry below Boulder Field then full on winter snow and ice to the summit. Same for descending via Loft route all the way to Chasm Lake. I made a video of the entire climb at Alan Arnette   2013-06-07 3  2 1  Edit Delete 
2013-05-31  Keyhole Route  Hiked up to chasm lake junction hoping to get on dreamweaver but were turned around at chasm lake junction due to 60 mph gusts. Trailhead clear of snow down low, encountered lots of hard packed icy sections halfway to treeline that merited microspikes. Didn‘t bring snowshoes and definitely didn‘t need them. robbieflick   2013-06-03 3     Edit Delete 
2013-05-27  Lady Washington east slopes  Still a lot of snow on and around Longs Peak - much more than usual sticking around. The trail is wet and has significant snow above and below treeline, but is all bootpacked and mostly firm. Trail is easy to lose around treeline. The Boulderfield and Storm Peak are coated in snow - not windblown as usual. That late wet spring snow just clung to everything and stuck, even though areas look drier/patchy from afar. There are large dry patches, but also snowfields - mostly firm snow good for kick-stepping. Mt Lady Washington has some snowfields about halfway up. Loft is full of snow. Couloirs appear in - saw some climbers who came up Martha and said it was in good shape. Including pictures of the Meeker couloirs and other points of interest on the east side. Chasm Lake partially frozen but melted at the edges. cougar   2013-05-27 4  1      
2013-05-25  Keyhole Route  If you like spring snow climbs, go do Longs right meow. There is more snow up there than many have seen in quite a while. I wore trail runners to the keyhole, from there, crampons and an ax are necessary. The ledges are one giant continuous snowfield, you can really fly across this section. But it is very steep so be aware. Trough is full, so full in fact that the snow has piled up at the chokestone, making an easy exit from this section. The Narrows is insanely steep, snow has piled very high and is currently hard packed. Making this traverse requires your full attention. Homestreach is all snow, fun climbing! We rappelled the cables; NF is typical spring conditions, the pitch itself is mostly snow. JohnWilliams   2013-05-25 4     Edit Delete 
2013-04-06  Keyhole Route  I did a recon hike today on Longs with an intention to check out the conditions of the NW couloir. We turned around not far past the Keyhole on the ledges as the snow is very loose and unpredictable. There‘s a lot more snow up there than there was on my winter ascent in Feb. Getting to the Trough will be tricky for awhile. Kevin Baker   2013-04-06  0     Edit Delete 

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