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Longs Peak  
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2013-05-31  Keyhole Route  Hiked up to chasm lake junction hoping to get on dreamweaver but were turned around at chasm lake junction due to 60 mph gusts. Trailhead clear of snow down low, encountered lots of hard packed icy sections halfway to treeline that merited microspikes. Didn‘t bring snowshoes and definitely didn‘t need them. robbieflick   2013-06-03 3     Edit Delete 
2013-05-27  Lady Washington east slopes  Still a lot of snow on and around Longs Peak - much more than usual sticking around. The trail is wet and has significant snow above and below treeline, but is all bootpacked and mostly firm. Trail is easy to lose around treeline. The Boulderfield and Storm Peak are coated in snow - not windblown as usual. That late wet spring snow just clung to everything and stuck, even though areas look drier/patchy from afar. There are large dry patches, but also snowfields - mostly firm snow good for kick-stepping. Mt Lady Washington has some snowfields about halfway up. Loft is full of snow. Couloirs appear in - saw some climbers who came up Martha and said it was in good shape. Including pictures of the Meeker couloirs and other points of interest on the east side. Chasm Lake partially frozen but melted at the edges. cougar   2013-05-27 4  1      
2013-05-25  Keyhole Route  If you like spring snow climbs, go do Longs right meow. There is more snow up there than many have seen in quite a while. I wore trail runners to the keyhole, from there, crampons and an ax are necessary. The ledges are one giant continuous snowfield, you can really fly across this section. But it is very steep so be aware. Trough is full, so full in fact that the snow has piled up at the chokestone, making an easy exit from this section. The Narrows is insanely steep, snow has piled very high and is currently hard packed. Making this traverse requires your full attention. Homestreach is all snow, fun climbing! We rappelled the cables; NF is typical spring conditions, the pitch itself is mostly snow. JohnWilliams   2013-05-25 4     Edit Delete 
2013-04-06  Keyhole Route  I did a recon hike today on Longs with an intention to check out the conditions of the NW couloir. We turned around not far past the Keyhole on the ledges as the snow is very loose and unpredictable. There‘s a lot more snow up there than there was on my winter ascent in Feb. Getting to the Trough will be tricky for awhile. Kevin Baker   2013-04-06  0     Edit Delete 
2013-03-02  Loft - via East Longs Trailhead  Didn‘t summit Longs, sorry, but I can give an update and say that you do not need snowshoes on the trail up to the chasm lake turnoff, it‘s all bootpacked. Be careful around the 0.5 mile marker, I saw some renegade trails. zephyr_pelicante   2013-03-02 4  2    Edit Delete 
2013-01-27  Keyhole Route  Only made Chasm Junction due to windy conditions mixed with leaving hardshell at home and lack of grit to suffer though. Bootpacked snow/ice with 1-2" of fresh up through treeline. Pretty well wind scoured above to junction but passable. aboynamedmargrette   2013-01-27  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-26  Keyhole Route  It looks like the easy climbing window for Longs has closed. Trail is still mostly bootpacked snow below treeline, a mixture of that and mostly-bare ground above treeline. No special gear was needed up to the Chasm Lake turnoff. Above this, there‘d been rolling clouds, light flurrying and high winds through the night, causing the rocks to collect snow and become dangerously slick; we turned around at ~11800‘. The south face of Longs, holding the Narrows and Homestretch, looked to have a fresh dusting of snow on it from afar. As this weather is supposed to continue for the next week or so, I don‘t think conditions will improve any. ChrisinAZ   2013-01-26  0  1    Edit Delete 
2013-01-19  Keyhole Route  very dry. bootpacked to boulder field. small amount of snow on the back side was probably more like late spring. snowshoes, beacon, helmet, axe, gaiters were not needed. microspikes useful on the homestrech where a few spots of boilerplate snow and ice made things interesting. Yikes   2013-01-20  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-17  Keyhole Route  Trail is boot packed snow to the MLW/battle mt saddle and to chasm lake. Did not go any further due to my 1pm start time and fadding daylight. IkeB   2013-01-17  0  2    Edit Delete 
2013-01-04    Climbed the North Face today. No snowshoes needed. Trail is boot packed well to treeline. Snow above treeline is pretty thin except for drifts that are easily avoided. Snow apron below route is mostly firm snow, no sugar. Summer zigzags worked well. Route has some ice in it. Climbed technical pitch in crampons. Snow above is firm also. Summit Lounger   2013-01-04  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-04    No snowshoes needed for the approach. Trail is boot packed to Chasm juncture. After that the snow is mostly avoidable with rock hopping through Boulderfield. North Face route is in great shape, with some snow and ice as expected. Pic 1: Approach to Boulderfield Pic 2: North Face Pic 3: Cables Pic 4: Upper route nkan02   2013-01-04 4  1 1  Edit Delete 
2012-12-15  Misc  Hiked to just above Peacock Pool yesterday, ‘twas windy. Trail is uncompacted snow. No flotation or traction needed. Image one is fatness at Columbine and Left of Columbine Falls Images two and three are requested photos of Kieners Dave B   2012-12-16 3       
2012-12-02  Keyhole Route  Did a solo jaunt up Longs today. It was windy in the Boulderfield and especially at the Keyhole and rounding the corner onto the Narrows, but the snow was...of course...minimal. I did it in my running gear and cross trainers, but the descent would have been aided slightly by having an ice ax. (there are some slippery spots in the Trough). By bouncing around the Homestretch gullies, you can piece together a snow-free route. ulvetano   2012-12-02 3  2 1  Edit Delete 
2012-09-30  Keyhole Route  I went up to the boulderfield today and there is a good layer of snow above 12,000‘. As I ascended Mount Lady Washington, the snow depth increased and I had to put on microspikes. I‘m sure the other side of Longs is even worse, but I didn‘t go over to the keyhole to find out. jsdratm   2012-09-30 2     Edit Delete 
2012-09-22  Keyhole Route  Summer conditions along Keyhole route to Trough, where some snow/ice is present on climbers right of ascending side, easily avoidable. No snow to speak of on Narrows or Homestretch. LetsGoMets   2012-09-23  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-21  Keyhole Route  Occasional snow in Trough is easily avoidable. Most conspicuous at very top of Trough but again, can be avoided. Think I saw one rivulet of ice in the Narrows. No snow in Homestretch. Note Narrows and Homestretch face east so melt first if morning is sunny. Breezy in AM but died down around 11am. Visibility is lousy due to smoke from Wyoming/Pacific NW. TravelingMatt   2012-09-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-19  Keyhole Route  Very windy today all the way to keyhole. Once past the keyhole, wind died down. Very little snow/ice in trough - completely avoidable. Large patches of ice in narrows, but below the route if you follow the bullseyes. No ice, snow, or water in homestretch. Overall, very good conditions for September. Just a few patches of snow and/or ice to try to avoid, which is easily doable. In addition, we only saw two people heading down back to the TH from the time we started at 2am until the beginning of our descent at 9:45am. We were alone on the summit, which seems to be unsual for this peak from what I‘ve read. aliciaf   2012-09-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-18  Keyhole Route  Some snow in the Trough. Didn‘t feel like it made conditions much harder, though this was my first time on the route. The exit slab at that top was unclimbable, so we did a class 4 move around it. Everything else was dry. jomagam   2012-09-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-15    Went up today with Keyhole ridge as primary, north face as secondary. Ended up doing the standard keyhole route. Through the binocs it looked like the first and crux pitch of Keyhole Ridge have snow as well as a patch of snow at the base of the crux pitch that might have produced some ice on the slabs. The north face literally glistened in the morning sun as it was almost completely iced over. The slabs to the right of the dihedral looked dry but there was a large patch above the pitch that would be difficult to get around. As we headed up the standard route it looked like there was a team at the base of the dihedral, but they seemed to be there for a while, so not sure if they headed up or not. Standard keyhole was clear of ice and snow for the most part. A little in the trough but completely avoidable. Dave B   2012-09-15  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-09-09  Loft - via East Longs Trailhead  Most beautiful weather we‘ve ever had on a 14er, sunny and blue skies all day. Went up the Loft to Longs Pk, then descended same way and summited Meeker. Not many people on the route, even thought it was a Sunday. All dry and clear. That will change in the next few days. Kitten   2012-09-11  0     Edit Delete 

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