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2012-06-14  Route: SW Slopes from Herman Gulch TH
Info: A couple downed trees along the Bard Trail (as it wraps south around Parnassus) but clear the rest of the way. No snow at all, even the slopes up to Bard. Nice route, although a leg burner the last 1500-2000 feet. Starting from this TH makes it easy to combo with Parnassus and Woods. 
Derek  2012-06-16   4             
2012-04-01  Route: Bakerville Bushwhack
Info: Dry from start to half way to treeline; then snow 8" to 24" (trench in place compliments of two guys just ahead of me); rest steppin‘ snow ribbon to 200 vertical shy of saddle, 75 yard gap, then snow to saddle; dry to summit Trip narrative link here with photos for those interested. 
Wyoming Bob  2012-04-02   4   2          
2012-03-24  Route: Woods/Urad Mine
Info: Most of the ridge for Englemann-Robeson-Bard-Parnassus-Woods, is dry. Ridge from Bard to Parnassus has a couple of snow fields, but an ice ax was not necessary, if you stick to the ridge proper. Very little snow in the area, above treeline. Below treeline, we encountered thigh deep snow to bare dirt. The east, NE, north, and NW faces had quite a bit of snow, especially on Woods Mtn. Used snowshoes down in the trees, micro spikes were nice at times, but you could get away without them. Ice axe needed, depending on route choices. Careful of route choice on the descent. Impromptu shear tests on north/NW faces proved that there were weak layers. 
IHikeLikeAGirl  2012-03-24   0   2          

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