Mt. Shavano  
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2015-09-26  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail was dry as a bone the entire way this past weekend. It was even difficult to spot any snow anywhere from the top of Shavano and Tabeguache. Hard to believe given that it‘s the end of September in the Rockies. 
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2015-09-20  Route: Passing through the area
Info: Passing through Salida, fall colors are coming out on the southern Sawatch. No snow. Monarch Pass heading to the San Juans is getting close to peak fall colors. Several walls of gold on the Salida side. 
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2015-09-12  Route: East Slopes
Info: Road to the TH is easily doable with a 2WD. The route is completely dry all the way up. It was actually fairly warm since you are in the sun for the entirety of the route after getting out of treeline. Took 3 hours to get to the peak and I ran most of the way back down which took 2 hours after doing Tab. 
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2015-09-04  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail is most likely very wet right now. It started raining at 10am Friday and rained through the night in Salida. The clouds were black over shavano most all day today and remain so at 230pm. Early early start is recommended as the peak and Angel are quite exposed until tree line. The clouds seem to roll in and settle there. 
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2015-08-09  Route: East Slopes
Info: A bit muddy at the start but easily avoidable. Climb is fairly steady and will get your heart pumping! The steepest part is the final ascent up Shavano, so if you are discouraged from climbing Tabeguache after you summit Shav, think again. Once you reach the saddle, the ascent up Tab takes only about 15 minutes and the rocks aren‘t the stairmasters that you find on Shav. It‘s about 30-45 minutes from the top of Shav to the top of Tab. Go for it! The ascent back up Shav is a little long but gradual, and then you are home free. Just be safe descending steep Shav. 
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2015-07-26  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail is easy to follow. Some mud in the beginning. Note there are two stream crossings--near each other. The second is larger and has logs across. Also, a few downed trees to navigate on the trail. 
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2015-07-09  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail steep but all clear, summer conditions. Traverse to Tab. has snowfield yet on saddle that is well worn through. 
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2015-07-03  Route: East Slopes
Info: Got hit by a hail/lightening storm and had to sprint 1500 feet through the scree to make it to safety. BUT, the trail is in great shape. No snow. Gear: Long-sleeve, wind-guard, light weight puffy coat, mittens, warm hat, hiking boots, sunscreen. The standard stuff. For more info, visit my blog I‘ll be reporting for all 55 14ers that I climb this summer! 
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2015-07-01  Route: East Slopes
Info: Mt. Shavano and Tabeguache Peak combo. No snow on trail all the way up Shavano. Between Shav and Tab there is a small snowfield at the saddle, and then you have one last field up the ridge to TAB. The snow is easy to cross no need for traction. Trekking poles help for going down in the snow. It stormed hard at 130pm, lighting and hail for over a hour. At this point we were just starting back up Shavano. Lots of static electricity going on, the rocks were humming, my hair was humming and standing up. Start early if I were you. Pic#1 is the remains of the Angel on Shavano, Pic #2 is Tab from the saddle, Pic #3 is the last push up Tab, Pic #4 is looking at Shavano from Tab. 
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2015-06-28  Route: East Slopes
Info: Started at the Blank Gulch trailhead at 4:45 am. We summited around 9:00 am. Shavano is now in full summer conditions. There are no snowfields on the trail so leave your snowshoes and micro spikes at home. Trail is mostly dry and in great condition. Gaiters aren‘t necessary either. There is a little bit of runoff below the saddle at 13,400 ft but its not bad. 
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2015-06-21  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Trail was clear besides the stream which ran across a portion of it. The Angel still has decent snow cover, skinned up most of it and climbed the steepest portions without flotation or traction. Avoidable snow near the summit, not quite enough to ski from the top. 
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2015-06-21  Route: East Slopes
Info: Started at Blank Gulch trailhead at about 5:30am on Sunday. Moderate crowd, maybe 50 people. I had camped overnight just past the trailhead in the dispersed camping, about .25 miles from the trailhead. Trail is completely dry until the tree-line, although a stream does flow over a small portion. There is still a dry trail next to it. Once you leave the trees, there are two short snow crossings. I used trekking poles here but not microspikes. Both could be useful but are not required. After continuing up the talus slope you will come to the Angel of Shavano. It still has a good amoutn of snow, although the coverage seemed shallow. Many people crossed and continued on the normal route, which is dry except for about a 50-100 yard crossing of the Angel. The trail from the saddle is dry, and there are just a couple little fields of snow at the top that you need to cross to reach the summit. Follow the boot-pack and you shouldn‘t post-hole. I didn‘t posthole all day. When I reached the Angel, I put on my micro-spikes and used those and my ice axe to head straight up to the final pitch. Easy snow climb, but spikes or an axe are probably required. You would slide a long way if you got going before you could arrest. Trail up Tabeguache was snow-covered still and I did not continue to do the double. On the way back down Shavano, I practiced a short glissade near the top (only do this if you have an ice axe!), then walked across the dry saddle to reach the southern-entry of the Angel of Shavano. I glissaded down in shorts, and it was excellent. The snow was slushy by this time, about 10:30am, but I still got decent speed, enough to only need to push at the top. You can take the glissade all the way to the bottom. Then just hike down the gully until you reach a huge barrier of dead-fall. Then work your way left (north, northwest), until you reach a talus field in some aspens. Continue down the side of that field always moving left when you can, and you will bump back into the main trail. Glissading the Angel saved me at least an hour and was really fun. Only do it if you have an ice axe! 
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2015-06-20  Route: East Slopes
Info: Went up Saturday 6/20. Route is surprisingly snow-free. A few very short snowfields to cross. Running shoes were fine, no axe or traction needed. 
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2015-06-20  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Skied the Angel of Shavano. Starts about 150 vertical feet above treeline. The climber‘s left arm of the Angel goes much further than the head or other arm, and you can negotiate snow patches up to Shavano‘s south ridge. From there it is possible to traverse to the east ridge which is holding a lot of snow, but you have to cross several rock bands and patches...your skis will definitely take some hits. We pushed through it regardless. There is no snow the last 50 vertical feet, we carried skis to the summit. I think it may still be doable next weekend but the rocky section could be a nightmare judging by how fast things are melting. We got some awesome turns on the east ridge and then down the arm of the angel. 
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2015-06-18  Route: East Slopes
Info: Did Shav/Tab on 6/18. Acended Standard route and descended down the angel in an awesome glissade. Damn near summer conditions on the way up the standard route. Most snow is avoidable on Shav. Consistent snow from the saddle all the way up Tabeguache. The angel is melting out in a hurry with 85 degree temps in Salida area the past 3 days. 
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2015-06-17  Route: East Slopes
Info: I camped up just outside the trail head parking lot the night before and got an early start around 5 AM. There are a lot of fallen trees close to the trail head. Not much to report beyond that until you hit the treeline. Above treeline you‘ll still find a substantial amount of snow, most of which covers the trail, so you‘ll find footprints all over the place simply making a line for the summit. In the morning, most of the snow was frozen solid, if you‘re going early, I suggest bringing microspikes. Once I made the summit, nearly simultaneously with another gentleman in running gear (Shorts, camelbak, trekking poles), The postholing started. We introduced ourselves and as soon as I shook his hand, I sank straight to my knees. I had lunch and headed down. All of the snow at that point was the consistency of an Icee. Very soft, very prone to slips. Two quick notes: -While running away from a beehive I stumbled upon off the trail while resting, I grabbed my pack but left my one mountainsmith trekking pole. If you find it and want it, it‘s yours. I‘m getting a new pair tomorrow anyway. -This was my first summit of a 14er. Fun stuff. As always, let me know what if any questions you have. -Joe 
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2015-06-14  Route: East Slopes
Info: Surprisingly little snow on the standard summer route. No snow to about 12.5k. After that snow is either avoidable or manageable. Follow the existing bootbacks and rocks from 13k to the summit. My friend made it to the summit in trail runners. Not necessarily recommend that, waterproof boots and probably gaitors would be helpful above 13k. Saw plenty of people make summit without any special gear. Ridge to Tab is mostly dry, but there‘s snow from saddle to Tab. 
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2015-06-03  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Can drive to TH w/o running into snow. I snow shoed and my friend skinned to summit. Note, snow is not continuous until after getting above tree line so skinning was not practical until that point. Took Angel‘s East arm to the East Ridge. Reached summit just before 11AM and great skiing for over 2000 ft vertical, starting from the summit. I glissaded down a good portion of East Ridge and the Angel (used a track that others have started). The trail below tree line has lots of downed trees making it tricky to carry skis up, but ran into some crew who are just starting some trail maintenance and clean up. 
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2015-05-30  Route: East Slopes
Info: Standard summer route is impossible to follow. Ended up going up the east ridge to point 13,612 and glissaded down the east arm of the angel. Lots of slide activity coming off the north face of the ridge to the west of the angel. Lots of waist deep snow up there, and with warmer temps the next few days, you can expect to posthole up to your knees and hips in places even with floatation. Snow starts at about 10,200. Regardless, it‘s beautiful up there. 
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2015-05-22  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Snowline is just below the trailhead. We hiked the first mile or so in thin snow and then transitioned to skis while still in the forest. The trail is easy to follow since several parties have been in there. There is solid snow cover all the way to the top. We were able to carve turns directly off the summit with little worry of hitting rocks. I have never seen the upper section so well filled in. Now is a good opportunity to ski this one! 
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