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Mt. Shavano  
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2013-05-20  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: No snowshoes were required. We climbed up the Angel to Shavano and then over to my real objective, 13,712. We did not descended the standard route but glissaded down the Angel. There were pockets of snow between ~11,000 and 11,400 but it can be avoided. In the afternoon, some minor post holing was encountered but was tolerable. In the early morning, crampons would be advised on the Angel. 
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2013-05-13  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: The Angel is in great condition, but with rising temps I recommend a very early start and to bring snowshoes to avoid postholing on the way back (I postholed with snowshoes in some sections below treeline!). Two pics of the Angel attached (one from up close and the other one from afar). 
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2013-05-11  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Summit ski is probably about as in as it ever gets. I was able to skin to the summit and rip skins like it was a lap at BP. 
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2013-05-05  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: My partners and I climbed the Angel yesterday, 5/5. Nice firm snow almost the entire way from the base of the Angel to the summit. A summit ski might be in but I suspect you will be billy-goating in a couple places between the saddle on the ridge and the summit. We ascended the left arm (climber’s right) and descended/glissaded the head which I recommend for beginners. This was my wife’s first snow climb and she was able to handle it with just snowshoes and an axe. There were a couple hard/icy spots on the arm but the head was much softer when we descended. The head was almost too low angle and soft to get a good glissade until the bottom where it is steeper. As far as the trail is concerned the main trail has been well cleared of trees and is easy to follow. The left turn to get to the Angel is not obvious and there are multiple trails through the tree and across the drainage. Its easy to pick you way through without too much hassle. Just get to the south side of the drainage as best you can and from there you should have smooth hiking/skinning. Snowshoes highly recommended for ascending from the main trail to the base of the Angel and back from the base of the Angel to a good bit back down the main trail as it softens up. Good luck. 
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2013-04-14  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Skied the Angel of Shavano on 4.13.13. Colorado trail and Shavano trail were mostly snow covered (we were able to ski to within half a mile of the trailhead) Conditions on the peak were windy, with large to extremely large wind gusts. Wind slabs and sastrugi everywhere there was snow, with PM heavy solar mashed potato snow. Trailhead required 4wd access see trailhead status for more info. 
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2013-04-13  Route: SE ridge
Info: Bushwack up the Pt 13630 SE ridge directly from Angel of Shavano CT trailhead. Minimal snow - dry to 6" crust. Turned around at 13,400 due to some strong winds; had to drop and cling to rocks a few times. Descended Pt 13630 E ridge, which had slightly more snow (4" to 18") - which was like potato soup late in the day. From what I can tell, it looks like a ski descent from Shavano is in. Sawatch has been getting some snow recently. There appeared to be continuous snow from the summit down to the angel. At that point you will be in blowdown hell, but that‘s just part of the game. 
Yikes  2013-04-14   0   2   1     
2013-02-22  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: My buddy Matt and I attempted Shav/Tab on Friday, 2/22, from a high camp in the Angel of Shavano basin. We got to the Shav/Tab TH about 1130 am on Thursday, the 21st. According to the register, someone had been there on the 17th, so there was a faint boot path to follow, making route finding very straight forward. Until... we got to the area where you leave the standard trail and head west towards the Angel of Shavano basin. What followed was quite possibly the most miserable, arduous trailbreaking I have ever experienced in the mountains. We consistently wallowed in knee to thigh-deep powder through the trees for 2+ hours, while wearing snowshoes and carrying 35 pound packs. to say it sucked would be a HUGE understatement. In addition, as we got closer to the basin, we started noticing a lot of whumps and cracking from the snow pack, and this was on fairly moderate terrain. As we got to the basin itself, we saw signs of natural avy releases on both the north AND south aspects of the basin. The Angel herself looked pretty loaded as well. With the CAIC calling for considerable danger on all of the aspects we could have climbed, and for being absolutely smoked from the previous days shenanigans, we bailed after only making it to ~12,000ft. I think we made the right call too, because the mountain was totally socked in as we left, and when we checked the CAIC website on the drive out, all of the Sawatch avy danger had been upped to high. Anyone interested in climbing Shavano in the near future should stick to the East Ridge, but be careful right near and above treeline. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any questions. PEACE. pic #1- On the road to the TH pic #2- Deep into the suck locker pic #3- The Angel‘s there somewhere pic #4- After the beatdown. 
seano732  2013-02-23   4      3   Edit  Delete
2012-11-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Great conditions! Few patches of snow here and there. All snow can be avoid with very little effort. 
bhollamby  2012-11-06   0         Edit  Delete
2012-10-06  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Route 2.3.4 in Dawson. Trail is clear of snow up to 13,000. From 13,000 to the saddle are a few patches of snow. Above the saddle at 13,400 there is no snow. The reason that there is no snow might just be because of the constant 60 -70 MPH winds with occasional gusts to - ‘hang on to something‘. Actually it wasn‘t windy at the top. Oh and it was about 0 deg F at the saddle (at about 3:00 AM). So yeah - it was cold. On the way up on Friday evening (for bivvy at 12,400) I met two guys from Idaho on their way down. They had the Shavano summit register with them. I said I‘d put it back on top. When I got there I found one of the register tubes smashed. The other had a register in it. So I put the register in the ziploc poly bag with the other ones in the gap in the rock. Needs a new tube. 
wincoder  2012-10-07   0         Edit  Delete
2012-09-22  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail‘s in good shape, with lots of fall color in play. No snow on the trail, but some was still in rock shaded areas. Cross to Tabeguache is also in fine shape. The sign in canister on Shavano was in need of replacement, but may have been done on by another party on the 22nd. 
wonderfullyrich  2012-09-23   0         Edit  Delete
2012-07-21  Route: East Slopes
Info: Trail is in great shape. Fallen trees have been cut. No problems all the way up. 
steve_scherrer  2012-07-22   0         Edit  Delete
2012-07-16  Route: East Slopes
Info: Road to the trailhead had a downed tree, but someone had moved it by the time we left. The trail itself looked great!! I can‘t imagine how much time it took to cut the trees from the middle of the trail. Big storm clouds moved in quickly above Shavano at 11:30, but it moved off with only a few drops. 
Jackie  2012-07-16   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-02  Route: East Slopes
Info: Climbed Shavano and Tabeguache yesterday via the standard route with gregory_fischer. The trail is snow-free the entire way, and Tab has a few small snowfields on the traverse, but they are completely avoidable. Be sure to allow yourself enough time to get back over Shavano before the weather moves in (it built very quickly yesterday and we saw people still climbing back over Shavano under menacing skies). I will say that I CANNOT IMAGINE what it must have been like climbing this route earlier in the season before the deadfall was cleared. Congratulations if you did this, and a big, big thank you to those who helped clear this route of deadfall. 
RJansen77  2012-06-03   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-31  Route: East Slopes
Info: Road to the trailhead is in summer condition and dry. No snow above or below treeline. Tabegauche still has a little snow coming up from the saddle, but doesn‘t interfere with the route at all. Overall, the entire mountain is in summer conditions. 
TimSeavy  2012-05-31   0         Edit  Delete
2012-05-18  Route: East Slopes
Info: Road to trailhead is clear. Trail to treeline, which was previously covered with fallen trees, is passable. Forest service must have come through with chainsaws because you can follow the trail to the top without any need for route-finding. About a dozen or so small snow patches around the saddle but nothing that requires spikes, snowshoes, etc. Gaiters helped though. 
dgcoot44  2012-05-19   0   1   1   Edit  Delete
2012-04-29  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Road to trailhead in good shape, no issues. Patches of snow start ~11000 but nothing is an issue. Angel was in good shape, little icy for a butt-hurt glissade down. Very close to summer up there. Very close. BTW ---> 10500-11500 is like a war zone. There is no trail, there isn‘t even a resemblance of a trail. Read some reports of "down trees" but totally underestimated what that meant. There is a several square mile area where many thousands of 2ft+ trunk diameter trees have fallen and taken everything down with them. Imagine a jenga game fell over and it is like that everywhere. Some piles of trees are > 10 ft tall. You can climb over them, crawl under them, bushwhack through them, it is a friggin‘ maze. You could not pay me to go back w/o my gps. And I wouldn‘t even consider doing it in the dark! I would bet it won‘t be cleaned up in the next couple of months. It was kinda fun but each time through the down trees (~1 mile) took an unexpected 1.5 hours and you better have gloves and long pants/long sleeves! 
flintster  2012-04-29   4         Edit  Delete
2012-04-22  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Access to trailhead is easily passable by passenger vehicle. After you leave Colorado Trail and start on Shavano Trail it becomes an exercise in bushwacking and postholing in deep snow. Once you finally get by all the fallen trees the snow angel is in good snow hiking condition, microspikes and trekking poles are strongly recommended for the snow climb. Was an awesome glissade down the angel. With the warm temperatures the snow angel won‘t be around for long. Would suggest a gps for route finding at least on the way back. 
kbmountain  2012-04-22   0   1      Edit  Delete
2012-04-08  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: Road to the TH is clear and dry, except for one large snowbank across the road about 2 miles from the TH. dannyg23‘s recent report also describes it. If you have a 4wd, you can get around it pretty easily. I was able to get around it in my subaru legacy awd, but I don‘t know that I‘d do it again... Trail is very tough to follow due to all the fallen trees. We headed up the Angel of Shavano, and then returned via the East Slopes - lots of patches of slushy snow on the way back led to lots of postholing. The trail disappeared as we got below the treeline, so we wound up just headed towards the parking lot in as straight of a line as we could. Rewarding hike, but difficult to get through the trees/snow. Oh, and make sure you avoid the white rabbit - it followed us for a while, and every time we saw it, we‘d start postholing. I swear it was laughing at us.  
AWright  2012-04-09   0         Edit  Delete
2012-04-02  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: My friend (thegreatcamillo) Nate and I headed up to do Shav/Tab sunday night (4/1). The road in was very drivable with the exception of a large snowdrift about 2 miles from the TH (details can be found on the TH conditions page). Right next to the drift there is a place where a 4WD vehicle can bypass that section of road and continue, we did. The aproach was not pretty. I have personally never seen tree fall like that before. It wasn‘t bad at first, and Nate and I joked about how overblown the ‘microburst‘ talk was. Eventually though, it became a real hinderance. Some sections of the forest were almost completely obliterated, with very few trees still verticle. We made it about halfway through the trees before making camp for the night. The next morning we fought through the rest of the trees to the base of the angel. Snow conditions on the angel were not ideal. I was hoping to make this a nice training climb so I could test out snow climbing, but no such luck. Although the angel was mostly filled in it was hard and crusty. There was enough traction on the snow that after a few crampon malfunctions I decided to finish the rest of the climb in just my boots. This also made a glisade out of the question. Upon reaching the saddle a storm rolled in and the rest of the day we delt with 20‘ of visability, strong winds, and heavy snow fall. Several route finding errors later we got back down to our camp and eventually the truck. New snowfall at the TH was aproximatly 4"-6" and still falling fast. 
dannyg23  2012-04-03   4   2      Edit  Delete
2012-03-23  Route: Angel of Shavano
Info: The Angel has flown away from us this year. The only strip of snow left on the mountain (on the east/south side) runs between 11,000‘ and the high point of the saddle between Shavano and the 13er just to it‘s south. 2 wheel drive can make it to 8800‘ on the Blank Gulch TH. I would think 4 wheel could make it to or close to the summer TH. We did not try because we were looking for skiing and the view of the angel turned us around. 
taylorzs  2012-03-26   0         Edit  Delete

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