Father Dyer Peak  
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2014-05-04  Route: Dyer Straits
Info: The snow up the Crystal Creek drainage was amazingly firm. We ditched our snowshoes a short distance up the road and never regretted it, even in the early afternoon. Wind events Saturday and early Sunday moved a lot of snow onto the Dyer Straits. We hugged climber‘s left and connected rock islands, as the open slopes of the main route were windloaded. There was recent debris from a small avalanche in the middle of the Straits. All that said, a few warm days should firm everything back up. The snow underneath the 4-8 inches of wind-moved powder was solid and consolidated. The wind began gusting to 50+ miles per hour on the ridgeline and we bailed after reaching the top of the Straits. Photo 1: Looking back at the Crystal Creek drainage from the turnoff Photo 2: Dyer Straits Photo 3: Retreating from the spindrift 
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2013-06-27  Route: East Ridge
Info: Meant to do Crystal and Father Dyer from the Spruce Creek trailhead. Changed plans at Crystal lake due to the trail crossing some snow fields on the way up to the Peak 10/Crystal Peak saddle, and the remains of a cornice on the ridge below the saddle (see photo 1). I saw a couple of groups cross the snow fields without a problem, but I was alone and wasn‘t feeling up to it. I changed plans and headed to the East Ridge of Father Dyer instead. Made it to ~13200 before turning around due to clouds moving in and not being 100% sure of the route along the ridge. What I get for starting at noon and changing plans. Route was snow free up to that point, and looked clear the rest of the way (see photo 2). Overall a nice day, and I‘ll be back in a few weeks to get the combo when the snow‘s gone. 
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2012-05-29  Route: Combo Helen/Father Dyer
Info: Ascended Helen, then traversed to Father Dyer, then down Crystal Lake trail. Trail clear of snow almost entire way except for a few insignificant spots on Crystal Lake trail. 
rockymountaindiva  2012-06-14   0             
2012-05-05  Route: Dyer Straits
Info: My friend and I climbed Dyer Straits on perfect snow yesterday. Start early as this route gets sun very early. As we were exiting the snow was just getting a bit too soft on top. Also climbed the west ridge to Helen and back to the truck. Really fun loop. The descent off of Helen is ridiculous. Something like 2000 ft over one mile for us. We probably stayed too far south hoping to end up back at the truck. Descend/ascend more to the north for (I‘m assuming) easier hiking. Good luck. 
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