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Matterhorn Peak  
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2013-05-25  Route: Southeast Slopes
Info: We did not need flotation in the basin. The trail is clear until about 11,600 and then it is intermittently covered with snow until it is mostly covered nearing the turnoff to Matterhorn. Crampons/axe were necessary toward the top due to steep snow. No issues getting to/from the TH in our stock Xterra. Pic 1: From the trail Pic 2: The final bit 
BobbyFinn  2013-05-27   2         Edit  Delete
2013-05-19  Route: Splash Mountain - Matterhorn Traverse
Info: Right now, the Splash Mountain - Matterhorn Traverse will require all of your well-honed mountaineering skills. We did the traverse from Splash to Matterhorn. Looking back, we would recommend doing it in reverse order as the river crossing at Splash Mountain left us rather water-logged. If you would like to minimize the drenching, you might be better off at the back of the canoe rather than the front. Fortunately, the day was hot enough to dry us out before attempting to summit the Matterhorn‘s icy slopes. Map and compass were necessary for the bushwhack through unsettling terrain. Unfortunately, the word is out on the quality of the traverse as there were many more people in the conga line for the traverse than there are for Grays & Torreys on a Saturday in July. We‘d hoped to add on Big Thunder Mountain to our traverse, but the peak is currently experiencing access issues and trespassing is highly frowned upon. Though Space Mountain was accessible, we decided that it was too far in the distance to add on to an already exhausting traverse. The Matterhorn was in fine shape. Indeed, it never seems to change. Be aware that the mountain‘s owners have forbidden the use of ice axe, crampons, and rope protection. Apparently, they feel the "pure" way to climb this peak is using the transportation they‘ve provided. In addition to the human obstacle course on the traverse, there are also a few other hazards to watch out for. Wildlife is in abundance. We did notice a few rodents wandering around, but keep an eye out for bear and moose as well. Also, keep a weather eye out for pirates as they‘ve been spotted in surrounding waters. The end of our journey required a rather bumpy ride down a 4wd jeep road with a few special obstacles on it. Unfortunately, the jeeps broke down multiple times that day, including while we were on it. The road is short, however, so just bear with it and you might spot some dude named Indiana Jones. And if you happen upon a familiar face on the traverse, keep in mind picture #1... 
anna  2013-05-20   4   5        

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