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Fletcher Mountain  
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2015-03-21  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Skinned up the entire Monte Cristo Creek before booting up to the Drift-Fletcher saddle. Stable snow all the way and the skinning was easy with firm, supportive snow. From the summit, we skied the SE ridge down to the top of the hanging basin (normal summer route), we found stable snow and were able to find a safe ski route. Excellent corn skiing down to the dam. We didn‘t ascend the normal, winter ridge because we didn‘t want to bring crampons and we knew the entire area had a firm base so the long way around would be easy skinning. 
BillMiddlebrook  2015-03-23   8   2   2   Edit  Delete
2015-02-10  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Skinned, hiked and cramponed the "winter line" up the ridge south of Fletcher with a plan of skiing the peak from the summit. We found dry conditions above 13,300‘ and not much snow upper Monte Cristo Creek. There‘s also a bit of dicey snow along the standard, SE ridge, just below the summit. 
BillMiddlebrook  2015-02-11   8   5      Edit  Delete
2014-10-18  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Short conditions report. Few us went up Fletcher yesterday... Snow above 12,000 feet. In the Ten Mile/Mosquitos North facing aspects still carry a considerable amount of snow, but southern facing aspects do not. Although, none of us had down Drift before, we didn‘t see a snow free way to traverse to Drift... There are some nice snow filled couloirs that could allow quick access to it‘s summit. 
jmanner  2014-10-19   4      1   Edit  Delete
2014-08-10  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Good amount of snow en route to west ridge area. The "rust gulley" is completely snowed in, and unless you have an axe and spikes you have to detour it and scramble up around the left. Rest of snow is pretty avoidable. Fletcher itself has a large patch of snow just below the summit, but again, avoidable. Great peak. Here are pictures I took today of the gulley/upper region and then pictures from 2012 when I was up doing the West Ridge. Scramble up and around the gulley climbers left. 
LetsGoMets  2014-08-10   2   1      Edit  Delete
2014-07-27  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Hiked from Blue Lakes. There is just a snow patch in the last gulley (before reaching the flat area below Fletcher) which could be avoided, but it is nice to have microspikes and an ice-axe for the glissade down. 
Kitten  2014-07-29   0         Edit  Delete
2014-07-15  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Went up Fletcher with the plan to traverse to Drift. There are still at least 3 areas where steep snow blocks the easiest route. We were able to string rock piles together with minimal snow crossings and I was able to kick step any snow that could not be bypassed and did not need any snow gear. The ridge to the top is closer to Class 3 with significant exposure right now because of a cornice that is hanging around on the South side. Had to scrap the traverse to Drift because of incoming weather, but it looked snow-free. Snow was perfect for glissading around noon and sped the descent quite a bit. I will note that my GPS logged a distance of 7.3 miles rather than the listed 4.25. Some of that was likely a bit of wandering and re-routing because of snow, but I‘m sure it‘s longer than it‘s listed distance. Let me know if you‘d like pics of the area. 
LivingOnTheEdge  2014-07-18   0   1      Edit  Delete
2014-06-04  Route: NW Couloir
Info: Couloir is in good shape for climbing. A little melted out at the top, but no big deal. Lots of bumps due to slide a few days (a week?) ago, so glissade wasn‘t ideal, but all in all an awesome day. 
DeanS  2014-06-04   3           
2013-11-02  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Unfortunately, I know this update on Fletcher Mtn. will be wiped out by the storm that is about to bring more snow to the mountains, but I will still leave some beta. The road to the Blue Lakes Dam was clear with minimal snow packed on the route. No snow at the parking areas at the dam. I used microspikes at the beginning of the hike. As I moved higher into the valley, at around 12,300 ft., I switched to snowshoes for the rest of the way, all the way up to the summit. The snow was over 2‘ in the flat parts of the valley. So snowshoes are a must. I did not use the crampons or axe I carried on my bag. The snow coverage along the ridge leading to the summit and the summit itself was not as bad, as you could see the wind had stripped away the snow. 
Grover  2013-11-03   3         Edit  Delete
2013-06-06  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: As of 6/6 still plenty of snow on Fletcher standard route. Snow equipment, ice axe necessary. 
spong0949  2013-06-07   0         Edit  Delete
2012-12-31  Route: SE Ridge variation
Info: Blue Lakes Rd. plowed .3 miles from Hwy 9. 2-3 inches of snow on road up to Dam. Some areas windblown revealing dirt road. Other spot on road with some drifts up to 8 inches. We used snowshowes but probably not needed. Began the standard SE ridge route doing an ascending traverse from the dam to the first basin. Then, after assessing the upper valley (standard route) from a distance decided to ascend the ridge to the west (pt 13,515) due to poor snow conditions. The initial climb up a rocky outcropping was difficult in snowshoes but the slope eased after a 2nd bump to the upper ridge that we took to the Fletcher/Quandary saddle. Several times during the steep climb to get to this ridge slabs 3-6 feet in size would break off at about 6 inches thick and slide. Not a good sign. The ridge to the saddle had 4-6 inches of crusty snow. The SE ridge to summit had 6-8 inches of snow in most places and as we were climbing another inch or so fell. Last ascent on summit register was 12/22/12 and before that was in September. 
mattdecoste  2013-01-01   0   2        
2012-10-20  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: Road dry to dam. Minimal snow up to the first basin; a little bit of ice in the creek bed. I inadvertently took the left fork leading to a steep gully instead of heading to the slope at the back of the basin. The gully started with steep loose dirt and rock, but quickly turned into a steep snow climb. Snow was hard enough to kick good steps (took two kicks for each footstep). Near the top, I exited onto a small crappy dirt/rock knife edge. I was separated from the upper basin by about 30 feet of loose dirt, downsloping crumbling rocks with a 300+ foot drop below. There was a steep snow slope on the other side on my perch, but it was pure sugar. I tried a few times to find stable rocks to climb the final slope, but decided the slope wasn‘t trustable. Downclimbed and headed home. Saw two guys heading up the normal route at the back of the basin. 
Yikes  2012-10-21   0         Edit  Delete

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