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Mt. Evans B  
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2012-04-08  Mosquito Pass  Hiked Evans B and "Repeater" from Leadville side of Mosquito Pass. CO 3 is dry to about 11,000/11,100 where plowing stops just after a bend in the road a bit before Famous Mine. There is a large, deep patch of snow that stops vehicles at this point and it will probably linger for awhile yet. After that, the road is patchy snow, ice, and bare spots. I didn‘t use any flotation and didn‘t regret not bringing any as the snow was plenty firm in the afternoon. Very little snow on the ridgeline. Traction and ice axe unnecessary. anna   2012-04-09  0       
2011-09-18  Mosquito Pass  A couple inches of snow, but not a hindrance. Just need to watch your step with all the wires, cables, and barbed wire on the ground. Came up Mosquito Pass Road from the east. Road only had a dusting of snow and little ice on it near the top. Went up in a Ford Ranger with good clearance and tires. Could not have made it in my Jeep Liberty. Were a few small boulders on the road, but was able to squeeze by. At least 4 other vehicles and 2 ATVs made it up as well (all with high clearance). IHikeLikeAGirl   2011-09-19  0       

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