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2015-07-11  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Trail is good. A few patches of snow that are of little to no concern. Standard route (east) looked to have a few more patches of snow. Didn‘t look like anyone was having issues with them. Lots of wildflowers are out. Large variety and quantities. 
JQDivide  2015-07-11   0      1       
2015-06-27  Route: 14,000-foot point loop - from N. Halfmoon Creek TH
Info: We hiked the "tour de massive"on Saturday, hitting north massive, massive green, mt massive, and my boyfriend also went to south massive. The trail is mostly clear of snow, although we did use traction to gain the ridge at the end of north half moon creek trail. Other snow patches that we hit between north massive the my massive were a bit deep, but slushy. Gaiters were a must to keep our feet dry! I had crampons with me, but only ever needed my yak-traks. The southwest slopes trail had well-packed snow on the ridge and only a few spots where the trail was covered on our way down. Others said it was a little difficult to find the trail going up because of the snow, but it was easy to spot on the way down. Only real difficulty we ran into was a creek crossing at the end of north half moon trailhead, which we added some stones to get across. 
marshaar  2015-06-28   0   1          
2015-06-27  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: No snow until close to 13000. Big snow fields covered the route in this area. It was hard to figure out where to go so we just basically went straight up, had a little trouble with one snow field that was very icy and steep but for the most part you can avoid most the snow and just improvise. Coming back down we found there was a lot of open trail that was pretty far northwest. We followed it as far as we could then had awesome glissading for about 1000 ft of elevation. Had to stop and walk over to avoid rocks but then could glissade more. Overall great route. Not many people, lots on the other side. Snow got pretty soft by 1030. We did bring snowshoes and microspikes. Used the snowshoes to try to cross one of the snowfields but it was too slick. Like I said, you could either avoid the snow by going further to the right straight up or better would be to go to the left if you just traverse a little lower. I will try to get pictures out soon. 
arianna2  2015-06-27   0             
2015-06-21  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Was planning on getting the Tour De Massive done today. Left the trailhead at 6:30am on the Southwest Slopes side. No snow until about 12k. Then it increases until the summit. We postholed a few times before 8:00am crossing a few of the snow fields and the summer route is a no go unless you have traction. South Massive is almost completely dry. The ridge over to Massive is a good mix of snow and rock and we were happy to have microspikes coming down and axes to glissade with. We didn‘t get over to Massive Green or North Massive, but it would definitely be a mixed climb with some spice; still tons of snow especially on the east side of the Massive massif. Also, Mt. Oklahoma‘s southeast slopes are still completely covered with snow. PM me if you need more detailed photos. I may have what you are looking for. 
LivingOnTheEdge  2015-06-21   8   5          
2015-06-13  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Dry to treeline and skiable from the summit with a bit of creative route-finding from the ridge 
mojah  2015-06-15   1             
2015-06-09  Route: Savage Peak looking south to Massive
Info: Snowy Sawatch... Could see the northern part of the range from Savage Peak. 
WillRobnett  2015-06-11   1             
2015-06-04  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Climbed Mt. Massive this morning via the SW slopes route. Had a hard freeze down to about 11,500 - pleasantly surprised since the forecast was for warmer overnight temps. Started from the 4WD TH at 2:30, reached the summit shortly before 7, back to the TH by 9:15. Used crampons from about 11,700 to the summit and back down to 11,700. Was glad I had crampons and not just microspikes. Brought snowshoes, but never used them. Trail in the trees is wet, muddy, and has a number of snowdrifts. There were recent slides on the SW slopes, so check snow conditions before heading up/get down before things get mushy. It looked like you could avoid avy slopes by climbing the shoulder of the slope on climbers left and staying out of the gully. Added a few photos. It was dark when I ascended and I forgot to take a picture of the SW slopes until I got down to the meadow at 11,200. 
KTC88  2015-06-04   3   3   1       
2015-05-22  Route: East Slopes
Info: Did not summit, but reached 14,240 ft and headed back due to weather. But, overall a great hike...or shall I say snow shoe. Used these whole way except for 1st 0.75 miles. Road clear to TH. Snow wet with post holing despite snow shoes in the forest. Snow much easier to handle above tree line. The ridge line that we did complete was w/o cornice formation...think there was some cornices on actual summit. We camped 2 miles in from TH the night before but got a later start than planned. Had we gotten 3 miles in the 1st night (as initially planned), probably would have reached the top. 
madadraw1  2015-05-23   0             
2015-03-08  Route: Fish Hatchery
Info: Really nice hiking trail to CT turn off. After that we had to establish skin track in deep snow. The sole snowshoer that was with us mentioned brutal postholing even with skin track. Ridge is mostly windblown and dry, although certain sections were windloaded, so we avoided them. Made for some interesting ridge scrambling with ski/snowboard gear. Skied variation of summer route. Snow conditions were sastrugi galore above the treeline, and some soft snow below. No wind to speak off. 12 hr RT. 
SnowAlien  2015-03-08   3   6          
2015-02-18  Route: E Ridge from Fish Hatchery
Info: E Ridge in good shape, but a storm is coming. Trail is packed to 11,000 ft, then snowshoes or skins req to treeline. I stashed the slowshoes there- beyond, most of the ridgecrest is bare. 
SoCool  2015-02-19   1   1          
2015-01-25  Route: East Ridge from the Fish Hatchery TH
Info: We put a trench in all the way to treeline. After that, the ridge is wind-scoured and pretty easy passage most of the way. We had to turn around short of the summit due to extreme winds. I draw the line at crawling to the summit on my hands and knees (which I had to do at one point). Hoping someone else can benefit from all our hard work. Enjoy! 
Wildernessjane  2015-01-26   0             
2014-11-08  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: My Jeep Patriot got about 1/4 mile from the upper trail head (N. Halfmoon) on Saturday. There were 3 other vehicles (high clearance trucks) that made it up all the way to the trailhead. The trail is still very visible up the southwest slopes and most of the snow is avoidable. We had to post-hole a couple of spots on the ridge when the southwest slopes trail joins the east slopes. Micro-spikes and gators might be nice to have but I didn‘t use them. 
Stiffler_from_Denver  2014-11-11   2             
2014-10-05  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: The trail was bone dry all the way to about 13,500 ft, then there were patches of snow, but nothing was too icy. Used my summer weight goretex lined hiking boots with no problems. Sunday was a great day all around with warmer temperatures at the trail head. It progressively became colder towards the peak as expected. Started with base layers and transitioned to gloves, hat and jacket by the time we were at 13,500 feet. Excellent hike with excellent views of the snow capped mountains surrounding Mt. Massive. 
chuckb1789  2014-10-06   0             
2014-09-17  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Saw a Subaru at the 4WD trailhead, but many elected to walk that last 1/2 mile--there are two pretty rough spots that require good driving or high clearance in addition to 4WD. I was somewhat worried I would be able to follow the trail, find the intersection in the meadow, etc. with very little moonlight and a headlamp (I hit the trail at about 2:30a.m. for some summit photography). I found there was no problem at all following the trail with my headlamp. Even the intersection in the meadow was easy to find (there is a sign). The steep trail up is in very good shape and the CFI has done a great job building "stairs" through the boulder fields that I easily followed in the dark. I hit South Massive, Massive, Massive Green, North Massive, the Point 14,169, then came down the West Slopes route. The trail from Point 14,169/North Massive down into the valley is hit or miss. While still up high, in the tundra, the key initially is to aim for the prominent north-south ridge that is just east of North Half Moon Lakes, than drop into the valley on the east side--lots of scree until you get down into the valley. 
Daniel Joder  2014-09-17   0   1          
2014-07-13  Route: East Slopes
Info: This trail was completely clear of snow except for a few feet at the top just past the saddle, but you were able to cross easily without snow gear. There is a patch of snow that does not touch the trail, but you are able to slide down the side of the mountain about 200 or so feet so that you don‘t have to hike the last section of the trail (from the saddle) down. 
Samantha121887  2014-07-14   3             
2014-07-12  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: I was worried this route would be too exposed for someone like me who has a little fear of heights. The trail was great and I didn‘t feel like their were any drop offs. Its steep but the wildflowers on the way up are incredible. 
outdoorjen5280  2014-07-30   0   1          
2014-07-10  Route: East Slopes
Info: The trail is almost completely clear of snow. There were two small snow patches to cross at 14,000 ft one about 20 meters and the other about 5 meters. Although there were a little slushy and slippery, no ice gear was needed and they are not near high exposure, so we felt safe. The trail was great and we loved the hard dirt packed trail. It was very even and easy to hike on. You could wear trail shoes. The three river crossing were all manageable without getting wet. 
Ramsey Boys  2014-07-11   0             
2014-07-05  Route: East Slopes
Info: Slightly muddy at spots from snow melt, but almost no snow on the route. There was one 25 (ish) ft spread of snow to hike across. I brought my microspikes and extra layers and regretted carrying the extra weight for 14 miles. Similarly, no snow on "North Massive" or "South Massive". 
K_Rager  2014-07-05   0             
2014-06-28  Route: East Slopes
Info: The road to the Mt. Massive trailhead was entirely clear and relatively smooth -- easy for even my low-clearance Prius to manage. We left the trailhead at 5:40 AM (despite ominous clouds above and a lightning storm a few hours earlier). The trail was entirely free of snow through the several miles of forest. When we reached treeline, the clouds had started to break up above us and a strong westerly wind drove them to the eastern side of the valley, which still looked ominous. We decided to climb a bit further and to evaluate the weather again later. The trail across the extensive tundra between treeline and the steeper portions of the ascent was free of snow. Only a few patches of the trail were wet with snow melt. By the time we had to decide whether to continue hiking, the weather had vastly improved. Although there were still clouds at the summit, they were not threatening and the amount of blue sky mixing with the clouds was growing. The steeper portion of the ascent required crossing a few small sections of snow; no ice ax was required, but I was glad to have trekking poles. For the final approach to the ridge, a large snow field offered a solid snow traverse, which we used both for the ascent and descent. Only a little snow covers the actual trail to the ridge, but the snow traverse was more direct and made for easy walking (given the added safety of trekking poles). The final push to the summit was largely on dirt trail, with a few stretches of shallow snow. The summit was cold with a sharp wind. We reached the summit at 10:00. For the descent, we retraced our ascent, but one group of climbers glissaded down the 1,000-foot snow field adjacent to the trail. If you like glissading, bring an ice ax and snow pants and you‘ll have a blast. The weather turned into a picture-perfect, warm day with no threat of rain or lightning. We reached the trailhead at 1:15. During the trip, we found four ptarmigans on the tundra above treeline, and a few marmots basking on rocks. 
trinkner  2014-06-29   2   1   2       
2014-06-23  Route: Southwest Slopes
Info: Trail is in good condition, but still impressive snow along the route. Most can be avoided, but we carried and used micro-spike and ice axes. Avalanche debris at creek crossing near 11,000 has obscured the trail; most have gone around it to the left on the downhill side. (pic #1). Primary trail switchbacks were covered in many areas above 13,000 (pic #2) so we went to the climbers right to avoid snow which was still hard in the shade at 0800. Eventually we elected to use micro-spikes and ice axes to just go straight up about 13,600. Same slope, easier travel. (pic #3). Saw a woman below us slide 200‘ into rocks without arresting, we called to her, she said she was OK and saw her later on the summit. went straight up ridge to junction with East Slopes trail. East slope of summit ridge still has significant snow (pic #4) but did not hamper travel - no spikes or axe needed. Nice morning, we avoided bad weather by being off the summit by 1100. 
gbell58  2014-06-25   4   4          

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