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2015-06-21  Route: South Slopes
Info: Snow started at Herman Lake and continue for about 800 feet (not quite to the saddle). Then patches of snow from the saddle up to the summit. I was there early in the morning, so the snow was pretty solid. The way back was tricky as that section getting back to Herman Lake was pretty slick and steep. (At least, it seemed steep to me). Not an absolute necessity, but bringing an Ice Axe wouldn‘t be a bad idea. The Citadel looked liked it had quite a bit of snow as well. 
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2014-07-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: Pettingell Peak is mostly clear. The East Ridge is basically dry, snow not an issue. There is a firm snowfield below the summit for the upper 1/3 of the south slope, it is broken up and can be bypassed with some detouring, descend with caution (there is no runout). Some snow around Herman Lake still - trail is very muddy in spots. Still plenty of snow on east face of the Citadel. 
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2013-10-12  Route: East Ridge
Info: The east ridge of Pettingell was in great shape Saturday. We avoided the slog that seems to be the standard way to access the ridge (which involves heading up to the ridge at the signed turn off) and instead hiked most of the way to the lake. With the snow that was there we were able to head up the small shoulder just east of the lake and then hiked back north toward the ridge and climbed a small gully which contained decent enough snow to get a few kicks in. From then on it was straight forward class 3/4 and we stuck almost entirely to the ridge proper. We descended the standard route. I can‘t recommend taking our route up to the ridge, we just happened to catch it when the snow was in good shape. The gully would be a not so safe place to be had it been loaded up just a bit more. But the conditions on Saturday were great! 
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2013-10-09  Route: South Slopes
Info: Snow and mud in places on the trail to Herman Lake. The snowfields in the gully and on the ramp above the lake were mostly avoidable. Avoided the cornice at the saddle on the south ridge by ascending the southeast face to the east ridge a short distance below the summit. Descended the standard south ridge, but continued south past the saddle and the cornice before exiting the ridge. There was some snow on the ridges, but Microspikes were not necessary. The wind shelter at the summit was full of snow. Dug in the snow but did not find a register and did not look for very long because it was 35° and very windy. 
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2013-07-21  Route: East Ridge
Info: I highly recommend the east ridge scramble over the standard route. The east ridge is short and sweet with some fun scrambling. Just stay ridge proper as often as possible and you’ll have a nice time. The view from the summit is excellent. Descending the standard route was loose and tedious. Stick to the grass as much as possible. Good luck. 
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2013-07-04  Route: east ridge
Info: The east ridge of Pettingel is dry and devoid of snow. The south slopes still have some snowfields but they are easily avoidable. The Citadel still had a good deal of snow on it. I saw fresh tracks on one of the snowfields below the summit of the Citadel today. 
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2013-05-25  Route: South Slopes
Info: Some wet slide activity on the South aspects but the coverage in this zone will last for awhile. 
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2012-12-31  Route: South Slopes
Info: Packed snow up to 11,900. From there snowshoes were helpful till about 13,000. There‘s a mix of windblow exposed rocks and deep snow from 13,000 to the summit ridge. Traction is helpful on the way down. 
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2011-12-17  Route: Jones Pass
Info: Sorry nothing here for Pettingell Pk, just Jones Pass, but I had to put something in the "Peak" catagory... Jones Pass Conditions as of 12/17/11: Main snowmobile/snowcat road is continuous snow from parking area to upper drainage, able to skin the entire way. Very thin, but packed by sleds, so we did not hit any rocks. Most of the slopes in the upper drainage have 12"-18" of snow, most of it wind affected. Wind slabs range in thickness and are sitting on a bed of facets at the ground surface. As a result we stayed on lower angle slopes (less than 32deg), but I cannot comment on the reactivity of the windslabs on the weak layer. There are isolated pockets of recycled powder (see picture of some of our tracks), but these are few and far between. There may be better powder/thicker coverage in the trees, but we did not explore those areas. 
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2011-06-26  Route: Herman Gulch
Info: Hit Pettingell and Hassell via Herman Gulch on Sunday. The snow is a mess in the trees. We encountered it around 10,700 and it was continuous the rest of the way. But there are social trenches all the way to the lake which is frozen solid. Microspikes may be helpful gaining the summit of Pettingell. The key is to take a steep grassy hill to climber‘s right before you reach the lake. This will lead you to a bench above the lake. From there you can choose your line to the summit. Pettingell to Hassell involves a 1.5 mile one way ridge traverse. The second half is grassy class I CDT trail but the first part is no picnic. It isn‘t anything difficult or dicey, just time-consuming. Overall, a great day out. Image 1: conditions in the trees Image 2: the road to Pettingell Image 3: ridge descent off Pettingell Image 4: the road to Hassell 
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