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2015-07-04  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Planned to do the North Ridge, but after waking up at 2am to a rain storm I decided I wanted no part of slippery wet class 4 rock.. First part of the avenue has avoidable snow, after it turns at the top of The Prow, the second section has a steep exposed snow field. Crampons and axe were necessary to cross this safely. Snow was ice in spots, firm in others, and occasionally soft near rocks. Self arrest could be questionable. Bring appropriate gear, trust your skills and don‘t look down! Probably will have snow for a couple weeks longer. 
BagginPeaks  2015-07-05   6   3   1       
2015-07-03  Route: Outward Bound Couloir
Info: Climbed outward bound couloir to the alley way. Alley way is clear of snow enough to require no crampons except the last 100 feet at the bottom before turning upward. We boot packed nice steps in the snow and it could probably be done with just microspikes now. Summitted, then took standard route back to Challenger and down. Great conditions. Mosquitos were bad by the lake but such is life with this time of year. Get after it! 
Generalcuz  2015-07-06   0             
2015-06-20  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Started up Kirk‘s at 0600 and found it to be in very good condition; hardly any boot penetration. From the col the north facing KC Ave was very firm, albeit exposed. Once I made the turn around onto the West and Southwest aspect of the Ave (~0900) the snow conditions were extremely soft (soft snow cone) and frequently collapsing under foot. I made it down to the next notch and then retraced my steps back to the col; concerned that the steps/handrail would deteriorate further with another hour plus for to summit and descend. 
TimG03303  2015-06-20   5   2          
2015-05-30  Route: S face
Info: South face of KC is stacked. 
lodgling  2015-05-30   1             
2015-03-29  Route: Outward Bound Couloir
Info: * From TH to first ridge there is snow in the trees, not terrible. * From first ridge (sunny side) to the stream crossing is almost all dry. * From the stream crossing to the headwall there is plenty of snow. * From headwall to the lake is deep snow. Firm enough in the mornings, but without floatation in the afternoon you are going to posthole the whole way. Even with shoes it‘s not that fun. * From lake to bottom of the OB its off and on but snowshoes were helpful for a good portion of it, especially after noon. * The OB is in good shape, the bottom part has a little unconsolidated here and there underneath a crust, with consolidated pack under that, the upper part is very firm. * The back side of KC is holding a pretty good snow pack, in varying condition. I was off by 11 and glad to be. 
druid2112  2015-03-30   4   2          
2015-01-24  Route: Spanish Creek to Cole Couloir
Info: Spanish Creek to the Cole Couloir. Spanish Creek has no real trail and quite a few downed trees. The skiing conditions are excellent and it goes from the summit! Great day out with Money Mike, Dr_Jon and Krullin_14ers. 
ap snow  2015-01-25   8   4   1       
2014-10-17  Route: South Colony Lakes approach
Info: Climbed Kit Carson, Challenger, and Columbia from the south colony lakes side. There was minor snow along the entire route, with some areas with drifts ~2-3‘ deep. The avenue is full of snow, but its soft sugar snow that‘s easy to plunge step though. 
mtn_nut  2014-10-18   0             
2014-10-07  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: From Challenger Point I wouldn‘t have traversed had it not been for frozen-in footsteps. The first length is snow bound and crux, the second a bit less. 
+101RouteHog+  2014-10-08   2             
2014-09-29  Route: Any
Info: Quote a bit of snow today. 
jdorje  2014-09-29   0             
2014-09-20  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Perfect, dry conditions on Challenger and Kit Carson via Willow Creek. Fall color is near it‘s peak in this area! 
mlayman09  2014-09-21   0   1          
2014-09-14  Route: North Ridge
Info: As of 9/14, there are no condition changes from capetrekker‘s report on 9/11. Just confirming excellent conditions on the North Ridge, the Avenue and the descent down Challenger Point. Very fun route to the summit! Not so much descending Challenger‘s north slope--we carried poles and were glad we had them coming down. 
Bob Kocher  2014-09-19   0             
2014-09-11  Route: North Ridge
Info: Excellent conditions on the North Ridge, the Avenue, and the descent down Challenger Point. Climb this sublime ridge while the opportunity remains! 
capetrekker  2014-09-12   1   1          
2014-09-07  Route: Willow Creek Approach
Info: Still summer conditions. I‘ve read on here that side skirting Challenger on the way back from Kit Carson can be a pain, but it really was not that bad. Just try to stay on the stable rocks (there are plenty) and you‘ll be fine. 
4 LO  2014-09-08   6             
2014-09-03  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Summer conditions 
bdloftin77  2014-09-03   0   2          
2014-07-26  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: The flying insects are still there but manageable with insect repellent. The route from above the lake to the saddle below (before) Challenger Point is loose dirt and loose small rocks. I agree with the previous condition report, that this made the route treacherous. Many found going off trail into the surrounding larger and more interlocked rocks safer but much more time consuming. There is snow on the mountain but none was encountered on the entire route to Challenger Point or up to Kit Carson Peak. 
Keelintime  2014-07-27   0             
2014-07-14  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Still lots of mosquitoes about... Esp. at TH and just before the lake. No camping spot is safe! The "Avenue" has two little patches of snow that are completely manageable. The way back down via Challenger standard route was treacherous; wet and loose. 
addrock528  2014-07-14   0             
2014-07-04  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Great conditions on the peaks, mosquitoes were awful by the lake and trailhead. Avenue still has some snow on the south side but only a very short section, no snow gear needed. 
marcstrawser  2014-07-04   3   1          
2014-06-19  Route: (any)
Info: 6/19 UPDATE: MOSQUITO ALERT. Bring protection or suffer. 5/22 : There has been an insane amount of snow over the last month; however, the ongoing daily dust storms certainly make it crappy in places, and probably particularly on west-facing slopes. 5/26 : Much new snow over the weekend, on top of the red-looking dust layer. 5/29 : Despite the dumping of the last weekend, 3 straight 80-degree days have resulted in the melting of almost all snow below 13k feet. Gibson and 12740, both of which had nearly full snow cover even before the weekend storm, are now nearly devoid of it. Many west-facing slopes still have good snow cover above ~13k feet, and north-facing slopes and gullies probably have good snow well below that. 6/5 : Heavy melting. Much snow still remains on the Avenue. See picture. 6/14 : Despite a couple minor snowfalls there has been extreme melting. Most peaks are snow-free to the summit, with snow in just a few gullies and the occasional small snowfield above 13k. However, the avenue still has significant visible snow and I would guess is 1-4 weeks from being "in". Also, be sure to check out the other conditions reports on the peak that have more precise information on specific routes: 
jdorje  2014-05-22   2   6   1       
2014-06-17  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Attempted KC from Challenger. Route was clear and mostly snow free to The Avenue. We were able to make it past the snow on the avenue to about halfway. At that point the rock becomes covered in this ice. I chopped a step in it, but slipping at that point was certain death. Since we didn‘t bring anything to protect the move, we turned back here. The area is probably passable on the snow higher up with crampons and an axe, we just didn‘t want to risk it. The rest of the avenue looked dry enough to be passable. Did not get a look at the other side but I heard word it was clear. The ice should become passable in 1-2 weeks without snow equipment. Not sure why the last photos aren‘t the right way up but you get the idea. 
LivingOnTheEdge  2014-06-18   8   4   2       
2014-06-15  Route: From Challenger Point
Info: Longtime are the conditions and photos of the Kit Carson Avenue on Sunday 6/15;The initial (ledge) ramp sloping upward from the Challenger Point/Kit Carson saddle to the Kit Carson/Prow saddle is almost melted out along its entire edge. One section remains troublesome that is about 10 feet long with thick ice on it. On the continuing KC Avenue sloping downward & east there is still a lot of ice & snow. It is very deep in the areas sh own in Photo #8 and #9 of the Route Description. 
Eagle Eye  2014-06-17   5   3          

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