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Tabeguache Peak  
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2014-10-31  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: The saddle and ridge up to Tab is patched with snow. It‘s mostly 6" deep but there were some drifts of up to 1 ft. Spikes and Poles or an axe to test the depth would be useful. Some snow was pretty soft. Other patches harder and could be walked upon. More snow on tab summit versus Shavano, but nothing past 18" in spots. Can still boulder hop for most part. Pics show snow on the saddle, ridge, and the place on the summit where the most snow was (on a ridge, summit proper only had a little snow. 
StarGirl  2014-11-01   2         Edit  Delete
2014-09-13  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Completely dry. Night temps were cold but not super freezing with wind chill in some areas (see below). We were able to stay on top of Tabeguache for 15+ minutes to make some hot food at 11pm, wearing a good set of base layers plus shells plus micropuff jackets & hoods. We were not wearing windproof pants. Started route at 16:30 for a night decent. Was excellent weather the entire day, so we had a mild weather ascent - most windblown was halfway up to the (first) Mt. Shavano peak until reaching the peak. The saddle and Tabeguache Peak were pretty calm conditions. Descending, lack of wind and increasing temps had us comfortably wearing base layers plus shell while moving. 
Hiro  2014-09-15   0         Edit  Delete
2014-09-03  Route: West Ridge
Info: Crazy wind but otherwise a perfect day. The trailhead is tricky to spot, just know it is about 50ft from the first creek crossing. The first mile is overgrown but still visable. The cutoff to avoid the southwest ridge is well marked. The tricky turn was when to cut across the valley but there is a big rock arrow that tells you when to turn. The rest of the time there really isnt much of a trail at all not too much scree either. There were a few wild flowers out but most of the tundra grass was turning. Road up is bumpy but good. 
Jump Roper  2014-09-04   2         Edit  Delete
2014-06-30  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: From Shavano there is no snow on the descent to the saddle. About half way up the ridge to Tab there is a small snow field that can be completely avoid by some talus hoping along a intermittent trail. Easy summer conditions! 
Andymcp1  2014-07-01   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-16  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Ice had steps didn‘t use campons or other traction. 
mtn_climber214  2014-06-17   2         Edit  Delete
2014-06-14  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: It was extremely windy and even cold on the approach to the summit of Shavano. This caused a lot of people who were on the summit of Shavano to not do the traverse to Tabeguache. I decided to start the traverse and see if the wind conditions would improve. There is almost no snow along the rocky traverse and the rocks made for a good wind break all the way to the saddle with Tabeguache. It was very windy on the saddle, but the higher I got on Tabeguache the less the wind became. There is only one snow field that needs to be crossed on the climb to Tabeguache. There are good booted in steps in the snow that are easy to follow; no traction required. On the top of Tabeguache there was hardly any wind and it was just beautiful out. So for anyone that finds themselves in similar wind conditions on Shavano it does not mean it will be the same over on Tabeguache. 
OutbackDobbs  2014-06-15   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-05  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: This is for both summits. Shavano still has snow on the trail just before and as you come out of tree line. the snow in the trees was manageable without traction and out of the trees was the same. I did not posthole at all. The ridge up Tabeguache was snow covered but easy to move with a packed trail to the right on the ridge. I sank one time just feet from the summit. 
myfeetrock  2014-06-06   3   1      Edit  Delete
2013-11-09  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Similar to the last report, were a few inches of snow in spots between 10-13k and some between rocks on the ridge between Shav and Tab, then larger fields of snow along Tab‘s ridge (would have been good to put on gaiters as there as snow is up to 2‘ deep) but is avoidable if take an alternative, steeper line to Tab‘s summit. 
BrentRichter  2013-11-10   0         Edit  Delete
2013-10-27  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Did the Esprit/Shav/Tab loop on Sunday. Patches of snow on the trail, most noticeably ascending Tabeguache. The left arm and body of the Angel are both filling in... but you‘d need to be pretty desperate to ski this line in this state. Windy day! pic1 - Angel pic2 - Esprit pic3 - Shav pic4 - Tab 
TakeMeToYourSummit  2013-10-28   4         Edit  Delete
2013-07-03  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Hiked Shavano/Tabeguache Peak today. Started at 6am, finished at 3PM. Trail is in great shape and easy to follow. Trailhead is just 15 minutes off paved road so easy to get to. Very uncrowded which was nice. There were about 6 other groups on the mountain today. Long and steep but not technical. Great Hike. We saw a Dahl sheep, mountain grouse and the usual marmots and picas 
CraigMeier  2013-07-03   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-25  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: There was a small amount of snow remaining on the ridge leading up to Tabeguache from Shavano, but it could easily be avoided by staying to the left side. No traction needed. 
jeepdriver  2013-06-26   0         Edit  Delete
2013-06-08  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: More snow than Shavano, some of which cannot be easily avoided, but still perfectly reasonable without any snow gear. No need for: crampons, microspikes, gaiters, mountaineering boots, waterproof boots, or ice axes. Seriously. Maybe bring trekking poles if you have them. Temps were very nice, hiked in shorts and a trekking shirt. 
ezabielski  2013-06-08   0         Edit  Delete
2013-05-13  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Lots of snow on Tabeguache, which made for a great climb (except for the fact that one has to hike back to Shavano!). The pics show 1) Tabeguache from Shavano; and 2) Tabueguache‘s summit. 
esagas  2013-05-13   2         Edit  Delete
2012-12-02  Route: via the West Ridge
Info: I hiked the Jennings Creek trail all the way to the end of the draw and up the West Ridge as described in GR‘s fourteeners 3rd ed. It was a great hike that would have been even better in the spring. A few small patches of snow are on the trail but are easily bypassed. On the return trip I unfortunately took the original Jennings Creek trail and paid the price. I stayed away from the old trail but that area is the furthest thing from hike-able conditions these two feet have touched so far. If your searching for a great hike up Tab, ascend and descend the West Ridge. 
Corn  2012-12-02   0           
2012-11-05  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Beautiful conditions! Clear and dry for most of the trip. Only a few patches of snow remain and can be avoided with very little effort. 
bhollamby  2012-11-06   0         Edit  Delete
2012-09-08  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Route is still in good shape. The tree situation has been taken care of and the route is very easy to follow. No worries on this one! 
mgrundy  2012-09-10   0         Edit  Delete
2012-08-04  Route: Southwest Ridge (CLOSED)
Info: The road to the Jennings Creek trailhead is CLOSED as of 07/29/2012; anticipated reopening was not posted. Closure starts just past the Angel of Shavano campground (i.e. ~3.8 mi from trailhead) and includes foot traffic. The closure is apparently for logging operations in the area. 
mtnkub  2012-08-05   0         Edit  Delete
2012-08-04  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: All downed trees are cleared from the trail. 
mtnkub  2012-08-05   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-23  Route: Via Mt. Shavano
Info: Since nobody else has added one since 6.10.12, I thought I‘d do you all a solid if you‘re looking to do this hike. Road to trailhead, great for your passenger car on up, watch the hoopy-d-doos with less clearance - otherwise, go nuts! There is a stinky pit bano at the TH. Trail is dry (too dry) all the way up Shavano. All fallen trees are cleared - thanks whoever did that! Trail is very obvious all the way to the top. Traverse to Tab is also completely clear and obvious. Plan on about 1hr each way from Shavano to Tab, and Tab back to Shavano - you can‘t skirt Shavano on the way back, but re-summiting isn‘t bad, and it would take much longer to skirt around in the skreeeeeee. Saw about a 6 x 10 patch of snow off trail all day. Also, WATCH FOR COLORADO SCHMEEK between the tree-line and 13k! 
jeepman221  2012-06-24   0         Edit  Delete
2012-06-22  Route: Browns Creek/Lake
Info: Trip report to come later with, hopefully, a detailed map of the route to take but we hiked Tab and Shav from Brown Lake last weekend. The hike up to Brown Lake is in good shape until about mile 4.0 when the downed trees take over. It becomes a devastating wasteland for another 1.5 miles of the trail. At that first intersection of downed trees, my suggestion is to take a right along a faint trail...follow this for about .25 mile before the trail/path fades away. You may find the trail again but not for long. My suggestion is that at whatever point you choose, head north toward the upper side of the valley and pick your way west until you reach mile 5.5 and then head back down to find the trail. You can find your way through pretty well if you stay high in the valley. The last .5 mile to the lake is clear. Trust me in that you probably don‘t want to attempt to follow the trail through the downed trees as we did the first go‘s a nightmare and certainly not suggested if you have a dog. Though our dog, a 70lb goldendoodle did okay, other smaller ones may not in the places they have no choice but to go up and over downed trees. 
dfrizzle  2012-06-29   2           

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