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2015-07-11  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Route is snow free. The trail to south arapahoe has water running down a good portion of it. 
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2015-07-11  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: snow free. leave your axe at home. good luck. 
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2015-06-21  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Traversed from South Arapahoe and back. Most cornices are well supported and seemed safe enough to walk on, the ones that aren‘t are pretty visibly so. West side of the ridge is almost all dry. Went from S to N with crampons on, only needed them in the crux gully due to mixed snow/rock. Going N to S, removed crampons after descending crux, never felt they were needed on the way back. Be careful of the cornice on the SE side of the N Arapahoe summit, don‘t go to the edge if you don‘t see rock supporting it. 
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2014-09-01  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Attempted the traverse today. Spotty snow, ice and rime in places - though mostly avoidable. I made it up the crux but no further because my wife was tired of the wind. I suspect the route was passable with care. Probably only take a nice sunny day to clean everything off. Good luck. 
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2014-07-13  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Arapaho Traverse is 99.9% free of snow, aside from a small patch of easily avoidable snow just below the summit of North Arapaho. Moving at an average pace with little to no route finding trouble, it took my friend and I about 2 hours total to complete the traverse to N Arapaho and then reverse back to S Arapaho. Make sure to carefully evaluate the sky for any signs of building cumulus towers before attempting this committing traverse, as it would not be a good place to be caught in a thunderstorm. This was a very enjoyable, and at times, exhilarating route. Several exposed Class 4 moves (crux is arguably low 5th class) to get the blood pumping, but rock quality is very good. On the hike up to South Arapaho, the wildflowers are outstanding right now. 
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2014-06-08  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Climbed Skywalker, topped out with Princess Leia, and did the traverse to N Arapahoe. Snow conditions couldn‘t have been better, thanks to those that posted beta earlier. There were a couple other groups out there enjoying the day on Skywalker; it was absolutely beautiful weather until a snowstorm popped out of nowhere when I was traversing back from N Arapahoe. 
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2014-06-03  Route: Skywalker Couloir
Info: Good conditions in the couloir and along the ridge. 
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2013-07-14  Route: Via Fourth of July TH and South Arapaho Peak
Info: Traverse is wet in spots but snow free. 
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2012-07-01  Route: Standard S Arp to N Arap traverse
Info: No pics yet. Just FYI that I did the South Arapaho Pk to North Arapaho Peak traverse July 1st and never once had to step on snow. There were only a couple spots with snow along the route, but they were easily avoidable and only still there as they had shade from the sun (i.e. that final gully ascent up to the summit of N Arap). First time for me doing this traverse. I had the N summit to myself for a while and then a trail runner showed up. He commented on a "sketchy" class 5.3 section. The only way I am on 5.3 (or anything 5-ish) is if I fall off the mountain! So we must have definitely taken different routes. Imo nothing really along the route I took exceeded class 3. There was one down-climb that--on hindsight--could perhaps be class 4 just before you reach the saddle to do the gulley climb to true summit. However, that is easily avoided if you traverse around the climbers left as you head towards N Arap. That is the route I took on the way back to S Arap. Even that first crux with the angled slab turned out to much less that what I was expecting. Im about 5 11" and was essentially able to get one good boot placement, top hand just below the top of the slab and pull/stand myself up almost all the way to the top. Nothing worse than the top of The Trough on Longs. 
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