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Mt. Sneffels  
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2013-06-11  Southwest Ridge  I climbed the SW ridge today and it is in excellent condition. I had crampons on and was using the ax from 13,150 to 13650. This is about 75% snow. Above that to the summit it was pretty clean. It was very windy today and this kept the snow firm so you really did need the hardware. After you go through the notch at 13,500 you descend on snow and the reascend on snow up to 13,650. All this snow was very firm. I descended the standard route. This is 80% snow and was firm enough that I put the spikes back on. The good news is the notch was pretty much melted out and I got through this pretty much like in summer. I did not have to do the class4 high descent. Nelson   2013-06-11  0  2    Edit Delete 
2013-06-09  East Slopes - from Blaine Basin  Went up the Snake couloir (from Blaine Basin) and the snow was in great shape. Descended via the Lavender Col and the snow was getting really soft, so start early. I saw people ascending the Col at around 11:00 am, way too late! Pic 1 - a close up with Snake Couloir on the right. Pic 2 - Looking down Snake Couloir from the turn past the constriction. Pic 3 - the Lavender Col from Blaine Basin. Pic 4 - SW ridge. esagas   2013-06-10 4  2    Edit Delete 
2013-06-03  From Yankee Boy Basin  Road to lower TH - dry with minor stream crossings; road to upper TH - intermittent snow then full snow higher (no one has gotten up there yet); hike to Blue Lakes Pass - intermittent snow; from upper TH to couloir - snow patches to start then full snow in gulley; soft snow requires crampons and ice axe; the "V" notch (V) is blocked with snow - continue up higher and over rocks to left. --bb--   2013-06-03  0     Edit Delete 
2013-05-24  Southwest Ridge  No snowshoes or skis needed this week on ascent. Melting out fast. Recent dust storms left lots of dirt on the slopes, will speed melt considerably. Started at 11 and snow firm all the way to summit via SW Ridge. Crampons optional, axe essential. Short sections of steep snow and some 4th class rock this time of year on that route. Moderate postholing on the upper slopes via standard route (Lavender Col) on descent. Left summit at 2:00 and down by 3:00. Wentzl   2013-05-24  0     Edit Delete 
2013-05-11  From Yankee Boy Basin  Road clear to outhouse and recently improved. Any vehicle can easily get to Governor Basin. Ski conditions are excellent. Very wintry conditions on top. Wentzl   2013-05-12 4     Edit Delete 
2013-03-30  From Yankee Boy Basin  Snowboarded the Snake Couloir via Lavender Couloir on Saturday. Road was plowed to immediately past Revenue Mine, yet the road closure yields walking from the CATs lower down. Approach snow conditions were sun affected, with supportive crust in the AM and minimal wet-slide activity observed in the PM. We took the climber-left option of the most recent trip report, and felt the scrambling at the top of the lavender couloir to gain the summit ridge was about 4th class and achievable with a full pack and snowboard without roping up, yet had consequential fall exposure. The rappel anchor off of the summit consists of two new spectra/dyneema runners, a nylon runner, and a donated locker which should remain bomber for the rest of the season (see image). At the moment, a 30m rappel will leave you on a 70 degree slope with little option for comfortable ski transition without building an anchor with limited protection potential. True to legend, the Snake skied in predominantly consistent powder conditions and was an all-time classic experience! skitexas   2013-04-01 1  1  Edit Delete 
2012-12-31  From Yankee Boy Basin  road is closed a half mile above the thistledown campground at ~9100‘. however the camp bird and revenue mine are still open and operating, and are plowing the road to junction of governor basin road and Yankee boy basin road at approximately 10,800‘. the snow on the road above the junction is 2-3 feet deep, and my friend and i put down a skin track for a half mile or so since we were just going up to enjoy the weather and the scenery, not to climb. because the road is being plowed, there is no snow base to the road and it cannot be skied below the junction unless you want to ski on gravel. mtn_nut   2013-01-01 1     Edit Delete 
2012-11-24  From Yankee Boy Basin  The road still has some snow on it, but it‘s pretty much dry to get up to the bathroom. Southern aspects are pretty dry and we only encountered one couloir with snow in it on the SW ridge. The standard route had some snow patches, but was mostly dry except at the bottom of the gully. SherpaSara   2012-11-30  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-27  From Yankee Boy Basin  Some snow but still nice conditions. 4x4 high clearance can still drive up to upper trailhead. Views are nice and the people you meet along the journey are especially nice when your water bottle goes AWOL and two friendly hikers give you a drink! ghamontree   2012-10-30 4     Edit Delete 
2012-09-30  Southwest Ridge  SW Ridge route- The final pitch to the summit is free of snow. There is snow in the small gullies. Doable but you must be careful. The standard route has some snow too, especially the gully above Lavander Col. It is still easier than SW ridge route. Also, the trails on both sides of Blue Lakes Pass have snow. Winter boots should be fine. mountain hiker   2012-10-01 2     Edit Delete 
2012-09-27  Southwest Ridge  Recent snow of a few inches makes route dicey in places. Snow and ice the whole way up, even where usually windblown and dry. Wentzl   2012-09-27 4     Edit Delete 
2012-07-01  Southwest Ridge  The SW Ridge and Standard Routes on Mt. Sneffels are completely snow free, get some! altidude   2012-07-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-24  From Yankee Boy Basin  There‘s a short section near the top of the couloir holding snow, some icy. It‘s probably mostly melted by now, but be careful because it‘s easy to slip. Otherwise, good and dry. cardinal010   2012-07-13  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-17  Southwest Ridge  Road - dry; hike to Blue Lakes Pass - dry; climb to substantive couloir - dry; couloir - avoidable snow; climb up onto ridge proper - dry; ridge- dry; Lavender Col- snow in upper portion; climb to upper col - dry; approach trail (std. route) - dry Wyoming Bob   2012-06-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-11  From Yankee Boy Basin  Only one patch of snow left on the road to the 4WD trailhead. It‘s only about 30 feet long but it is DEEP. There was a guy up there from Ouray Bridge and Roads(?) that said he was going to bring a dozer up and clear out so I would imagine you‘d be good by the weekend. Route up to Lavendar Col is completely dry. You can make it about 200 feet up the couloir until you reach snow. We didn‘t try to go any further as we did not have spikes or axes and it would have been a little too sketchy for my comfort level. itsallgood   2012-06-12  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-03  From Yankee Boy Basin  Mt. Sneffels standard route from Yankee Boy Basin. Starting from the 11,200‘ TH, the 4x4 road has a few small water crossings that can be easily navigated. There are a couple small snowfields to walk over, or you can go around them. The beginning of the actual trail is all clear and easily navigated with only one small snow area at not much of an angle - super easy! The big gully (first picture) is completely melted out except for the very top, but getting over the snow at the top of the gully is not difficult at all. Just walk up and over. Lavender Couloir (second and third pictures) is partially dry - between 1/3 and 1/2 the way up, the snow starts and the angle is roughly 45 degrees. However, there are good steps everywhere, and the snow is very suncupped. It is doable without an axe and microspikes, but would be a little sketchy. If you have them, take them for sure. The sides of the gully should be melted out within the next several days. The V-notch (fourth picture) is a little wet from melting snow but the holds are very solid and trustworthy. Past the V-notch up to the summit is dry. Tony1   2012-06-03 4     Edit Delete 
2012-05-28  From Yankee Boy Basin  The gully from the col is still full of snow. Traction is recommended. V Notch has some snow in it but easily passable. Here is a youtube video taken from the Notch up to the summit. letourneau41   2012-05-29  0  7    Edit Delete 
2012-05-19  From Yankee Boy Basin  Snow is melting fast on the road. As of today you can currently drive about 1/2 mile past the lower TH, about 11,600ft or so. Then there are some big drifts over the road. Great climb, as the previous report said the exit notch "V" is blocked by ice/snow, but you have two choices do a little rock climbing or go back down and follow another snow filled chute up. 275climber   2012-05-19  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-17  From Yankee Boy Basin  Climbed Sneffels via Lavender route this morning. Car camped at 2 wheel drive TH, you could probably punch it for another mile or so, but then the snowdrifts start. The slope to Lavender col is a giant scree and talus fest, with intermittent snow. The couloir itself is in great shape, perfect pons and axe climbing. One caveat; the exit notch (V) will not go, it‘s blocked with this funky sno, ice, verglass thing. I went about 15 feet higher, needed solid 4th and at least one low 5th move to pull out of the couloir. Better to exit earlier to the S face chutes, which I did on the descent. Absolutely BOMBER weather, 6 hours RT. Pics and full TR to follow. Peace! seano732   2012-05-17  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-30  From Yankee Boy Basin  Doesn‘t get much better than this! Road walk from gated road at 9,100‘ to Revenue Mine is bare. Continuous snow after that. Track in place and is bootable in the morning, flotation highly recommended in the afternoon. Plenty of snow in the SJs but evidence of wet slides is plentiful. Crampons and ice axe recommended - Lavendar Col is in great shape. SW Ridge has plenty of snow on it right now. Photos: anna   2012-03-31 4  3    Edit Delete 

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