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Gladstone Peak  
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2014-07-18  Route: North Ridge
Info: Climbed Gladstone from the point where the Wilson Peak trail hits the Wilson-Gladstone ridge. The entire ridge was dry. 
BillMiddlebrook  2014-07-26   5      1       
2013-06-26  Route: North Ridge
Info: From Silver Pick Basin, you cross several snow fields that cover the trail. Crampons not necessary, but an axe would be helpful in the morning when the snow is firm. Follow Bill’s driving directions, not Roach’s (his are outdated and do not reflect the use agreement). About a mile after turning onto FR 245, you have to cross Bear Creek. High clearance 4WD will have no problems. If you have low clearance, park here and walk the easy 1.25 miles to the Rock of Ages TH. From the Rock of Ages saddle, we dropped into Navajo Basin and ascended a gully just north of the obvious fin on the ridge that is before (north of) the low point. Loose garbage and unnecessary; next time, we‘d gain the ridge from the Wilson saddle. We stayed on the ridge 99% of the time to the summit and all the way back to the Wilson saddle, which was surprisingly solid (in context, obviously; check all holds) and made for an enjoyable ridge run. If you leave the ridge, deceptive trails funnel you down the east side where the rock gets loose in a hurry. Ridge is 100% snow free. Be vigilant: we heard/saw several rock slides. Bring mosquito repellant. 
JosephG  2013-06-28   0             
2012-06-20  Route: North ridge
Info: From Navajo Basin...dry. Fun scramble 
Matt Lemke  2012-06-22   0   2          
2012-06-14  Route: Rock of Ages Trail
Info: The new Rock of Ages Trail is clear of snow until it enters Silver Pick Basin. There are at least 5 large steep areas of snow down low in the basin that cover the trail. I used micro spikes to cross 2 of them. There is also one very large avalanche debris area that can be hiked around. The trail is covered in snow just below the Rock of Ages Saddle. I would advise micro spikes or crampons for the push to the saddle. Take your ice axe for some fun glissading on the descent. The trail is clear to the Tiltin‘ Hilton with a few large but avoidable patches of snow on the way over to the gully. The north ridge up to the summit of Gladstone Peak is almost snow free and you can avoid the few tiny patches that remain. Namaste Sue 
sue personett  2012-06-16   0   2          
2011-08-20  Route: North Ridge
Info: Climbed Gladstone in a.m., no snow of consequence, anticipated from trip reports that route would be loose, we were not disappointed, caution certainly in order as to large loose talus, no route finding issues from new Silverpick trail head, not even in the dark . . . testament to well placed signage. Link to link Trip Narrative with photos for those interested in details 
Wyoming Bob  2011-09-04   0             

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