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Mt. Democrat  
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2013-06-15  North Couloir  Climbed the North Face from Montgomery Res. this morning. It‘s in very good shape for climbing, and the low overnight temps helped (27 deg. upon starting). It‘s starting to ice up in the more narrow portions, but continuous up to the North ridge. Sorry I don‘t have any pictures. Camera battery died after a week on the road. screeman57   2013-06-15  0  2    Edit Delete 
2013-06-09  East Slopes  Emma lake chutes appear to be skiing well. Pinko also looked very smooth, great access with almost ski to the car descents. Elliot   2013-06-10 1     Edit Delete 
2013-05-27  Standard  One can drive up to 1 mile from the summer TH. I was hiking in the PM and did a fair amount of postholing even on the road. There is also water running underneath. Snow coverage seems to increase after the lake, so flotation seems to be necessary nkan02   2013-05-28 2  1    
2013-03-06  East Slopes  Did the loop from Kite Lake/Paris Mill winter closure. There are some big drifts on the road, but also dry patches. The road becomes fully covered about a mile from summer TH. Snowshoes were not needed for Bross, Cameron and Lincoln, but highly recommended for Democrat almost to the saddle with Cameron. Democrat sports great coverage on Emma Lake chutes and SE slope sides. Although be careful - Arkansas has a big slide on the same aspect. Great weather day with very little wind. Photos: 1. Democrat as seen from the slopes of dry Bross 2. Democrat as seen from Cameron (used the summer route - when I could see it , with snow largerly avoidable) 3. Democrat summit 4. Democrat from Kite Lake basin on the hike out nkan02   2013-03-07 4  3 1  Edit Delete 
2013-02-17  Lincoln  I was able to get half way in the Kite lake road with a passenger car-doubt a 4x4 could get further though. There were some drifts on the road and on the peaks but I didn‘t use crampons, ice ax, or snowshoes. There was some ice so spikes would have been nice. I lost a mitt so if anyone finds it let me know: black womens small. Thanks. Janet lightburn   2013-02-18  0       
2012-12-23  East Slopes  We were only driving a van and got stopped 3 miles from Kite Lake. A 4wd vehicle could push on for another 2 miles. Bare booted to peaks; gaitors recommended and microspikes were beneficial but not necessary. Snowshoes would be of negligible utility and we chose to ditch them on the approach to the lake. Snow is very light above the saddle between Democrat and Cameron and we walked on bare dirt and rocks for about half of the time. There is no snow after Cameron; the south facing slopes of Bross are bare. Very sad  spiderman   2012-12-24  0     Edit Delete 
2012-11-21  Decalibron  Microspikes were needed on Democrat. All other peaks had just a few patches of snow but not deep enough for gaiters. Road is in good condition. illusion7il   2012-11-22  0  1 1    
2012-10-20  East Slopes  Some ice and snow on the trail. Above the saddle it was nice having MicroSpikes and a pole on the way down. The mountains are really blown off, so there’s no depth to the snow. The trails hold the snow more than the rest of the mountain. MountainHiker   2012-10-20  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-01  Decalibron  Went up the Decalibron on 6/1. Took my wife‘s Subi Legacy all the way to the trailhead. Low clearance 2wd cars are no problem so long as you take it slow and navigate the rocks and pot holes. There is virtually no snow aside from the last ridge at 13,900 on Democrat. Cameron was snow free aside from patches on the Dem-Cam ridge. Lincoln had some snow on the last 100 yds of the summit ridge but nothing to bad and Bross was just about 100% snow free. We did not bring any traction and in my opinion none is needed. Winds were horrible at >80mph but aside from that the weather was stable. seth0687   2012-06-04  0       
2012-06-01  East Slopes  Trail is snow-free and in great shape all the way to the top. The main summit still has a fairly large snowfield that is great for the descent. Jeremya   2012-06-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-30  Standard  Went up Democrat today with about 25 other strangers. Windy day, most people thought it was 80-100mph. My windmeter clocked the avg from the saddle to the summit at 40-55mph. At the saddle on my way down I got it up to just under 70mph. I called it a day after that. A lot of people continued on to climb the circuit. TReport on my blog if interested: MTGOAT72   2012-05-30  0       
2012-05-28  East Slopes  Hiked the "standard" East Slope approach today in regular hiking boots with no problems. A few short snow patches are still present on the first section of trail, then again just as you get to the saddle, and then one larger snowfield on final summit approach to Democrat. (pic) The snow is hard-packed, very icy (solid ice from melt / refreeze) / slick in early mornings then slushy / muddy with afternoon sun exposure. The Summit Log for Mt Democrat was missing this date. The summit log container looks as it if has been vandalized / crushed and no semblance of log book, just the tie-down cable and partial container remnants. jeffco970   2012-05-28 1     Edit Delete 
2012-05-27  East Slopes  Mostly snow free on the way up the steeper pitches, but the top is all snow. Snow is hardpacked, no postholing now, but slick in places. Microspikes not needed (we were the only ones who had them it seemed) but they sure made it more comfortable. krishcane   2012-05-27  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-26  East Slopes  Some icy snowpack on democrat trail. Microspikes nice but not necessary on that peak only. The rest of the peaks pretty dry. Very windy but not too cold. Road to kite lake in good shape even for 2wd. Lots of camping areas. Don‘t forget $3 for parking unless you want to park 100 yards down or so. arianna2   2012-05-27  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-22  East Slopes  The road is clear and dry. A bit rough but there were several passenger cars at the Kite Lake parking lot today. There is a fair bit of snow along the route of the four-peak circuit. No traction required, but putting the micro spikes in the pack is probably not a bad idea, just in case. No postholing experienced on a clockwise circuit, starting at 7 a.m. scrambling   2012-05-22  0  2    Edit Delete 
2012-05-12  East Slopes  Climbed Democrat this morning after getting 4-5 ish inches of snow cover last night. No snowshoes needed, though. Only a few post-holing moments. Microspikes served us well. The snow was getting mushier by 10 am, and might melt off soon. The road to Kite Lake was clear of snow by 10 am, but VERY muddy. abchak1   2012-05-12 3     Edit Delete 
2012-05-05  East Slopes  Snow below the saddle is hard packed may cause postholing if you descend later in the day. Any snow above the saddle was avoidable. I had microspikes but never took them out of my pack. MtJunkie   2012-05-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-04-20  East Slopes  Still some deep snow up there. I recommend some snow shoes as post holing all day was tough. Hellacious winds today. NOAA said up to 32 MPH, but we had sustained winds that could pick my loaded Gregory Palisade 80 off of the ground and the gusts easily knocked two adult males over. It was wacky up there kids. Benji the Hunted   2012-04-20 2     Edit Delete 
2012-04-18  East Slopes  Road to Kite Lake was mostly clear. There were a couple patches of snow that a 2WD with clearance could take. The majority of the trail was covered in snow, luckily we left some nice trenches for you. Microspikes were helpful on the decent. ffstepan   2012-04-19  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-04-08  East Slopes  Hey guys! My wife and I just got back from Mt Democrat. It was a near perfect day. It was windy, but wuite nice between gusts. My wife had microspikes, she only used them on the descent. I managed without anything (no poles, axes, or spikes). The snow is quite packed and mostly ice in a lot of spots. We did some glissading, though not much. The dogs had a blast and were best friends with everyone they saw! The road in is dry all the way. I made it fine in a Subaru Impreza. A 2wd car with decent clearance should be able to make it, just pick your line wisely. Happy Hiking! Andrew Medic-5150   2012-04-08 2     Edit Delete 

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