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2016-11-25  Route: South Slopes
Info: There is snow in various depths for almost the entire hike from the North Cottonwood Trailhead all the way to the summit. Most of the snow was a few inches or less, but there were a few sections where it was substantially deeper, some of them almost up to my knees (and I'm tall). No snowshoes were needed, but microspikes are highly recommended. The entire trail is now very well defined up to about 12,000 feet. After that it's not quite as easy to follow, but it should still be apparent all the way to the summit. 
AcornMan  2016-11-25   5             
2016-11-19  Route: South Slopes
Info: Started trail at 0730, not sure of summit time because my watch s--t out on me. Left from Boulder around 0400, roads were clear of any snow/ice from Boulder until the last 3'ish miles to the trailhead, where there was maybe an inch or two at the most (Picture 1). There was a Toyota Corolla at the trailhead so any car can make it if you're careful. Snow on the trail began immediately. Nothing bad, an inch or two at the most (Picture 2). Up until around 12,250' the snow wasn't any problem, but you did need to be careful on the couple sections requiring scrambling over rocks. Up past 12,250' you got occasional patches of snow up to 3' deep (Picture 3), resulting from the wind. Mostly on flat ground so additional traction wasn't needed. Microspikes weren't required but were nice to have on the scramble up to the final ridgeline. Bear Lake was a quick side trip and was beautiful with the frozen lake (Picture 4). Picture 5 is looking down from the approach to the summit, gives a good view of what the trail in looked like. Summit had only an inch or two of snow, very windy. Temperatures were in the low to mid twenties most of the day. 
kileb  2016-11-22   5             
2016-11-13  Route: South Slopes
Info: Absolutely no snow whatsoever for the entire route. Clouds and snow were threatening, but it never precipitated at all. Not another person in sight the entire day. Also headed over to Columbia. 
quinnwolf  2016-11-13   0             
2016-11-12  Route: South Slopes
Info: Started at 7am. Back by 2pm. For being a warm, gorgeous day, I am surprised of the few amount of people I saw on trail. Never needed my coat the whole trip. Absolutely no traction needed. Garmin tracked mileage to be 14.4 mile RT. Very gradual ascent and nice trail for the first 5 miles. Then uphill from there. Also great water source for first 5 miles for you or your furry friend. Short scramble to top, my dog couldn't do it. Left him leased 200 yards from summit.  
Tlorbets  2016-11-12   0             
2016-11-06  Route: South Slopes
Info: Patchy snow remains above 13,000. Mostly snow free below that, none below 12,600. Snow made the summit a bit slick. No snow accumulation on Sunday afternoon. Sunny weather should melt most of whats there this week. No traction used. 
JQDivide  2016-11-07   2             
2016-11-05  Route: South Slopes
Info: Road to the Trail head was completely dry around 3:30 am. Started hiking around 4 am. The trail was dry and about 96% clear with only a few patches of snow. Made it to 13,000 around the time the snow hit. Nothing too severe but was hiking on snow covered rock/trail with horizontal blowing snow all the way to the summit. Gave consideration to doing the traverse over to Columbia and opted out due to low visibility and about 1+ inch of accumulation. Snow wasn't bad enough to warrant micro spikes but did make the rock pretty slippery, which is pretty typical of these early season snow falls. Descending the route was nice and easy as the snow stopped shortly after leaving the summit. The trail was damp and reminded me of hiking in the NW on Mt. Si. 
Randy1983  2016-11-07   5             
2016-11-01  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: The only snow was on the north side of the traverse in the talus fields, not enough to warrant any special gear. The majority of the peaks were snow free that I could see. I wanted to note that the traverse took longer than I anticipated due to poor route finding. When you drop down to go towards Columbia whether you take the "ugly" gully or the longer safer route make sure you cut back up towards the ridge and stay at 12800 as directed until you get to the rabbit ears. I initially headed too far down. That will make your life a lot easier. Also, the route down Columbia is a sliding mess. I took one trekking pole which made a world of difference. 
graberz  2016-11-01   0             
2016-10-22  Route: South Slopes
Info: As viewed from Columbia and Frenchman's Creek: dry, no significant snow patches or spots that could not be avoided 
Count40  2016-10-23   2             
2016-10-22  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: As viewed from Columbia and Frenchman's Creek: dry, no significant snow patches or spots that could not be avoided There were hikers on traverse as well. 
Count40  2016-10-23   2             
2016-10-08  Route: South Slopes
Info: Road to the TH is clear, one or two muddy spots. Trail is mostly clear, although snow is present along the way. 6 inches the deepest in about half a dozen small drifts. Should be mostly packed from about 20 people who were hiking on the 8th. 
nickgendill  2016-10-09   0             
2016-09-28  Route: South Slopes
Info: We decided on the spur of the moment, and at last minute, to hike Mt. Harvard on Tuesday. Hiked in part way Tuesday evening and camped. The weather on Wednesday, Sept. 29, was perfect -- blue skies, sunshine, and very little wind until we reached the summit. No snow on the mountain, dry trail, but cold in the morning. The puddles and rivulets of water in the trail were frozen until we were well into the sun. 
sibyllec  2016-09-29   3             
2016-09-25  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: Small amount of snow starting at tree line. Peaks dusted with granular snow, which does not affect traction. Heavy frost on rocks makes movement slow across the traverse. Allow extra time for snow/ice but micro spikes not needed. Heavy gloves recommended. 
Sean G  2016-09-28   0             
2016-09-18  Route: South Slopes
Info: Route was totally dry all the way to the top. Pretty windy at the summit, but great view of the changing aspens. 
nlipski  2016-09-23   0             
2016-09-10  Route: South Slopes
Info: Trail was totally dry all the way to the summit. Some cold wind at the top. 
ScottHendrick  2016-09-10   0             
2016-09-04  Route: From Pine Creek
Info: bushwhacked up the south ridge. pretty much everywhere the vegigtation was wet and muddy. about 13,800ft it started to rain and snow making the bouldering very slick and dangerouse. the wind was also picking up and it was bitter cold. past few days there has been some light snow in the peak but besides that its pretty clear. no point where we had to use our snow spikes. 
bblackwood1896  2016-09-06   0             
2016-08-31  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: After a brief wintermission, Harvard and Columbia are pretty close to back to summer conditions. A touch of snow up high on each, but nothing that made us even consider getting the spikes out of the packs today. Traverse is pretty much dry. We did the lower, less technical and less time consuming version and still took us 3:24 from Columbia summit to Harvard summit. 
bmcqueen  2016-08-31   2             
2016-08-29  Route: South Slopes
Info: Arrived at the summit of Mount Harvard just after 8am. It was bitter cold and the wind was picking up, but we were able to see all the mountaintops as far as the eyes could see. However, within 5 minutes, the snow/graupel started blowing and falling. We quickly started heading down. Within 10 minutes, we could no longer see any mountaintops. All the snow was sticking to the ground and rocks making things very slick. The weather report that morning predicted precipitation closer to 11am, so this was definitely a surprise. But I suppose one of the best lessons to be learned is that there should be no surprises in the mountains, simply prepare for all contingencies. 
Rob Wood  2016-08-30   0             
2016-07-15  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: Traverse down Harvard toward Columbia gets semi-technical. Would recommend staying low until reaching the saddle right before the ascent up Columbia. Rock is very loose and my group wished we had brought helmets for this portion. Another tricky section of this trail is down Columbia via the West Slopes. Descent is very steep with lots of loose gravel from about 13,500' to 12,500' if I had to guess. Additionally, there is a portion where it looked like the trail had been washed out by a rock slide. We tried to do some make-shift switch backs, which worked out relatively well. Leave lots of extra time if you plan to do the combo. From the top of Harvard to tree-line of Columbia took us almost 5 hours, due to these short but difficult sections. 
corrinabriggs  2016-07-18   0             
2016-07-09  Route: Harvard and Columbia Traverse
Info: Prime conditions for the traverse at all levels. The Rabbit Ears are dry (did not climb them). The high bench around 13000ft is snow free as are the lower talus fields at 12600ft and the meadow in upper Frenchman Creek is full, so muddy. Good water flows coming off both Harvard's SE face and Columbia's N face if you need to refill water and in the meadow of course. Flowers are popping on the SE face of Harvard its a great time to be up there. We descended the NE slope down to Pine Creek. Easy tundra, snow free, but a bit muddy and wet. Tons of water flowing on that side as well so easy refills if needed. Fording Pine Creek was fairly easy as water levels have dropped a fair bit, only shin deep below Bedrock Falls. Pine Creek trail is in great shape, but a long way out. 
thebeave7  2016-07-11   3             
2016-07-07  Route: South Slopes
Info: Summer conditions, some mud on the trail. I did not get over to Columbia so I don't know how the traverse is. 
tjerasdave  2016-07-07   0   1          

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