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2016-01-16  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: I did the Crags route today. It was well packed through the trees. Above the trees it was either wind/sun hardened enough to walk on or too windblown to have any snow there. I never had to break out my snowshoes. All you need to climb the Crags right now are microspikes (plus all the normal winter climbing gear, obviously). Easy going underfoot. The wind on the other hand was nutso today! Almost got knocked over so many times! But of course that will change from moment to moment. For you skiers, there‘s not enough snow on the headwall just above tree line to ski it. Too many rocks. After I headed up this morn, apparently some skiers came up to treeline to peek at the snow and turned back, but they packed the trail even better. The bowl on the East side of the headwall looked nice. I‘m not a skier, but it looked like good coverage over there. It took me from 9 to 4:30 to make it up and down. The slowest section was the boulder hopping towards the summit - the snow in between the rocks is difficult to know if it‘s a good place to step or not, thus it takes a lot of extra care. I parked about 1.5 miles down from the TH because I just didn‘t want to mess with people getting stuck, but it looked like my subaru would have made it to the TH just fine. There are about 6 packed spaces at the TH. 
chelsealuttrall  2016-01-16   0   2          
2016-01-02  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Started from Crags Campground at 730 am and -6 F. Road in is snow covered, careful how far you take a 2WD as I don‘t recommend trying to go to last parking lot. Trail from start to Devils Playground was hard snow pack, above that was combo hard snow and rocky ground and had to watch for deeper snow that you could sink into in just a few places. We wore micro spikes the entire way and never had an issue. 4 hours to summit and 3 back down. Special thanks to all those that have packed the trail in nicely...lol. 
xrcdrvr  2016-01-02   0             
2016-01-01  Route: East Slope
Info: Good bootpack from Manitou to the summit thanks to the AdAmAn Club. Microspikes are handy, especially low on the trail where the snow is now polished ice. 
DaleStatler  2016-01-03   4             
2015-12-23  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Good boot pack up to timberline. Between timberline and saddle, trail vanishes - mixed powder and wind blown hard layers. We wore snowshoes to the first rocky outcropping. From there to summit, no flotation or traction required. Pretty wind blown with a few patches of snow that were not a big deal. 
bmcqueen  2015-12-24   0             
2015-12-16  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Went up the Crags trail today making it pretty close to treeline. I broke trail the entire way from about 1 mile before Crags Campground (4WD trucks/jeeps may make it to within 1/4 to 1/2 mile). Snow is DEEP the higher you get, was pushing through knee deep (waist in some spots) snow towards the top of the trees. Made for some fun powder turns on the board, but be ready for a slog on the ascent. If you are following my tracks, they do go off trail a bit towards the end as I was just looking for a good spot to ski from. Try and stay near the trail and the snow won‘t be quite as deep. 
aholle88  2015-12-16   1             
2015-12-12  Route: East Slope
Info: Trekked up and down the mountain yesterday (12 Dec) via Barr Trail. It was definitely a little "spicy," with 8 inches of new snow and some cold temps forecast. The 8 inches of snow that was forecast never really materialized, and the mountain received more like 3 inches. The first 3 miles of the trail had been devoid of snow (although icy) during the ascent, but after yesterday‘s snow, the trail is now snow covered from trailhead to summit. Again, the new snowfall was not "significant," and as of right now, IMO, snowshoes will not be needed. Traction devices, however, are highly recommended. Because of the colder temps and strong winds on the mountain, the deeper, residual snow (from previous storms) found above Barr Camp and all the way to the summit, is nicely consolidated which made for "easier" travel, even with the 3 inches of new snow during the descent. Postholing was minimal. 
kman  2015-12-13   8             
2015-12-06  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Parked a mile from Crags Campground. Hiked the road which was packed by skiers & snowshoers to the campground taking the trail from there not the Crags Trail from the parking lot. Lots of snow to contend with making it slow going but it was packed down previously before the last snow so never needed the snowshoes. At treeline stayed further left then usual trying to stay in more grass & rocks then trending further right higher up to reach the saddle we crossed many short snowfields postholing. Still not continuous enough to need snowshoes. Left snowshoes once we hit the old road. Postholed here & there on the old road to Devils Playground, still snowshoes wouldn‘t have been needed. The trail from here was covered in ankle to calf deep snow which we were mostly able to avoid by staying on the sides of the trail. Near Little Pikes Peak had a hard snowfield to cross. After reaching the road again there was even less snow to contend with on the trail up to 13,400 where we turned around. Didn‘t look like snow would‘ve been an issue to the summit. 
Bethie  2015-12-07   0             
2015-11-22  Route: East Slope
Info: Hiked up and down Pikes on the Barr Trail on Sunday because I like to torture myself. First 3 miles, little to no snow, some ice. Mile 4 to Barr Camp, packed snow, easy going. Barr Camp to treeline, good amount of snow for November, trench/packed snow in place for about 3 miles, softened up on the way back. Treeline to summit, very little snow, some ice, some drifts. Did not bring the snowshoes. Probably wore the microspikes for 20 miles. Thanks for the previous report kman. This was a lot easier in August! 
dillonsarnelli  2015-11-23   4   2          
2015-11-14  Route: East Slope
Info: Hiked up and down the mountain yesterday, via Barr Trail. First 3 miles are devoid of snow. From 3 miles up, and past Barr Camp and all the way to timberline, the snow is nicely boot-packed but slick and icy...traction devices recommended. Above treeline, and all the way to the summit, the trail consists of sections of little to no snow, followed by sections of deep snowdrifts and snowfields covering the trail. Postholing was an issue in those areas, but it was not worth it, IMO, to bring snowshoes for those sections. Dress appropriately for the winter conditions found on the mountain, lest you end up like the poor fella seen at 13,600 feet in picture #7. (EDIT: A storm is forecast for Monday thru Tuesday, so conditions are subject to change). 
kman  2015-11-15   8             
2015-11-13  Route: East Slope
Info: Ascended from Manitou Springs on the Barr Trail up to about 12,800 altitude and back today. Nothing more than Microspikes needed until after Barr Camp, and even then it‘s mostly mashed potato snow up to 11,000 or so. But then it gets pretty postholey up to above timberline. Above timberline, it‘s a mix of great conditions (bare dirt/rock, intermingled with ice) and deep drifts in areas. Some of the drifts got hip-deep, and my fun-meter started reading a little low, knowing I‘d have to do it all again on the way down, so I called it good. Some areas have a good crust, where snowshoes would help a lot, while others are just deep sugar-snow. Go try it -- the weekend‘s looking to offer some spectacular weather! 
FredX  2015-11-13   0             
2015-11-08  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Camped at treeline Saturday night and summited Sunday morning. Microspikes a REALLY good idea. Especially below treeline where the walked-on shaded snow has become ice. Also helpful on the upper mountain early in the day while everything was frozen. Gaiters were a good idea too above treeline due to drifts. A beautiful night and morning on the Peak with absolutely no wind; Sunday was cloudless. Snow too spotty to ski. 
coloradomojo  2015-11-08   0             
2015-10-31  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: The road to the trailhead was mostly dry, some parts were covered in a thin layer of snow. Not enough to need 4WD yet. From the start, the trail was covered in snow, only a thin layer to begin with, getting much deeper above treeline. I had spikes and snow shoes with me but didn‘t use either. Snow shoes would have been helpful above treeline but luckily someone else had made a nice trail to follow. Route finding was still quite easy (even if someone hadn‘t made a trail to follow). The weather was beautiful on the day of the hike so no complaints there. Total time to summit was 6 hours....started around 6:45am. I‘m sure the snow was starting to soften up due to the sun but we took the train back down so I‘m unsure of conditions hiking back down. Overall it was a great hike! 
whitneyc0319  2015-11-03   4             
2015-10-30  Route: East Slope
Info: Trekked up and down the mountain yesterday, via Barr Trail. From the trailhead to about 5 miles up, the trail is devoid of any snow. The snowline starts from about the 5 mile mark and continues to the summit. From the start of the snow, to timberline, the snow is very manageable with some very minor postholing just below the A-Frame emergency shelter. There is, however, lots of underlying ice and traction devices are recommended. From timberline to the summit, there was pretty much full on winter conditions...strong wind, ice, much deeper snow, snowdrifts, lengthy sections of postholing, and some route-finding. There were a handful of hikers going up today and more tomorrow, so this will help with the boot-pack on the trail. The weather is forecast to be nice for the next 3 days, so that will help as well. 
kman  2015-10-31   8             
2015-10-11  Route: East Slope
Info: Trail from Barr Trailhead is dry and clear. Little bit of mud, easily avoidable just before Barr Camp, but this is pretty norm with the small stream flowing there. Above Barr Camp trail dry. At about 12,500ft elevation there is minor snow off trail in shadows of boulders not causing any issue with trail. 
Fishert2  2015-10-11   4             
2015-10-03  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Driving up to Crags last night was an adventure. The fog started just west of CO Springs and lasted until just after Divide; at a stressful 25 mph on Hwy 24, it was the worst fog I‘ve ever seen outside of southern CA. Regardless, I stayed at Crags TH, and slept in the car between the brief rain showers and c-c-cold temps. I had intended to start a little earlier, but figured the higher elevations could have gotten a good dusting of snow. I was half right; it did snow, but other than remnants in the shadows, it was gone by the time I got above treeline. A bit windy and chilly in the a.m., but i was toasty on the way down. A gorgeous hike all around. Get up there before a big storm rolls in! Descending the loose dirt just above treeline is bad enough without snow or ice. 
ajlavigne  2015-10-03   2             
2015-09-24  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: No snow at all along the route. There is a bit of snow at the very top next to the visitors center. 
hberry  2015-09-24   0             
2015-09-17  Route: East Slope
Info: we had an awesome weather on Pikes peak. First day we climbed to Barr camp and spent the night among other climbers there. Second day after a nice breakfast with the famous Barr camp pancakes, we made it to the top in 4 hrs. The trail was in great conditions and the weather was perfect. It is an easy and enjoyable climb. 
jpkili15  2015-09-21   0             
2015-09-17  Route: East Slope
Info: Looks completely dry passing through Colorado Springs. No trace of snow. 
WillRobnett  2015-09-17   0             
2015-09-12  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: This was my 43rd fourteener summit this summer! My goal is to climb them all before the snow falls. Originally it was the end of summer, but I‘m barely going to miss it. You can read more about this hike and others at Sunshineof1985.com! Enjoy Time started: 9:30am End time: 5:00pm Time to Summit: 3 hours and 30 minutes Time to Descent: 3 hours GEAR (to bring): MONEY! (for a treat at the top), GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, Topo Map from 14ers.com, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks on, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack (64 oz or more), snacks. Road Condition: The road is typical with small pot holes and some rocks, but overall it‘s a very nice dirt road. Trail Condition: The trail is in great condition overall. No snow and no wet spots. The trial is fairly well marked (watch for that first trail junction) and you shouldn‘t worry about getting lost. Coming down, the dirt path on the last large hill before the forest is very slippery because of the pebbles on the hard dirt. I slipped and fell 5 times! 
Sunshineof1985  2015-09-14   0             
2015-08-29  Route: Northwest Slopes
Info: Hiked up Pikes on Saturday, 29 Aug with a group of 10 people from the AF Academy. Couldn‘t have asked for a better day weather wise to complete it. The trail was pretty packed going up as there were at least 150-200 other hikers. It was all of our first 14er and definitely harder than I was expecting. Overall great hike and awesome experience. 
DSeyfried  2015-08-31   5             

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