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Pikes Peak  
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2013-02-17  East Slope  Stayed at the aframe on 2-16, summited on 2-17. Trail is mostly bare to ankle deep snow, and the trail is now broken to the summit. Microspikes mandatory due to icy sections especially around barr camp, snow shoes are unnecessary. there is water available at bar camp, but all other water sources are frozen. there are no tracks leading out to the bottomless pit area. mtn_nut   2013-02-17  0  5    Edit Delete 
2013-02-10  Northwest Slopes  Storm came in Saturday night and was dropping several inches of snow. The winds above treeline were causing some drifting. We used the standard summer route instead of the winter variation since the snowpack is still quite low. Microspikes are very helpful on the route, but snowshoes are completely unnecessary. CO Native   2013-02-11 1     Edit Delete 
2013-02-03  East Slope  Ran up to Barr Camp this morning. Trail is at least 80% snow-free to there. No traction needed. To date, they‘ve only received a total of 17" this season. Unreal. A group of four went to the summit (almost) yesterday - said trail was mostly free of snow with only two or three short postholing sections. Conditions are prime for someone to lower the winter ascent record. Just sayin‘. doggler   2013-02-03  0     Edit Delete 
2013-02-02  Northwest Slopes  The snow on the trail was packed down and it was easy to follow the trail. Microspikes were used for the ascent and descent except for the boulder scramble, where there was some packed snow. The wind chill made for a cold scramble to the summit, but it was beautiful day for a hike, particularly when the sun came out! ylingli   2013-02-03  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-19  East Slope  The snow on the trail was very packed down. Microspikes were used above Barr Camp. There were a couple of icy spots, particularly near and around Barr Camp. No icy spots near the summit, but the snow was thick in a couple of places requiring post-holing. Beautiful day for a hike - sunny and very little wind! ylingli   2013-01-20  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-19  Northwest Slopes  Where snow exists on the trail it is very packed down. Microspikes were used below and just above treeline as the snow is packed and slick in steeper sections. Beyond Devils Playground the snow is more sparse. The final push to the summit in the steep rock section holds snow in places. Snowshoes are absolutely unnecessary at this time. jmc5040   2013-01-19  0     Edit Delete 
2013-01-16  Northwest Slopes  Trail is beaten down really well to tree line. Very little snow on the trail and it was melting with the heat today. Above tree line there was no path to follow due to the snow and wind over the past few days. Used GPS to find the trail from tree line to the saddle before the crags. Once in the saddle, the trail was wind blown but very evident. Deepest snow was about ankle deep. Watch the creek crossing just below tree line. The water froze way beyond the banks and is very slippery! Micro spikes and snow shoes are not required. Beautiful day to climb - warm and no wind! mrschaible   2013-01-16  0     Edit Delete 
2012-12-30  East Slope  Did it with my son from the Barr Trail. No snowshoes needed, micro spikes would be useful in some spots but we didn‘t take them. Boot pack or bare all the way to the A frame. From tree line to summit its a mixture of wind blown and ankle deep drifts. This trail sees a lot of traffic. Big one day outing! summitbound   2013-01-01  0     Edit Delete 
2012-12-15  Northwest Slopes  Micro-spikes were perfect for the entire route. No snowshoes required. While climbing, got hit by a pretty good blast of old man winter, but it only accumulated 2-3 inches. Wind caused some drifting, but otherwise mostly clear. shearmodulus   2012-12-16  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-12-02  Northwest Slopes  Basically summer conditions up there today. There are 3 very short bits of snow on the trail between Point 13,363 and the start of the summit talus. Traction is not necessary. offman   2012-12-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-12-01  Northwest Slopes  Pikes Peak willyboy   2012-12-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-11-12  Northwest Slopes  Pikes Peak got about 2 to 3 inches of snow, but the trail is easy to follow and is getting packed down well. Lower trail in the forest has the most snow, and the trail is not slippery yet. The trail coming out of the treeline is about 50/50 snowpack and dirt, but as you get into the Devil‘s Playground, there are some 12 to 18 inch drifts along the old dirt road, but it was easy to get through as we walked along the outside edge over rocks. Once on the Pikes Peak Highway, it was smooth sailing as the road was mostly clear, and we finished with a short climb of the cog railway to the summit house, but be careful, the railway is still running once a day and we saw the ‘Big Red Machine‘ parked at the top. We summited at 11:45 am and the train left about 12:20 pm, the house is open as long as the train is running. One more thing, when you pull up to the TH, you are at the Winter TH, just follow the Crags Trail through a couple switchbacks and you will eventually walk high above and past the summer TH and merge with a trail, look for a little brown sign here with an arrow pointing to TH, a tree with a white piece of paper will point you to the right shortly after this. boudreaux   2012-11-13 4     Edit Delete 
2012-11-11  East Slope  Climbed up and down Pikes Peak via Barr Trail with my brother yesterday 11 Nov 2012. From the trailhead to Barr Camp, there are only sporadic patches of snow about an inch deep. From Barr Camp to timberline, the trail is snow-covered but only 2-3 inches deep and very nicely boot-packed. From timberline to the summit, the trail has anywhere from a half foot to a foot of snow. The snow wasn‘t very consolidated, so minor post-holing was an issue...gaiters recommended. Carried micro spikes, but didn‘t use them. The problem was the wind, and the snow spindrift!! Immediately after beginning our descent, we found that our boot track had been completely filled in as if we had never ascended the mountain. Not a big deal, because the trail was still easily followable, but it was like doing that section (between the summit and treeline) of Barr Trail twice because we had to endure the minor post-holing all over again! Pick a less windy day with less wind-chill and warmer temps if you want a more pleasant climb! Picture #1 shows my jubilant summit photo with the -17 degrees factoring in the wind chill values. Picture #2 highlights the extreme conditions above treeline. Picture #3 shows trail conditions, and my brother (top center of picture on trail) fighting his way through the snow spindrift. Picture #4 shows trail conditions while descending the East Face. kman   2012-11-12 4  3 1  Edit Delete 
2012-11-03  Northwest Slopes  Mostly dry. Patches of snow in the trees and talus field. Wore gaiters and brought spikes - didn‘t really need the gaiters and never put on the spikes. A beautiful day on the mountain! ahworth   2012-11-05  0     Edit Delete 
2012-11-02  Northwest Slopes  Trail is mostly brown, with a few patches of white all the way into Devil‘s Playground (my turnaround today). Packed micro-spikes, didn‘t need. Beyond the Highway crossing, looks like similar conditions heading towards the boulder pile summit approach. I‘d venture that there‘s some snow pack on the boulders, usually easily navigatable. Vangrove   2012-11-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-21  Northwest Slopes  I started off from around Devils Playground (where you cross Pikes Highway on the crosswalk at about 12,950 ft) & the conditions seemed good for most part. There were some paths that were damp & had a little snow on them, but most of it you could go around. As you begin to get up into the scrambling section, there may be some unavoidable patches of ice & snow. I would bring micros just in case...I kind of wish I did, but the traction on my boots seemed to work well enough as well as trying to find alternative rocks to scramble along. ashlee03   2012-10-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-14  Northwest Slopes  Road to the trail head was very easy for our car. In the morning (7am) there was about an inch of snow at the trail head, and as we increased our elevation, there was more snow. In some spots (usually snow drifts) there was a foot of snow, and one or two spots with snow up to our knees. Water resistant boots were fine, but I would have preferred to have gaiters too. It was quite windy from the top of the ridge to the summit, and very cold. On the way back down, the sun had melted the majority of the snow on the trail. bradmacgregor   2012-10-14  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-08  Northwest Slopes  Patches of snow pack & icy spots on final pitch, but not enough to bother with spikes in my opinion. Otherwise the trail was in great shape. SkiTownUSA   2012-10-09  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-03  Northwest Slopes  Very dry trail all the way to the saddle after slope at 12,750‘ (Photo #1 just after saddle). Spotty, avoidable snow (crusty/icy) from here until the final, rocky pitch somewhere around 13,500‘ at which point it becomes mostly unavoidable. Microspikes and trekking poles aren‘t necessarily required, but they certainly are helpful. I put my spikes on around 13,700‘ or so I‘d guess (Photo #2). Definitely helpful on the descent to prevent slipping. Very windy on top (I believe gusts got up to 50mph around 10:30am today... just as I summited). Not sure how long this conditions report will be valid for with the cold front and possibly snow coming in tonight. aliciaf   2012-10-03 3     Edit Delete 
2012-09-28  East Slope  No snow below a-frame. Above tree line trace snow to as much as 2 in. Not bad. However, patches without good sun exposure are now mush which will freeze overnight. Expect a mix of compacted snow (very little depth) and ice in the morning of sept 29 absent any additional precip. zinj   2012-09-28  0     Edit Delete 

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