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Apache Peak  
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2014-09-07  Route: Via Mohling
Info: No snow. Some light rain around noon that passed by. Thunder and more precip around 4pm or so. Apache ESE slopes: Loose scree and talus social trail. Dry - some mud/water on Isabelle trail. Yay. Shortcuts from the basin to the Isabelle Glacier trail are available. Navajo snowfield in for ~400-500 ft. Looked like very light snow accum. on Navajo N face. Ascended via Lone Eagle and Mohling Traverse: rap station is in very poor condition and needs to be replaced and cleaned up if you plan to rap (25 m). DC was fairly straight forward on horizontal exposed E ledge (5.0) to obvious weakness that can be DCed (4th). Cool mix of Owen Spalding belly crawl and Broadway step across. Party of 3 just under 13 hrs from Long Lake TH over Pawnee Pass 
Monster5  2014-09-07   0             
2014-08-02  Route: Queens Way
Info: Went up Apache‘s Queens Way couloir, and did the circuit over to Niwot Ridge. Snow was firm (slightly too firm) in Queens Way. Used Airplane Gully to descend - it sucked! It‘s just loose crap. The Navajo Snowfield and Apache couloir looked okay. Ask boggyb, kylie, and fepic1 for more on the Navajo Snowfield. If you want more info, I‘ve got plenty of pics and made mental notes about surrounding areas. 
CarpeDM  2014-08-03   4   2          
2014-06-29  Route: Apache Couloir, Queen's Way
Info: Apache Couloir has continuous snow all the way to the ridge. Around 9 AM, the snow was already soft enough to kick good steps. The upper couloir got very soft at times. The snowfield that previously connected Queen‘s Way to the summit is no longer continuous, but the rocky section is very short. Queen‘s Way itself is in great shape and will likely be in well into the summer. The Isabelle Glacier trail is still largely buried under snow from Lake Isabelle onwards, but shouldn‘t be too difficult to follow with all the boot tracks. 
AlexeyD  2014-06-30   0             
2014-06-21  Route: Queens Way, Apache Couloir
Info: Brainard Lake Road is now open to the Day Use Area just before Brainard Lake. It is about a mile (maybe a little less) from their to Long Lake or Mitchell Lake THs. Snow covers the trail just after the Long Lake Trailhead. Queens Way is in and still connects to Apache Summit. Apache Couloir is in and connects to Apache‘s ridge. Navajo Snowfield looks spectacular. Got to see many peaks in the area and there is a lot of snow up there! More info on the blog at Front Range Ski Mountaineering: www.frontrangeskimo.com 
Goat9  2014-06-23   1             
2014-06-07  Route: Queen's Way
Info: Winter closure still in effect (my guess next weekend or weekend after that). Bring a bike and save yourself 3 miles of road. No snowshoes needed. Line softened up fast. Dicker‘s Peck to Navajo Summit negligible snow. We road the ridge over to Niwot and descended from there but Airplane Gully looks snowy and easy. 
FireOnTheMountain  2014-06-08   0   4          
2013-06-19  Route: Couloirs
Info: Did the Brainard Lake triathlon today (bike/climb/ski) with our eyes set on Queens Way on Apache. The road is 100% snow free but the gate is closed. The trail is a fabulous melange of snow drifts, running water and shin deep mud. Going was extremely slow. Snow on the north side of Lake Isabelle is unavoidable, steep in places and was bullet-proof at 6am this morning. We used axes to chop steps in a couple spots as it was more realistic than trying to put our ski boots on. Above the lake, snow is intermittent with talus. Both Apache Couloir and Queensway Couloir are holding good snow. Queensway is almost continuous from the summit but also has a large runnel. SW couloirs on Pawnee are melted out in parts. Airplane gully was melted out about 1/3 of the way down. Navajo snow field, as always, looks quite good. I had to turn back to make it back for a meeting in Fort Collins, but my ski partner, Alan (clemsonmtneer) continued on and climbed and skied the Queensway couloir proper. A recent text said the snow was pretty good. 
Dave B  2013-06-19   0      1       

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