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2016-09-17  Route: North Slope
Info: The North Slope route is steep and loose, and not much fun as stated in previous reports. Honestly though, I don't think it is any worse than any other steep/loose route you'll find on many of the 14ers. This route is very doable if you just take your time and follow the cairns. FYI - A small amount of snow is starting to collect on parts of the trail. Not a problem yet, but will be once it dusts a few more times. Get it while you can. 
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2016-09-11  Route: North Slope
Info: No snow. But that standard route gully is crappy loose dirt and rock... one of worst descents. Numerous trails cut through back and forth as people tried to find the best way down. (No one has.) 
JQDivide  2016-09-12   0   2          
2016-09-10  Route: North Slope
Info: Challenger and Kit in ideal condition right now; no snow on the route and avenue is clear enough. Get it while it's hot. 
ThrasherMerrill  2016-09-11   0             
2016-08-29  Route: North Slope
Info: There was rain Sunday night into Monday morning. When we got the lake, you could see fair amount of snow on the rocks. We had hoped to do Kit Carson North Ridge, but not with snow. Expected rain late morning and afternoon. Turned around at 12100 as clouds came in. Some snow in the gullery 
mcklarry  2016-08-30   3   2   1       
2016-08-28  Route: North Slope
Info: Rained last night. Trail was pretty muddy from about 1/2 mile before lake off and on past the lake. There was some minor snow higher up the slope and at the notch/saddle. Not all could be avoided. Lower down the slope many of the slabs were wet. Ridge to summit was dry and no problem at all. While the north slope was a little messy in spots, it turned out to not be too bad. I didn't use spikes anywhere along the Challenger route nor did I see anyone else using them. It was warm and sunny most of the day and when I left so perhaps that north slope snow will melt out/dry up soon. 
mikemalick  2016-08-28   1             
2016-08-23  Route: North Slope
Info: Sangres got snow on Monday evening. Actually it's several inches or more (depending on aspect) of low grade hail. Trails got icy. More importantly, winds above 11.5k (our high point) appeared to be in 40-50 mph range. Overall conditions were more reminiscent of October rather than August. 
SnowAlien  2016-08-23   4   6          
2016-07-17  Route: North Slope
Info: No need for any snow gear, but there is plenty of snow in the rib to help guide your route up challenger slopes (see route info). The slope is extremely loose. I was glad I had hiking boots w/ ankle cover (as opposed to trail runners, low cut). The avenue to KC and remainder of route also no need for any snow gear. Warning: There are "TONS" of mosquitoes at the lake and campsites. The trail from the parking lot up also has its fair share. Take plenty of bug spray (BE CAREFUL: DEET CAN HARM SYNTHETIC FABRICS AND DAMAGE PLASTICS). This does not mean to avoid deet products, just use wisely. I took 3 different kinds of sprays (DEET, picardin, and one other odorless kind). They were all mild to moderately effective and worth carrying. RECOMMENDATION: Bring an appropriate mosquito net for designed for head/face. I saw a few intelligent people using them.......I was not one of those people. We had no problems with bears but there are bighorn and other smaller creatures wandering camp so protect your food/gear. The smoke from the Hayden fire is evident looking back into the SLV, but you dont really notice the smell until you hit the Challenger Ridge (note the fire is north and on the opposite side of the Sangres as this climb, so this route is open and at this time I do not foresee a closure due to the current wildfire. There are plenty of places to filter water near the lake. There is a stream not far from most of the campsites (slightly further down the main trail. Above the lake however there is only one good spot which is essentially the flowing stream you must cross which is about to become the waterfall at the far end of the lake. After that there is really nothing else. So this is your last chance to filter during your climb. DO NOT RECOMMEND Mapquest to get to Crestone. My directions were missing 20 miles. Use another source. Iknow some of you like to see times so here is mine from campsite. Leave camp 505am>summit challenger 745am>leave challenger 800am>summit KC 900am> leave KC 915am>re-summit challenger 1015am> leave challenger 1040am> back to camp 120pm. Yes it took just as long to descend the challenger slopes as it did to climb it. 
wizzer  2016-07-18   0             
2016-07-16  Route: North Slope
Info: Mosquitoes from the TH to above the lake remain mortally epic. I only got a few bites by first covering the skin of my arms, legs, chest, and face with repellent, and then spraying my clothes. I wore a long-sleeved shirt over my t-shirt, long climbing pants, a hat with a "Sahara" neck flap, and mountain-biking gloves. For the pre-dawn hike in, I'd recommend a thin rain shell, too, as I got some bites on my shoulders, despitef the clothing and repellent. On the descent, I forgot to put on the gloves and got several bites on my hands. These bugs are merciless. As for the trail, the descent from Challenger was one of the least enjoyable of my career. The gully is steep, filled with loose scree and unstable rocks. There are almost no switchbacks. A few hours before my descent, I climber told me of a rock slide in the gully earlier in the day that narrowly missed other climbers. There were lots fresh white "chalk" marks all along the gully that I image were created by the falling rocks. The descent seemed far less stable than the ascent, with many large rocks highly unstable and football-sized rocks highly unstable. I talked with a trail worker for a group affiliated with the 14ers Initiative. They're currently building an alternative trail up Challenger that will feature lots of switchbacks. If you're selecting peaks for your season, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND WAITING A FEW YEARS FOR THEM TO COMPLETE THIS NEW TRAIL. She said they would likely finish in two years or so. Of course, if you're trying to finish the list soon, just be prepared for a time-consuming and dispiriting descent. But some good news! In tiny Crestone, the Crestone Brewing Company has opened. Great burgers and beer for the evening before your climb. 
trinkner  2016-07-17   0             
2016-07-12  Route: North Slope
Info: DANGER DANGER DANGER! Mosquitos are really bad, unless the wind blows, on the Willow Lake approach and at the lake. It really ruins what is a great trail and beautiful place. Challenger's route conditions are getting bad. Lose gravel on hard pan with some small rocks. It reminded me of the Columbia route. Needless to say, it took more time than expected to climb. Great conditions to mess up a knee or ankle with the unstable surfaces. 
CraigB2013  2016-07-13   0             
2016-06-25  Route: North Slope
Info: BUG SPRAY.... If you don't have it, don't bother getting out of your car. Overall great trip. Snow can be totally avoided if you stay to the left of the gully (picture 1). I didn't make it over to Kit Carson, but there were a few groups behind me that may have tried. Picture 2 is a look towards Kit from Challenger summit (hopefully others can provide more details) 
MikeyShum  2016-06-26   2             
2016-06-21  Route: North Slope
Info: Much of the snow is melted, however, there are still snow patches covering parts of the trail on the North Slope. This forced us to find alternative routes in some places going up the North Slope. Ran into two snow patches that we couldn't seem to get around, was able to cross one with just an ice axe, but had to get out the crampons for the second. I would recommend waiting a little longer if you plan on attempting to summit without snow gear as the snow is very rotten and does not hold well. Was able to summit Challenger point but the avenue over to Kit Carson had just enough rotten snow to push us to the edge, we deemed it too dangerous to cross and turned around. There is a lot of melting so expect wet feet and be careful when descending the North Slope, by noon the entire slope is flowing with water. P.S. The mosquitoes were absolutely horrendous on the Willow Lake approach, bring A LOT of bug spray or wait until later in the season. I had never seen mosquitoes so bad before. 
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2016-06-11  Route: North Slope
Info: A couple photos of Challenger Pt north slopes and ridge as seen from Kit Carson Pk. 
youngk2844  2016-06-12   2             
2016-05-28  Route: North Slope
Info: Main Trail head is completely clear of snow and easily accessible via 2WD vehicle. I hit Snow at around mile 3.25 from the trailhead. I put snowshoes on just before Willow Lake as I was beginning to post hole quite a bit even at 7:00AM. The accent to the peak was not easy. Lots of loose snow and very steep. I would not attempt unless you bring spikes or good snow shoes. However, the snow is melting quickly up there. Hiking on the ridge with all the snow was more than a little sketchy in spots. Be aware that there is a lot of exposure on this route will there is as much snow on the peak. Hiking over to Kit Carson was completely out of the question if you take a look at the photos. 
Buddyboy27  2016-06-04   3      1       
2016-05-14  Route: North Slope
Info: Challenger is stacked. 
lodgling  2016-05-15   2   1   1       
2016-02-14  Route: North Slope
Info: Approach to Willow Lake: Excellent boot pack to ridge then dry or icy until about 2 miles in. Microspikes are perfect for the first two miles. Then snowshoes. I trenched to about 0.5 miles below Willow Lake. The drainage below the lake holds a lot of deep snow with a crust that only occasionally supports snowshoes. No sign of any previous trench. If you can make it to the lake the snow is supposed to ease up. Without friends to share the trenching I had to turn back. 
youngk2844  2016-02-14   7      1       
2016-01-22  Route: North Slope
Info: There is a good snowshoe and skin track going in to Willow Lake. Some of the trail on South facing aspects is dry. I would recommend against skiing the approach. Near tree line conditions soften substantially. The North Slope is holding quite a bit of snow. It is very deep and unconsolidated, but it is stable. I scrambled a talus rib to the left of the main gully and then plunge stepped down the gully as a descent. It wasn‘t bad. The traverse to Kit Carson is out of condition due to snow accumulation. I stepped past The Prow and fell in up to my waist. It seems the only viable option to combine the two in a day is to climb the last pitch of The Prow. It‘s very do-able as an up and down climb and feels about the same as the hardest section of the bells traverse. I‘ve read that people are calling it 5.6. It is mostly sustained 4th class with a few harder bits, and it is VERY exposed. It is definitely not 5.6. 
thatnissanguy  2016-01-26   0   1          
2015-10-17  Route: North Slope
Info: Climbed Challenger Point and Kit Carson on a very warm October Saturday. Left the Willow Creek trailhead at 4:00 am. Reached Willow Lake at 6:45 am. Summited Challenger at 10:00 am. Summited Kit Carson at 11:30 am. We made it back to the trailhead by 5:00 pm. It‘s a long day but doable with the great conditions on the route currently. Route tip: The official route ascends the north slope of Challenger on the right side of the snowy gully. I‘ve actually found the rock on the climber‘s left side of the snow gully to be a better choice for both ascent and descent. The rock on the climber‘s right side of the snow gully can be loose. The rock on the climber‘s left side of the snow gully is super solid. To ascend via this route variation, leave the trail and cross the gully right before the snow starts in the gully. Gear: If you follow the route I described above, there is no need for crampons, micro spikes, or an ice axe. 
awpalmer27  2015-10-18   0             
2015-10-12  Route: North Slope
Info: This is to add some photos to the description on the KC update Going up Challenger the snow was in the rocks in the steepest portion going to the ridge from 13,300 to 13,900. It made the route difficult. Micro spike would help, but the loose snow was around 3" over loose rocks, and steep when sliding would be hard to stop. No snow challenges from the 13,900 ridge to the summit. KC avenue and final climb all clear of snow. Took class 3 route to KC summit, solid holds and not that difficult compared to the loose rock in the standard route 
dfryberg  2015-10-15   5             
2015-10-03  Route: East Ridge for Kit Carson (South Colony Lakes)
Info: Hi! Climbing Challenger was my 54th fourteener summit this season. My goal was to climb them all, AND I DID! You can read more about this hike and others at My story was also recently covered on Channel 9 News in Denver and you can watch it at Kit Carson Route: East Ridge Challenger Route: Challenger to Kit Carson in reverse Distance from Trailhead to Camp: 3.4 mi. Distance from Camp to Both Summits and Back to Camp: Roughly 8.2 miles (GPS died for a short time) Elevation Gain from Camp: 4,300 ft. (I think this is wrong because I‘m not sure if they add the loss and gain) Time started: 8:25am End time: 6:30pm Time to Summit Kit Carson: 4 hours and 5 minutes Time to Descent (Back to Camp) from Challenger: 4 hours GEAR (to bring): Bear spray, GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, Topo Map from, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks on, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, warm hat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack (100 oz or more), snacks. Road Condition: With a little guts, my sedan was able to make it all the way to the upper trailhead- barely. It‘s very bumpy and plenty of opportunities to bottom out unless you know what you‘re doing and have plenty of experience. Trail Condition: Walk up the road from the upper trailhead 2.65 miles until you see the sign wooden sign on the right for the Humboldt standard route. I camped at 3.4 miles in and that‘s the start of many more campsites to come. There are a couple wet areas, but nothing to sweat. Walk past the South Colony Lake, and when you reach the Upper Colony Lake look for a trail leading to the right and up the mountain side. You‘ll come to a saddle and turn LEFT. Climb over the BACKSIDE of Point 13,290. It‘s easier and will block you from the wind. Once at Bear‘s Playground, look for the cairns as they will lead you beautifully across the meadow (you‘ll never have to actually summit Obstruction Peak). There is a path that will come and go up Kitty Kat Carson, but just climb to the top of that one and you‘ll barely notice climbing along the ledges of Columbia that you even climbed another named peak because it‘s such a short distance. The pictures from make the next section look very intimidating, but the ridge to Kit Carson isn‘t bad and with care, you can safely make it down the gully without too much trouble (mostly solid rock). As confusing as it sounds in the directions, once you‘re there, it‘s fairly straightforward. I only took the directions out once to check out how they recommended climbing up the last stretch of Kit Carson (lots of loose rock). ONCE YOU‘RE READY TO MOVE ONTO CHALLENGER: Backtrack down the same way you came up Kit Carson only head to the right instead of the left (to go back the way you came). You‘ll see a purplish, brownish, fairly wide trail to follow around Kit Carson. In a short time you will see Challenger and it‘s straightforward from there to reach the summit of Challenger Point. 
Sunshineof1985  2015-10-10   0             
2015-09-29  Route: North Slope
Info: Essentially the same as the previous report. The standard route is completely free of snow. It did snow on us for a few minutes but quickly melted and dried. The trail from above the lake to the summit is STEEP, be prepared or a lot of elevation gain quickly. 
hberry  2015-09-30   0             

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