Bartlett Mountain  
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2012-07-03  Route: NNW ridge
Info: A friend got a good look at it with binoculars lately. Security is present full time and the mountain is off limits; the info is just for the curious. -Dry (minus willows that appeared wet. Via binocs) -The summit has been reworked. The road now goes right to the base of the summit "crane" block. The knife edge prior no longer exists as it is a road for dumping tailings. -The formally legal route from Clinton Reservoir appeared to be a quick spell through trees, a tundra walk over Carbonate Hill, a talus slog up Little Bartlett, a talus/road slog up Bartlett, followed by a couple moves of class 3 on questionable rock. The route is now illegal and trespassers may be prosecuted by the patrolling security. According to a friend. 
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2012-06-10  Route: Any route
Info: Kate and I were in the area so we thought we‘d stop by the mine to see if there was any way to legally hike Bartlett. We went to the security office and chatted with the folks there - they were very nice. They showed us maps; the mine property extends way into the Clinton Creek drainage. But, more importantly than that, the mine is operational now and they are blasting almost daily. They had to stop a blast recently because they saw hikers on the summit of Bartlett. Also, they are digging into the mountain very near the summit, which may make the summit ridge, in the near term, less stable and in the long term, non-existent. And on top of that, they are dumping rock into Clinton Creek drainage so if you‘re hiking up that way, you could get a load of rock dumped on your head. The security folks told us that they actively pursue hikers. IMHO, forgetting the private property issues, there are real dangers to hiking this mountain. Image - Summit of Bartlett with machinery on/very near it. 
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