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Humboldt Peak  
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2015-01-25  South Face Direct  I ascended the South Face from the trailhead (old upper lot) and descended the east ridge. The road was bootpack to the trailhead. There was enough snow just below timberline that I used snowshoes, though others might not. Ascending the south face, I climbed the steep snow at the base, keeping left of the main snowfield. Above the snow is a mix of grass and talus (photo 1). By keeping to the interface of the two, you can climb on rock that is well embedded without stepping on tundra (photo 2). About two thirds of the way up, cliff bands can be skirted or scrambled (photo 3). Above timberline, all this was dry. Descending the east ridge was also almost dry to timberline (photo 4). RWSchaffer   2015-01-26 4  1      
2015-01-25  East Ridge  Road from the winter closure to Rainbow trail was well packed, needing no traction. Rainbow trail to the ridge was also well packed and had several dry area‘s with no snow. From the ridge to tree line there was snow cover, but it was all packed well. I used no snowshoes and no traction devices, just boots worked well. Once above tree line, snow was almost entirely avoidable, and no traction was necessary. From winter closure to the summit I used only boots. The trail was very dry, and so long as no new snow hits, it‘s about as easy as it gets for a winter 14er! Shattuck311   2015-01-26  0     Edit Delete 
2015-01-03  East Ridge  Didn‘t summit today. Got to that ridge "bump" approx 13,400‘ before the final pitch already 30 minutes after my planned turnaround time, but hopefully this will help others. You will end up parking at the Winter closure so expect a long day. Trail is well bootpacked. Traction would be a good idea starting around 10,600‘ as the terrain gets steeper, but there is an awesome trench to follow the whole way to treeline. I used snowshoes to take advantage of the heel-lift. Microspikes will be helpful once out of the trees. mikemalick   2015-01-03 4     Edit Delete 
2014-12-24  East Ridge  There is about 6 inches of snow in the trees, some places are deeper, some places thinner. The route is very easy to follow to tree line. Above treeline mostly all of the snow was blown off of Humboldt. Easiest winter 14er I have done to date. We did not use our snow shoes once. goingup   2014-12-24  0     Edit Delete 
2014-12-20  East Ridge  Very little snow. From Rainbow trail cutting west up onto the endless tree infested shoulder there was up to a foot or more in spots, but few places where snowshoes would have been helpful. Once above treeline only patches. druid2112   2014-12-20  0     Edit Delete 
2014-11-11  East Ridge  Hardly any recent snow accumulations. We did not make it to the summit but it looked pretty benign and blown mostly bare. Strong headwind. Bitter temps (not any worse than Denver currently) We brought microspikes and never used them -- however we were constantly walking on snow. There is only an inch or three on the ground all the way up to treeline. Above it is spotty wind depositions. Humboldt completely missed the snowstorms and was completely free of clouds during the day. If you hurry now you can follow our two-inch-deep trench up to treeline. Poles were helpful. thurs   2014-11-11  0  10    Edit Delete 
2014-11-02  West Ridge  It snowed all morning (with windy conditions and low visibility). I had to make sure I stayed on the trail as my tracks kept disappearing behind me. I used only poles but turned around at 12,500. I‘m almost sure spikes were necessary if I had kept going, axe not sure... (I tried to keep up with 3 hikers in front of me so if any of you sees this, you can probably advice on conditions past 12,500 where I turned around). I camped Saturday night past the private lands but before the lower trailhead. It wasn‘t raining/snowing in the evening but the mountains probably got plenty of action overnight. henryclimber   2014-11-03  0  2    Edit Delete 
2014-10-31  West Ridge  Climbed Humboldt yesterday for Halloween. Conditions were wonderful with very little snow. Did not need microspikes but a good stiff boot would be recommended. The road up to the south colony lakes was dry, but would definitely recommend a high-clearance 4-wheel drive vehicle to get to the trailhead. This was the furthest into fall we have ever climbed a fourteener, and it was a lot of fun. nkuon01   2014-11-01  0  1    Edit Delete 
2014-10-25  West Ridge  Aside from a few minor patches, the trail was clear of snow until the saddle. Above the saddle, the west ridge to the summit is holding some snow, but in good shape. I wore spikes from just above the saddle to the summit, the other two in my party did not and were fine. It‘s beautiful out there right now! waitingforanairplane   2014-10-26  0     Edit Delete 
2014-10-25  East Ridge  I did the East Ridge (aka "The Winter Route") yesterday. I did not encounter any snow until above timberline. There were some large patches on the ascent to the East Ridge from timberline, but all can be easily avoided. The East Ridge itself...and the summit area...were snowy in places, but it was inconsequential. No microspikes needed. Crestoner   2014-10-26 4  2    Edit Delete 
2014-10-11  West Ridge  We ascended the Southeast gully and descended the west ridge. Snow was 4-5" deep for much of the route above treeline, but along the west ridge it was commonly knee deep. It was melting fast by afternoon (the SE gully looked pretty patchy by 2pm), but I suspect the snow above 13k‘ is there to stay. We were glad we had poles and microspikes. jbutler   2014-10-12  0     Edit Delete 
2014-10-05  West Ridge  Great conditions. A bit of snow on the trail before the 12,900 saddle and along the ridge. No trax or micros required. Perfect day. Go get your peak before the heavy snow falls! Scott Martin   2014-10-06  0  1    Edit Delete 
2014-09-15  West Ridge  Weather was so good that I spontaneously decided to summit the afternoon of my arrival. Summited around 6pm no worries! addrock528   2014-09-17  0     Edit Delete 
2014-08-30  West Ridge  The trail up to Humboldt Peak is in great shape. No ice or snow to worry about. Expect to do some rock scrambling on the upper portion of route. The wind yesterday was blowing pretty good early in the morning and it was quite cold on top so I recommend bringing appropriate gear to keep warm. OutbackDobbs   2014-08-31  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-19  West Ridge  4WD drive road was rough, but doable with a few tough spots which require a little ground clearance. Take them slow, I was able to navigate in a 2WD (real wheel) Xterra no problem, with only a little hit on one of the running boards. The rest of the trail is in great shape, but a word of advice: trail head has a pretty small parking lot and lots of people parking over for a night or two. Be prepared to squeeze in to a makeshift spot or get there early. Awesome trails with awesome views, enjoy it everyone! mrunkle   2014-07-21  0     Edit Delete 
2014-07-19  West Ridge  The road to the 4WD trailhead has a couple of bad spots but I was able to make it fairly easily in my Xterra. We camped at the trailhead and hiked to the top the next day. It‘s a long walk from there and my GPS clocked 12 miles instead of 11. I would recommend hiking in and camping to make for a shorter climb. It was a great day to climb, warm and not windy. It did snow just a little on us when we were on top but nothing that lasted. The trail is easy to follow and the views are great of the Crestones and Kit Carson. The actual summit is not far beyond the false summit you see from the saddle. jcochran14er   2014-07-21  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-28  West Ridge  The West Ridge route is all clear of snow. No special footwear or traction needed. Wind and lack of sun made it a bit chilly in the morning but still a beautiful day. If the forecast calls for wind a jacket and gloves might be helpful in the early morning. Tried to snap some Crestone beta pics the best I could from Humbolt. jwgrosser   2014-06-30 2     Edit Delete 
2014-06-26  West Ridge  Hiked with the hound (AreToo). Trail completely clear of snow. Be careful going too far on the north side of the false summit, you want to stay to the south where there are plenty of cairns. Our first hike this season, 6 hrs up, 4 down. The hound‘s owner is getting old I guess. We made the upper TH easily in an Outback. KWhelan   2014-06-30  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-22  West Ridge  Beautiful summer day in the Sangres de Cristo. Didn‘t want to force my 2013 Outback through the first obstacle on the road (I tried it twice but didn‘t have enough momentum), so parked just below it, about 1.4 miles into the 4WD trail, and 1.3 miles short of the TH. If on private property, the landowner must be pretty nice. Neither my car nor the other cars parked there had notes by the time we got back to the car. The trail is well maintained and very easy to follow. Only a few snow drifts that were very easy to get through. First photo is one of the drifts and you can see the typical boot path. No traction needed for any of the snow piles. Lots of camping spots around the Upper South Colony Lake, and lots of frolicking marmots! Second photo is my June entry into the annual marmot calendar (if there was one...). One of the prettiest 14er trails I‘ve been on so far! MissH   2014-06-25 2  5    Edit Delete 
2014-06-21  West Ridge  The trail has a few small sections of snow that are easily crossable and were still solid even in the afternoon. A couple weeks and they will be completely melted out. Hiked in regular hiking boots. Did not need gaiters or any additional traction. CFI has done incredible work on this trail and it is very easy to follow up to 13000 feet. Once in the rocky area look for cairns and you will find the top with relative easy. I measured the RT at closer to 12 miles than the 10.25 listed via my GPS watch. hberry   2014-06-22  0  1  Edit Delete 

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