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2016-11-19  Route: West Ridge
Info: Road between TH and SCL has many large ice patches on it. Snow on trail between SCL and saddle, but didnt need spikes or gaiters. Less snow on trail from saddle to summit. 
RockCaCO3  2016-11-19   1             
2016-11-12  Route: West Ridge
Info: Several icy spots on the road past the upper trail head, mostly avoidable on either side. Small amount of snow on the trail once on the ridge when it runs on the north side of the ridge, but avoidable and no traction used/needed. Trail completely dry otherwise. 
mountainrachel  2016-11-14   0             
2016-10-29  Route: West Ridge
Info: Super dry 
Dean82  2016-10-30   1             
2016-10-22  Route: West Ridge
Info: No snow at all. Summer conditions but windy as all get out. Also, my Camry made it to the upper trailhead due to laziness/stubbornness. It was not damaged, but that doesn't mean it was a smart decision. 
miniarmstrong  2016-10-22   0             
2016-10-09  Route: West Ridge
Info: Small patches of snow on the trail above the saddle but entirely avoidable. No one in my group used traction. 
kayleenann8  2016-10-10   0             
2016-10-09  Route: West Ridge
Info: Dry with very few snow patches not exceeding a couple feet here and there, no traction needed. Clouds rolled in throughout the afternoon but not sure they left anything behind. 
jnzaro  2016-10-10   0             
2016-10-07  Route: West Ridge
Info: Cold in the AM. Probably 20s on summit at 9:30AM. But, all sunshine and we were pretty much only ones on the mountain today. Occasional snow / ice patches on the trail. Didn't feel the need to use traction. 
madadraw1  2016-10-07   0             
2016-09-29  Route: West Ridge
Info: The route up was completely snow free on the trail, saw a tiny bit of snow off trail. Started at 6:45 am, temps were in lower thirties, warmed up as I got closer to the shoulder. Once on the shoulder the wind felt quite cold, I would say thirties at 10 am. I was booking it, but I took the gully route and got back to the car at the upper 4wd colonies trailhead at 11:45, once back in the valley temps were very comfortable, shorts and tee shirt weather. 
Sirboofsalot  2016-09-30   0             
2016-09-25  Route: West Ridge
Info: Recent snow left several patches on the trail, but no traction was needed. Most of the spots were only two or three steps across. Cool Fall temps left a few icy patches here and there, but be on the look out for wet areas in the early hours, might have some ice. There was frost on the rock on the upper West Ridge before the sun melted, guessing that might be the norm for the Fall. A few muddy spots with snow melt and normal run off. It other words, normal Fall conditions. Also, both lakes had a thin layer of ice in the early hours, but the sun melted them before we got back down. 
JQDivide  2016-09-25   0   2          
2016-09-08  Route: West Ridge
Info: Weather was perfect. Not a cloud in the sky. Little to no wind throughout the day as well. Ended the day in a short sleeve shirt and shorts it was so warm. Great day on the mountain! 
Fort14er  2016-09-09   0             
2016-09-04  Route: West Ridge
Info: Attempted Humboldt today but only made it to about 11,200 due to high winds. Wind was howling at 11k beneath treeline and could only imagine what it would have been on the exposed ridge up top. I passed a couple hikers who said they made it to 12,800 and turned around due to 50-60mph winds that were almost knocking them over. This is all not to mention that there were dark clouds and rain out there to the point that you couldn't even see the Crestones. Just not a great day to be out there with the actual weather worse than what was listed in the forecast. The lower trail was in good condition, however, as was the 4wd drive road to get up (made it in a Tiguan no problem). No parking spaces at the upper trailhead at 7:00 a.m. so had to park about a half mile back. 
ericwolf88  2016-09-04   0             
2016-08-28  Route: West Ridge
Info: The route is clear from the recent storm, any snow on the trail is negligible and can be avoided/walked over. 
Bombay2Boulder  2016-08-28   0             
2016-08-15  Route: West Ridge
Info: 4 hr hike in to camp at south colony lakes with overnight packs. Literally drive from Olathe KS overnight straight to TH. Did Needle the previous day and was taking my buddy up his first one. Left camp at 0630 under headlamp to easy trail. Continued up and across the coined "longest switchback from hell" to saddle by 0730. Topped out at 0900. Back to camp, packed out, and on our way to a burger by 1400. Saw lots of sheep on route. Pretty good first timer route 
Rambler  2016-08-17   4             
2016-08-04  Route: West Ridge
Info: Mosquitos Mosquitos Mosquitos!!!! once we got to the lakes we got swarmed by mosquitos. I had read that they were only bad in the evening and if this is true we might have been killed by the swarms if we were there in the evening. The trail conditions are good and easy to navigate, no issues there. The high clearance road up to the trailhead is a little ruff but very manageable. The weather was wet and overcast and the forecast was storms early so we turned around and did not make summit. but my wife and I still enjoyed the trip a lot. 
martindpatino  2016-08-08   0             
2016-07-25  Route: West Ridge
Info: Our group packed in Sunday and did Humboldt Monday. The whole way is 100% free of snow. I'm just writing this report to echo what everyone else has been saying about the mosquitoes because I didn't think they'd be as bad as they were. I'm from Illinois and I thought I knew what bad mosquitoes were like... Camping was kind of a nightmare with all of them out. They did go away at nighttime, but you better be up early to avoid them in the morning. We saw several people with bug net masks/jackets - definitely a smart idea!! I'd recommend taking a bath in deet or prepare to be eaten alive. 
shizupple  2016-07-26   1   2          
2016-07-18  Route: West Ridge
Info: My group climbed the Needle, the Peak and Humboldt on Sunday and Monday. Humboldt and the Needle were basically totally snow free. There were a few small snow fields on Broken Hand Pass, but you could get away without any snow gear. We were happy to have ice axe and microspikes in the Red Gully for a larger snow field near the top. Biggest news for us was the mosquitoes. Camping was flat out miserable. We really enjoyed the peaks and bugs were mostly absent up high, but all of the camping areas, areas near the lakes and anyplace low at all was inundated with mosquitoes. 
lukedog  2016-07-21   0             
2016-07-10  Route: West Ridge
Info: Saw a thread post about the topic so figured I'd just make a report. Trail is dry from the lakes all the way up. The 4x4 road has the occasional wet spot but far from mud or muck. The bugs were out and take my experience with a grain of salt because I've spent summers in northern Alaska but I didn't think the mosquitoes were bad and they only really appeared above treeline. The state of the camping areas around S. Colony Lakes is sorry, saw lots of human waste among the willows, not far from the main trail and other established campsites. Make sure to treat water. Bummer to see 
Wolfman_CO  2016-07-12   0   1          
2016-07-07  Route: West Ridge
Info: Many spots along the trail to Humboldt between the lakes and the old 4x4 road are muddy, underwater, or muck. Mosquitos the whole way from parking until above the lake, and still some up high if not enough wind. Saw no snow on Humboldt coming in from Columbia Pt. and out SCL. 
TallGrass  2016-07-08   3             
2016-07-04  Route: West Ridge
Info: Parked at the Rainbow TH and hiked up to South Colony Lakes TH. One tiny patch of snow on the West Ridge hike in but definitely no snow gear necessary. The trail is very wet in some places but I was able to hop on the rocks in the trail to keep my trail runners dry. Nice scramble to the finish. Descended east ridge. Cut off the ridge too early and had to bomb a very steep hillside but nothing dangerous. The alpine flowers are gorgeous. Humboldt is definitely in summer condition. 
kayleenann8  2016-07-05   4             
2016-06-27  Route: West Ridge
Info: Ditto to everything cardgenius said in prior report, except road is snow free all the way up to the 4x4 trailhead - very wet, though. A few small snow patches to cross in the willows section, no special equipment needed, the route is very much in summer condition otherwise. Enjoy! 
shaunblair  2016-06-28   0             

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