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2015-05-29  Route: West Ridge
Info: Attempted to Peak via the West route. However the snow as way to deep to attempt to make it to South Colony Lakes. We couldn‘t even find the trail to South Colony lakes. It was a fun trip playing in the snow however could not attempt to peak. The 4x4 trail is clear all the way so there is no problem there. The trail after the 4X4 trail head is clear most of the way, higher up it gets covered with snow. When you get .5 mile from the South Colony turn off. The snow is waist deep. 
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2015-05-25  Route: East Ridge
Info: First 1.5 miles are snow free and the weather was pretty warm, a slight snow was falling at 6am but ended up around 7am. Even though it‘s a pain to navigate through the trees as there is no real trail, postholing was minimum and only used my microspikes. The snow on the ridge to the false summit looked fresh, unstable and I was postholing to ankles only. However it is very slippery and was sliding backwards even with microspikes. Weather turned pretty bad at the false summit, visibility was very poor and snow gave me a lot of sweats. Not sure if crampons would have helped but it was a constant worry for each step in order to avoid the cliff on the right (that I could barely see) and the powder on the left that made me slide few times down. I use my axe quite a lot. The final pitch is very unstable, I waited 15 mnutes to assess if it was reasonnable to do it and was ready to turn back. The wind was ferocious on the ridge, the snow started to fall at 10am but postholing was minimum below tree line on the way back. 
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2015-05-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: SNOWY UP HIGH. dry albeit potential to be muddy on road and from Rainbow TH to ridge. some snow drifts, not too serious, to about 11k. from there, floatation helps and will for a little while yet (we had snowshoes). a trench does exist if you can find it, though might have some snow on top. snow was punchy but we didn‘t face any serious postholing...varied from a few inches to several feet all the way up the ridge above treeline. would still recommend crampons just for the last 1/2 mile to the summit, but you could make Kahtoolas work if you‘re feeling stubborn. poles: optional. ice axe: highly recommend. snow looks to stay up there for a few weeks at least. pictures to come. southeast flank didn‘t look bad, saw one skier making slow but steady progress until the threat of precipitation got serious around 12.30pm (during our descent). sorry, I haven‘t figured out how to deal with the pictures. they‘re still a visual, though. 
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2015-05-17  Route: Southeast Flank Gully
Info: Taken from CO 69 
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2015-05-17  Route: East Ridge
Info: Deep snow starting around 10,800 in the forest, snowshoes are a must. I‘ve heard the wind is relentless on Humbolt and it was no different today, it hits you hard from all directions, but died down a lot after 11. South Gully is covered & has perfect conditions you can ski right from the top. 
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2015-05-08  Route: Southeast Flank Gully
Info: Rode the SE Flank Gully and it is in and was getting snow on and off all day. Sorry no pictures, wind, snow and cloud cover made it so I did not want to take my camera out. 
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2015-04-25  Route: Southeast Flank Gully
Info: Skied pretty well. We didn‘t hit any rocks and it had softened up nicely. Not sure how much longer it will last. 
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2015-04-11  Route: East Ridge
Info: Climbed Humbolt Peak this morning (4/11). Started out at 6:45am. There is a boot packed trail through the trees though it braids several times. From what I could see, all of the braided trails lead in the same general direction though. Once out of the trees, the snow was very crusty and iced over. Once past the initial snow field right out of tree line, the rest is relatively snow-free and dry. The winds picked up once we summited (12:15pm) and started to descend. The snow softened up nicely on our way down but was still firm enough for us to have to use spikes for the descent. Once back in the trees, I used snowshoes but my partner Tara didn‘t. Some sections in the trees were so steep that I had ‘snowshoe glissade‘ so to say! I probably would not have gone through the effort of hauling snowshoes up/wearing the down. Though the snow didn‘t soften nearly as much because it was overcast for most of the day. I could definitely see snowshoes coming in handy for a warmer day. 
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2015-04-04  Route: East Ridge
Info: South Colony road driveable maybe 3/4 mi past the 2WD TH before there‘s too much snow 
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2015-03-28  Route: East Ridge
Info: The "trench" through the forest was still quite visible and quite helpful. Thanks! My son and I did the trip in 8 hours RT from the Rainbow Trail intersection. We didn‘t need snowshoes. The snow above treeline was melting quickly. Approximately 50% of that section was completely bare. Avalanche danger was negligible. 
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2015-03-21  Route: East Ridge
Info: East Ridge Route. Had to start from the winter closure (13 miles RT, ~5500 ft of gain). Needed snow shoes for the 6 of the 6.5 mile ascent. First half mile of 4wd road only part not totally covered in snow. Beautiful blue bird day with no wind which is surprising for a early season ascent. There was fresh snow since the last post and we were the first to summit on this route for the day, so we needed to trail break the entire route. By the time we finished there were a few other parties that had used this route ( a little trench should be there for a bit ). Overall, we had a great day. Beautiful views of the Sangres, the San Juans, and Pikes Peak. Started at 5:30 AM and didn‘t made it back to the car at 7:30 PM. The significant route finding in the trees and taking a longer, less direct route from 12,000 ft to 13,000 ft (see avy info below) really slowed us up - turning it into a 14 hour day. Some avy info (note, I am no avy expert, but this is what I saw and what we did as a result): wet slab a concern earlier on in the day (on the east face) but we were generally on a slope that was less than ~24 degrees for this. Snow pack seemed to be 1-4 feet from mile 3 to mile 5 (below and near tree line). CAIC has wet slab as an issue on our aspect. Persistent slab not shown on the CAIC website for our aspect, but when confronted with a ~32 degree slope above tree line, we lengthened our route slightly to take a lesser angled slope. Snow pack varied from 3 in to 1 ft in this area. Some rocks were showing through the surface so we opted to stay off of the snowy parts in favor of a longer, less snow packed, less steep route. Wind loading was visible on the ridges, but we stayed near the windward side of the ridge with minimal snow pack to avoid this concern. 
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2015-03-15  Route: East Ridge
Info: Great conditions on Humboldt right now. Road is clear to the 2WD trailhead and there is a solid trench all the way to ridge line. Started early, so no need for snowshoes on the way up. Snow gets a little soft above treeline and on the way down though. Near 12,000 there appears to be two main "trails" -- hang to the right and head for the highest point. That will put you on the ridge to the top. Watch out for aggressive big horns. 
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2015-03-07  Route: East Ridge
Info: Used snowshoes from winter closure to about 12,800‘. Breezy above 13k, but not your normal Humboldt winds... calm in fact. Once on the east ridge you‘ll find a spot where the trench forks... go right. We went left and ended up taking the scenic route. 
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2015-02-07  Route: East Ridge
Info: Went for Humboldt via the East Ridge on 2/7 and got turned back just above 12k due to winds in the low 50s. Gave it another go on 2/8 with success to the top. From the Lower 2WD trailhead, the road starts out dirt and turns to well packed snow. Rainbow Trail to the ridge is a mix of packed snow and dirt. From 10k to treeline is a well consolidated trench. Treeline to the top is bare ground. Microspikes were helpful in the snow. Snowshoes were not necessary. 
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2015-01-27  Route: East Ridge
Info: First off, a huge thanks to Shattuck311 and RWSchaffer for posting recent conditions reports. An actual conditions report is worth a thousand webcam looks and weather reports. I love this site for that. Not much new to report over Shattuck311 and RWSchaffer. The road is open past the winter closure to the 2WD trailhead (only a small .3m difference). From there one might be tempted to drive farther up the road but don‘t bother. It becomes quite snowy after .25m. From the tire tracks it looks like one vehicle had fun time trying to turn around. I found microspikes very useful on the bootpacked trail which started soon after the 2WD trailhead and went all the way to treeline. My hiking partner only had boots and was slipping/sliding on the icy snow in the morning and on the slush in the afternoon. I thought the turnoff from the Rainbow Trail was a little farther past the bridge (maybe .3m) than the .2m in route description. The bootpacked trail in the trees was mostly easy to follow with only minor route finding issues. I could imagine major route finding issues on the ridge if one was breaking trail. The snow was 98% avoidable above treeline all the way to the summit. The W/SW wind was pretty bad above 13,200. The East Ridge of Humboldt might be an "easy winter 14er" but I found the distance and elevation gain no joke as a day hike. 
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2015-01-25  Route: South Face Direct
Info: I ascended the South Face from the trailhead (old upper lot) and descended the east ridge. The road was bootpack to the trailhead. There was enough snow just below timberline that I used snowshoes, though others might not. Ascending the south face, I climbed the steep snow at the base, keeping left of the main snowfield. Above the snow is a mix of grass and talus (photo 1). By keeping to the interface of the two, you can climb on rock that is well embedded without stepping on tundra (photo 2). About two thirds of the way up, cliff bands can be skirted or scrambled (photo 3). Above timberline, all this was dry. Descending the east ridge was also almost dry to timberline (photo 4). 
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2015-01-25  Route: East Ridge
Info: Road from the winter closure to Rainbow trail was well packed, needing no traction. Rainbow trail to the ridge was also well packed and had several dry area‘s with no snow. From the ridge to tree line there was snow cover, but it was all packed well. I used no snowshoes and no traction devices, just boots worked well. Once above tree line, snow was almost entirely avoidable, and no traction was necessary. From winter closure to the summit I used only boots. The trail was very dry, and so long as no new snow hits, it‘s about as easy as it gets for a winter 14er! 
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2015-01-03  Route: East Ridge
Info: Didn‘t summit today. Got to that ridge "bump" approx 13,400‘ before the final pitch already 30 minutes after my planned turnaround time, but hopefully this will help others. You will end up parking at the Winter closure so expect a long day. Trail is well bootpacked. Traction would be a good idea starting around 10,600‘ as the terrain gets steeper, but there is an awesome trench to follow the whole way to treeline. I used snowshoes to take advantage of the heel-lift. Microspikes will be helpful once out of the trees. 
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2014-12-24  Route: East Ridge
Info: There is about 6 inches of snow in the trees, some places are deeper, some places thinner. The route is very easy to follow to tree line. Above treeline mostly all of the snow was blown off of Humboldt. Easiest winter 14er I have done to date. We did not use our snow shoes once. 
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2014-12-20  Route: East Ridge
Info: Very little snow. From Rainbow trail cutting west up onto the endless tree infested shoulder there was up to a foot or more in spots, but few places where snowshoes would have been helpful. Once above treeline only patches. 
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