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2015-07-10  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: My Elantra made it to Georgia Pass from 285 just fine. There‘s still a good amount of snow covering the ridge to the true summit of Guyot after the false summit, but you can bypass the snow (albeit with a steeper ascent). 
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2015-06-13  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Trailhead is an easy drive and completely dry. The trail was mostly dry until close to the first creek crossing, where there were some snow drifts and water running down the trail. After the first creek crossing it is nearly continuous and deep snow until you reach the top of the ridge. On the ridge, there are still some snow crossings you have to do, but I got by with just microspikes and left my snowshoes near treeline. On the summit ridge, there are some huge cornices to avoid and I just kept to the rocks because it is hard to tell what snow actually has something underneath it. On the descent, the ridge descent was very steep and my snowshoes kept slipping, so I ended up plunge stepping back down to the trail. Minimal postholing with snowshoes on the way back. 
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2015-05-30  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Did not summit due to a late start and social obligations. Skied down from the ridge around 12,600‘. Road is melted out to the Little French Gulch trail junction, then continuos snow except one short (couple hundred feet) melted-out section at 10,800‘. There were a few other thin spots that will probably be melted out very soon. Gully was stable and had excellent skiing. Some avy debris visible on west side of gully, so probably don‘t want to linger too long there. As recent pics show, coverage is incredible right now and a summit ski descent is definitely possible. 
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2014-10-05  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: From French Gulch - Snow free below 11,500ft. A few patches but mostly avoidable up to 12k. Above 12k consistent 3-6 inches. Did not use spikes but poles were nice as the snow/talus combination was a pain. Saw 9 goats on the ridge as well. 
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2014-05-17  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Went for a ski-o on Guyot today. Top third of the slope was soft wind affected snow and the lower two thirds were creamy powder - surprisingly good. We were able to skin the whole road to the summit shoulder. Road will definitely be melted out or discontinuous to the turn off for French Gulch after this weekend. Lots of wet sloughing, didn‘t see the dust layer but for a few places along French Gulch. Lots of loose wet sloughing in the Ten Mile sliding on the dust layer. East couloirs on Bald look pretty good (second picture). 
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2014-04-26  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Softish, but not spring like between 13,150 to 12,000. Below 12,000 we found some really nice corn! We were able to "ski" from summitish to within 100 feet of the car. 
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2012-11-24  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Road to trailhead parking and the actual trailhead are essentially dry--trail leading up from the road can be done in boots--I wore microspikes for a little added traction but not necessary-post-holed a bit to the knees before gaining the ridge but didn‘t regret leaving the snowshoes in the Jeep. I climbed to the ridge on what is recommended as the summer route on the 13ers page--it was deceiving--the snow didn‘t look that deep but I did plunge to mid-calf at times and there were areas hard/compacted icy snow underneath--didn‘t expect to need the ice axe but glad I was carrying it! Ridge to summit was pretty much windblown or compacted snow-no ice to deal with-this day the winds were high and sustained--made the ridge walk to the summit more interesting! Descended on the ridge into the trees then followed a game trail through soft snow back to the trail--didn‘t relish the thought of coming down the slippery slope again! Unless we get more snowfall, snowshoes unnecessary! Such a gorgeous mountain! Picture is looking down the ridge. 
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2012-10-21  Route: East Ridge
Info: Snow free most of the way up the steep east ridge via Georgia Pass. Some drifts on the ridge top (6in-2ft) and lingering snow (1-5") in permanently shadowy areas. Snow is slightly packed but mostly powdery. From up top the north face looked significantly snowier. Watch out for hunters- wear something neon. 
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2011-12-10  Route: Northwest Ridge/Slope
Info: Snowshoes would have been nice in the trees. We were postholing a lot and turned around. The trail is easy to follow via ski tracks until about 11,300 ish and then you‘ll see our footsteps and above that it looks like no one has been there in a while. The ridge looked fairly windblown. 
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