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2016-08-27  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: Frigid temps and still 2-4" of snow with deeper drifts on the slopes below Spalding. The most exposed section of Sawtooth Ridge itself was easily passable, as the snow was patchy and soft on the shaded (Northwest) side even at 9 AM, while most of the snow was gone on the Abyss Lake side of the Ridge. The jaunt up to the summit of Bierstadt from Sawtooth Ridge had wetter snow and was a little slippery, but with a little caution it wasn't particularly difficult. Back toward Evans, the main trail was quite slick with all the foot traffic. Fantastic route! 
colin_g  2016-08-28   1   1          
2016-08-26  Route: West Slopes
Info: Started about 06:30, Trail covered in about 4-6" of snow and temp was ~30*F As I climbed, the temperature dropped, snow got deeper (~10" at top on leeward side) and the wind picked up ~25mph gusts. I did not have spikes or snowshoes and really didn't need them, spikes might have been helpful on the way down as the trail turned to a slush, ice, mud mixture. The snow had melted to about 12,200' on my return to my truck. 
Whitcc1  2016-08-26   4   2          
2016-08-12  Route: West Slopes
Info: Two friends and I hiked Bierstadt Friday morning at 12:30 am to watch the meteor shower. The weather was bearable at the base, low 40's. At about 12,000 ft it started to get cold, around 20's- 30's. We watched the moonset, then the meteors all started flying across the sky, I counted around 100, with about 30 shooting/falling starts. We made it up to the summit long before the sunrise. The summit was extremely cold, I had many layers on and I carried a yoga blanket that I used as a "tent" and took a nap. This was my third time on Bierstadt, 06/07/2016 -I went up the Northwest Gully in spikes, 07/21/2016 I did sawtooth, then finally yesterday 06/12/2016 I did the standard route. This time, all of the ankle rolling all summer caused me to completely sprain it. My friends and some strangers made a splint with the blanket, a rope, a belt and a V badage. I am very poor and when people wanted to call 911 I said, "NO,NO,NO". CALL 911, they send out search and rescue, I found this out when I ran across a Alpine Mountain Rescue volunteer on my attempt to get down the mountain with the help of my friends and strangers. The gentleman called 911 and rallied up volunteers. Medics came and splinted up my ankle, then around 20 volunteers took turns carrying my in a "litter" down the mountain. I am planning something special for these people for sure. Bierstadt is a great hike, the trail is easy to route out and the people that hike it are amazing. Start early to avoid the crowds, bring wind and rain gear. Image 1: This is Jute Matting/ erosion control. I do a lot of volunteer work and please do not step on, or remove the rocks from this. Image 2-4: The sunrise facing Evans 
followselena  2016-08-13   4             
2016-08-11  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: We climbed Bierstadt and Evans on 8/10, starting just before 4am. The ascent up Bierstadt is extremely well marked and a very enjoyable hike. Sawtooth was dry and fun. There is a bit of exposure, especially after the saddle/gendarmes but without severe weather it's not too daunting. Getting to the top of Evans from the top of the Sawtooth was long and frustrating, since you can just see the summit but you're still over a mile away. A couple of things: 1) start an hour earlier than you think you need to. I wish we'd started earlier so that we weren't rushed on our descent. Speaking of the descent... 2) The alternate descent through Scott Gomer Creek is TERRIBLE. The gully is fine, but after that, bring gaiters or waders or just a full on wetsuit because for about 1.5 miles at least, you're bushwhacking through willows and the trail is mud. Mud puddles, squishy mud, quicksand mud (seriously...I got stuck in the mud up to my knee and my boyfriend had to literally pull me out), it's NOT a fun descent. I'm not sure if there are any other options aside from a) going back over the Sawtooth and resummitting Bierstadt or b) having someone pick you up at Mt. Evans and getting a lift back to your car (I know the purists will be outraged I even suggested that). I'd be very interested to know if there's another way of getting down. 
sjverhaeghe08  2016-08-11   0   1          
2016-07-16  Route: East Ridge
Info: Bierdstat east ridge from summit of Epaulet. 
SchralpTheGnar  2016-07-18   1             
2016-07-10  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: Beautiful day today. A little windy, but not too cold. Summitted Bierstadt, Sawtooth, and Evans. There is still a small amount of snow on the descent to the saddle. It is probably better to descend below it until the first break in it. I stayed above it and it made the descent a little bit more difficult and slower. No snow anywhere else on the route. The valley back to the standard trail is still super muddy. On several occasions, I stepped in over a foot of mud. The standard Bierstadt trail has no mud whatsoever. Honestly, once you cross the creek in the valley it might be faster and easier to hike up to the ridge to the main trail and descend that way. I did not do this, but there are no willows, its steep, but its all grass, and its short, and then the descent is way easier than trampling through willows and getting stuck in mud. 
quinnwolf  2016-07-10   2             
2016-07-08  Route: West Slopes
Info: More of an FYI: Trail had great conditions all the way through. Saw a guy hiking in chaos. I had waterproof hiking low tops, but never really got wet. One river crossing, but even then, used rocks to jump across without difficulty. Poles can always help this part. 
hero9624  2016-07-08   0             
2016-07-05  Route: West Slopes
Info: Brought a pair of flip flops to wear across the creek crossing rather than starting the hike with wet boots, but it was actually fairly easy to get across without getting wet. If you plan your way across carefully, you only have to step in the water once, at a depth of an inch, which my hiking boots could manage without a problem. No real snow on the route, though it was pretty cold and windy up top. This was my first time doing Bierstadt, and one update to the route description: BOTH trailheads actually have bathrooms now, so if you park at the lower one, the trail is right there. (I headed to the other lot before realizing my mistake.) 
50by25  2016-07-05   0             
2016-07-03  Route: West Slopes
Info: Muddy at the base trailhead, creek crossing can be a challenge. You have to deviate off trail and head north to find an easy crossing if you don't want to get wet. Cold on the ridge today to the summit. 
Njbst12  2016-07-03   0             
2016-06-29  Route: West Slopes
Info: Bierstadt is good to go! Started the hike at 5am, back to the car by 11am. The water crossing is still a little high, but if you take it slow and choose your steps wisely it's not impossible to cross without getting wet. After that it's smooth sailing. Only one very small patch of snow left on the route, but it was very easy to work around. Mud was minimal. No special equipment needed. 
JoeVonBokern  2016-06-29   0             
2016-06-27  Route: West Slopes
Info: Hiked West Slopes for the second time today (first time was a few years ago). Beautiful day, minimal wind, no special gear required - some good hiking shoes, water, and sunscreen! Took my Aunt on her first 14er (she's from sea level and only been here 3 days). Started at 5:30am and reached the summit around 9:30/10am after going a steady pace and descended in about half the time. Route is mostly clear and in summer conditions with a expected exceptions: a couple of muddy areas in the willows (typical), ice on the rocks in the morning up higher (turns to a stream when it warms up), and the creek to cross is still high (early in the season)... Be weary of using the log as it is slick and seems to be growing some moss (plus it's not as sturdy in the water as one might like). If you're going to fall in, do it on the way back to the car though... No need to change socks (unfortunately, I speak from today's experience). 
E_A_Marcus_949  2016-06-27   3             
2016-06-27  Route: Tour D'abyss
Info: Did the tour today, East ridge of Bierstadt was completely dry. Still a large snowfield under Bierstadt at the start of the sawtooth(as seen in pictures). We stuck to the top of the snowfield and found it pretty easy to cross, with no microspikes. You can cross the snowfield lower down, but it is steep, post holy and has a bad run out, wouldn't do it without an axe. Really great route! 
Chase_Rowdy  2016-06-27   4   2          
2016-06-26  Route: West Slopes
Info: First 14er of the season! We took the West slopes. Minimal mud and what was there was easily avoidable. A little path of snow near the summit that you can easily go around. What a view! We started at 5:45am and were at the summit by 8:45am. The trek down was an easy 2 hours. Temp ranged between 50 F and 65 F. No gear other than a camelback and good hiking boots needed. 
TandE Mountaineers  2016-06-27   0             
2016-06-25  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: I hiked the Tour d'Abyss this morning (Bierstadt's east ridge and returned across to the sawtooth to my car parked on the Mt Evans road). The basin between Evans and Bierstadt is marshy so bring an extra pair of socks. Bierstadt east ridge is dry, there's some snow on the descent but you can avoid most of it without trouble and just kick steps to cross the bit where necessary. Once you get to the notch halfway across the sawtooth and begin regaining elevation, it's completely dry, including the west side once you've crossed over. The remaining route up to Evans has a few little snow patches but it's trampled down pretty well and easy to avoid with some rock hopping. 
appleseeds  2016-06-25   2      2       
2016-06-19  Route: West Slopes
Info: Took a friend up her first 14er. Bierstadt is a great one to start on. 10:00am start. 1:00pm summit. 3:30pm back to the car. As per previous reports, conditions are optimal. I will ad this: There are usually many DOGS both leashed and unleashed on this hike. My pup Chaco loves the butt smelling meet-and-greets! However, If your pup doesn't do well with other dogs this might not be a good hike to bring them on, as we encountered 20-30 dogs on the way to the summit, and an equal number on the way down. Also, remember to lather on the sunscreen! 
matthewklaver  2016-06-20   4             
2016-06-19  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: Mostly dry on the way up Bierstadt. Same for Sawtooth ridge. Any snow on the route is easily avoidable. Shouldn't need microspikes and anything more than trail runners 
mojah  2016-06-20   2             
2016-06-19  Route: West Slopes
Info: Beautiful day for a hike. It was pretty windy at the summit, however. Started at 6:15am and summited at 9:15. Only one or two small muddy spots. Otherwise, a great time! 
rwf66  2016-06-19   2             
2016-06-18  Route: West Slopes
Info: Late (8:30) start, already 200+ people on the mountain. Good conditions, easy stream crossing and one small snowfield that is easily avoided (although there was some post-hole potential in the snowfield). Crowded (as is to be expected mid morning on a Saturday). Always sad to watch so many people off the trail though... 
illbread_  2016-06-19   0             
2016-06-18  Route: West Slopes
Info: Pre-sunrise hike on Thurs. morning 06/16/16. Easy stream crossing. Still a few small snow fields that were frozen as I was pre-dawn. I brought an ice axe hoping for enough snow left for some glissading down, but not the case. Plenty of frozen runoff on the trail if the temp is low so spikes could be helpful, but not really required. Sunrise on the summit was awesome although the smoke from the New Mexico fires is interfering with the views. 
steve4450  2016-06-18   0             
2016-06-14  Route: Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans
Info: Pretty basic up to Bierstadt, the sawtooth gap was pretty Gnarly with some snow fields below the notch, but negotiable. Some ice on the west path before the rock wall so be careful and watch where you step! After we got around and up the gap was clear sailing to the west ridge of Evans. Took a minute to get on the right path after leaving the rock scrambling above the gap and there was a intermittent snow along the rest of the way to Evans, BUT not deep at all and didn't need snowshoes or spikes...for any of it really. Did some glissading down the gulch to Scott Gomer Creek, still a lot of snow there, but you can see the snow line from Guanella pass. Be ready to be wet and muddy on the hike out back to the Bierstadt Trail. Pants (for the scree & glissading), extra layer or two for the summit, and food/snacks/water and you can do it too! 
hockypck13  2016-06-14   5   7          

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