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Mt. Bierstadt  
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2013-12-21  West Slopes  Guanella Pass road closed just past Guanella Campground. So this will add about 800 vertical to the standard summer route. The road is 4-6 inches of power, with at least one decently well packed trail. Snowshoes/microspikes/crampons not required for the road, but very helpful. Once you reach the summer TH, the boardwalks are mostly buried under snow, snowshoes not required, but helpful. Microspikes and crampons highly recommended. Some deep snow drifts on the upper slopes, but with careful route-finding, shouldn‘t be much of an issue. ACERyGuy007   2013-12-21  0     Edit Delete 
2013-12-03  West Slopes  It was a nicely-packed trail until today‘s storm brought 4-6in to the Werst Slopes. The trail is well-defined and somewhat packed until you reach the boulder field, and then trail-finding becomes slightly difficult. After Tuesday 12/3 expect drifts up to 2 feet in some places. Snowshoes would be nice, but I managed in knee-high gaiters and microspikes (partly because I was too lazy to stop and make the switch to shoes). Tyler Phillips   2013-12-03 1     Edit Delete 
2013-11-28  West Slopes  Guanella pass is open all the way to the trailhead - made it easy with FWD and snow tires, just a little icy in the early AM. Trail is mostly packed snow, left the snowshoes in the car and didn‘t have many problems, a couple post holes here and there but no big deal. Brought microspikes and probably could have used them in a couple spots, but just rock hopped instead. Killer weather (and sunrise) today. adamking84   2013-11-28 2     Edit Delete 
2013-11-27  West Slopes  Trail all snow covered, but really packed. No need for snowshoes, around 13,000ft lots of exposed rocks. Ascent trails are nicely made, decent trails....well its seems everyone makes their own. dag2323   2013-11-27 3     Edit Delete 
2013-11-25  West Slopes  Calf- to Knee-deep wind blown powder for much of the way to the summit today. I decided against flotation, but there were definitely a few places when I wished I had my snow shoes. bmcqueen   2013-11-25  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-27  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans  The trail approaching Bierstadt is somewhat muddy at lower elevation, then somewhat icy at higher elevation. Traction is very nice to have, but not essential. On the way to the Sawtooth, a bit of snow conceals the gaps between boulders and makes for a little postholing, but by in large, the Sawtooth ridge is free of any difficult snow or ice. The traverse to Evans is similarly tame - mostly a pure talus scramble with no interference from snow or ice. The descent gully near the Sawtooth is very navigable, though a bit slippery with loose snow. The marshy section at the foot of the gully among the willows is icy but still quite wet and swampy. This was the only place where my feet got wet (soaked), and I was sporting Gore-Tex trail runners. Michael Underwood   2013-10-28  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-26  West Slopes  Several icy spots in the willows. Packed trail above willows. Mud in the willows on the return. Recommend MicroSpikes & pole. The rocks at the stream crossing were icy in the morning. There is a log bridge upstream about 100 yds. MountainHiker   2013-10-26 1     Edit Delete 
2013-10-20  West Slopes  Snowshoes were not needed but I would highly recommend microspikes because the trail is very icy, primarily in the willows. The trail was well packed in the lower section but disappeared around 13,000‘ in 6" snow drifts. Cairns are still visible and the route was generally discernible. MonGoose   2013-10-22  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-13  West Slopes  Very muddy at the start until you start climbing. After that, the trail is mostly dry until you get closer to the top, and there‘s packed snow from there. I hiked the mud in boots and the rest of the trail in new balance sneakers. dpm200   2013-10-13  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-09  West Slopes  Only a little snow left over from Friday‘s storm. Mostly bare. Took MicroSpikes but didn‘t use them. image MountainHiker   2013-10-09 1     Edit Delete 
2013-09-28  West Slopes  The river is running steady, but your feet will stay dry if your shoes are at least water resistant. Dusting of snow along the west ridge, but you can avoid any patches by choosing one of the half dozen trails up the west slope. Very little snow on the summit pitch, beautiful scenery with all the leaves changing! wisedog1   2013-10-05 1     Edit Delete 
2013-09-16  West Slopes  The trail up to timberline is in pretty good shape, but the small creek that you must cross is currently running very high. The only way to continue towards the summit is to remove shoes and wade through knee deep rapids. It‘s completely doable, but be prepared to get wet...many people took a tumble. Past the creek the trail is great until about 13,500, where it became very snowy and whiteout conditions prevailed until the actual summit where it actually cleared up a bit. Bring spikes, dress warm and you‘ll be fine. Slim Pickins   2013-09-16 4     Edit Delete 
2013-09-08  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans  Nice and dry conditions along the entire route. Packed on the way up Bierstadt (as expected because it was a Sunday), but only encountered about 7 other people on the sawtooth (but we encountered nobody on the trail from the sawtooth to Evans). When crossing the sawtooth, take the high path up above the large rock. This way you avoid all the loose dirt below it. Gully was in good shape, but lots of areas with loose dirt. Once you descended into the willows, it was miserably muddy. Staying above the lakes tended to help some. Expect your shoes to be covered in mud by the end. And watch out for the deeper mud pits; occasionally we‘d step into mud deeper than shoe height. rlaur001   2013-09-09  0     Edit Delete 
2013-08-17  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans  Everything was dry over the Sawtooth and up to Evans. The route through the gully during the return to Guanella Pass was sufficiently worn and cairned that we had no trouble following the route. The willows, on the other hand, were a dreadful, muddy mess and there were many places where people had tried to route around the mud, creating a number of confusing side trails. appleseeds   2013-08-17  0     Edit Delete 
2013-07-09  East Ridge  From Evans, though East Ridge, down Abyss lake, back up the Evans - Epaulet gully. The only snow that was encountered was in a few small spots of the Bierstadt - Sawtooth traverse, very easy to avoid. In the Abyss basin, all creeks are flowing pretty good, but crossing them is no problem, and can be done fairly easy. Tons of wildflowers! No issues on the ridge itself. crazymarmot   2013-07-09  0       
2013-07-04  West Slopes  Trail is completely clear except a very small patch of snow on the final summit pitch, other than that it was clear. Early in the morning the bridges near the trailhead had some frost and were slippery. GMorgan21   2013-07-05 1     Edit Delete 
2013-06-25  Bierstadt, Sawtooth, Evans  Almost no snow up to Bierstadt, occasional ice patch where water melts across route in afternoon. Final summit ascent is covered with snow, this morning was nice packed, like styrofoam. Snow on path leading to Sawtooth, was soft this morning and slight post holing. Small snow patches along Sawtooth but avoidable. No snow on technical scramble if following lower route and no snow on ledge. Some ice where snow is melting on Evans route. Willow maze at bottom of gully is unavoidably muddy. That whole last segment is a maze, staying left let me avoid water depths higher than my soles. Aim route toward Bierstadt parking lots to keep from going too close to lakes and too far back up Bierstadt slope. Will add pictures tomorrow. Lizard_Elizabeth   2013-06-25  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-16  West Slopes  Standard route information as of 6.16.2013 - the route starts out pretty muddy but the foot bridges help, if you‘re careful you can avoid most of it. The mud starts to dissipate with the gains - the route does have some snow melt but nothing too crazy. As previously reported, around the 12,500 mark there is some good packed snow, but very sparse and only in 2 main areas on the West slopes, I had my spikes but did not need them. The summit ridge also has some snow, hard and packed, you can veer left and avoid or go that route but I would suggest traction. wcropp   2013-06-16  0  1    Edit Delete 
2013-06-14  West Slopes  Went for a quick trip up and down the standard route on Bierstadt this morning. The lower trail is muddy in between the footbridges. Higher up had some water running down the trail but nothing too significant. The creek crossing is manageable though I was glad to have waterproof boots since a couple of the stepping stones were still submerged. The upper trail is still holding a few small snowfields. When I passed through everything was still thoroughly frozen but later in the day they will surely soften up. I didn‘t use or want for any traction aids, boots had enough purchase on their own. The snow should be able to be mostly avoided with a little creative route finding on the slope leading up to the final summit ridge. The sawtooth was mostly snow free although there were a couple of snowfields hanging around on the east side just past the low point of the ridge. The ledges appeared to be pretty much snow free. CFI had multiple crews out doing maintenance this morning. Be sure to thank them for their hard work if you happen to run across them. Cruiser   2013-06-14  0     Edit Delete 
2013-06-12  West Slopes  The route was snow-free up until 12,500 or so, but most of that is avoidable nor is it really deep at all. My microspikes were helpful, however, on the final summit pitch. I kept to the right on the final pitch and walked up some good, packed snow. It wasa great day and the trail was in good shape! There were muddy spots on the first part of the trail, but with careful hiking most of that can be avoided.... BigfootUSAF   2013-06-12  0     Edit Delete 

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