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Hermit Peak A  
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2014-06-22  North Slopes  The road up the pass is blocked about a mile down from the pass by a large drift. Another large, deep patch of snow blocked the last push to the pass. Alas, I left my 2.5 year-old‘s crampons back in Arkansas. lowlandnerd   2014-06-24  0     Edit Delete 
2011-10-29  Hermit Pass Road  We were only able to get about 2 miles up the road from the road junction. That was at about 9500‘ and 7 miles from Hermit Pass. There was 6 - 12 inches of fresh from there to the summit. Long day. Mad Mike   2011-10-29 3  1    
2011-02-21  Hermit Road  Did not attempt summit. Hermit Road is not plowed past the intersection w/ Sampson Ridge Rd in winter so it would be a 9 mile one way trip up the road to reach the saddle between Rito Alto & Hermit Peak A. Snowshoed for a few hours up Hermit Road. Road doesn‘t have any deep drifts that require wallowing through, but going off-road by just a few feet near or into the trees will get you waist-deep in no time. Lots of fresh powder, wind is still throwing it around. In some particularly wind-prone sections, my ankle-deep tracks were gone 30 minutes after I made them. Photos from the snowshoe + surrounding 13ers: anna   2011-02-21 4       

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