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Blanca Peak  
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2012-09-17  Northwest Ridge  The Blanca group got snow on the 12th, which last at least through the 13th (picture 1). As of morning on the 17th, no snow was visible from Alamosa. However in the afternoon a fairly dense storm blew through and dropped a hefty dusting across the whole Blanca group. jdorje   2012-09-13 1     Edit Delete 
2012-06-17  Gash Ridge  Gash Ridge conditions, taken from summit of Lindsey. Neil   2012-06-17 1       
2012-06-13  Lake Como Approach  Road is completly clear to above Lake Como. Tree‘s previously mentioned have been removed. Summer conditions exist the whole way and the one snowfield to the saddle can be easily avoided. Tennis shoes got me to the top of Blanca and Ellingwood. Stevo   2012-06-15  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-06  Gash Ridge  The Ridge itself was dry. Found a little snow hiking up from Huerfano Valley, and snow was useful in getting us back via Winchell Lakes. Doug Hemken   2012-06-18  0       
2012-05-26  Lake Como Approach  Climbed in one day from bottom of road. Winter gear no longer necessary, no need for microspikes or ice axe on Blanca. Few small snow fields can easily be walked across or avoided above 13,000‘. Anyone attempting to drive Lake Como Road - 18+" spruce down across Jaws 3, will need chainsaw and wench to remove. Tree down across road (fell on Sat 5/26) just above Lake Como, probably can be moved by 4-5 guys. Very windy, smoky, and dusty, no views. lemurtech   2012-05-29  0  3    Edit Delete 
2012-04-28  Lake Como Approach  I hiked in trail runners up to Lake Como, but switched to snowshoes above. Some new snow had recently fallen, slightly crusty and every step we broke through and sunk a few inches - not terribly difficult but pretty annoying. Summit was in the clouds and getting iced. Still winter conditions up there, be prepared for snow travel and winter camping. Broke trail up until 13k +/-, then some weather moved in, snow and wind picked up, and we were pretty mashed from the slog up (parked at nearly the bottom of the road), so we bailed. Gorgeous area though. jscampoli   2012-04-30  0     Edit Delete 
2012-03-22  Lake Como Approach  Climbed Ellingwood on Thursday (my partner did Ellingwood and Blanca). The Lake Como approach is free of snow until about 11000 feet. I drove my jeep to 10,300 (.7 miles short of Jaws I and 2.25 miles short of Lake Como) and never saw snow. The snow got deep after Lake Como and I felt snowshoes were necessary until 13,300. The snow was at it‘s deepest in the trees after Lake Como where there is now a pretty well defined trench. It‘s getting warmer but there‘s still plenty of snow up there. Photo 1: @12000 feet just above lake como Photo 2 : The south face of Ellingwood taken at 13500 Photo 3: Just below the ledges where you split for either Blanca or Ellingwood Photo 4: Just above the ledges looking back taken at 13300. Artvandalay   2012-03-24 4     Edit Delete 
2012-03-05  Northwest Ridge  Conditions are very iffy and unstable right now. If you go anytime soon be ready to turn around. I made it to 13k and had to turn around because I was having traction issues and things were too avalanchey to continue safely. I picked a line that skirted the cliffs/ledges to the north. At one point I was crossing a 15-20 degree slope and it whoomfed 25-30ft to my left. I immediately hit the rock rib and stayed there as much as I could. Up higher it looked like more of the same except steeper. Since it was so warm I was also having trouble getting my crampons and axe to bite. I was rattled and very uncomfortable because of the way the things had turned out and after debating for about an hour (I was only ~1 mile from the summit) I decided to turn around. Things were dicey on the way down as well. It‘s easy going to Lake Come. Definitely take snowshoes. Lots of post holing around Lake Como. Pics to come later. WDavis   2012-03-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-01-29  Lake Como Approach  Approach to Lake Como does not require snowshoes (2-4 inches of snow on the road). Snowshoes needed after Lake Como. There is a faint snowshoe track through the trees to the gully that leads up to Little Bear. The Blue Lakes basin is wind scoured, and with clever route finding, only occasional trail breaking and postholing was necessary. Ellingwood Point seems to hold more snow than Blanca. nkan02   2012-01-30 4     Edit Delete 
2011-10-23  Northwest Ridge  The upper parts of Lake Como Rd and up to Blue Lakes had small patches of snow here and there, but nothing of issue. After Blue Lakes and up to Crater Lake, there was mix of hard snow, no snow, and posthole to your knees snow. After Crater Lake, the tracks largely diverge and the cairns seem to point in various directions, so you can pick your poison, but I was able to do some talus hopping and stay largely on solid rocks for most of the day. An ice axe was handy for a steep, hard snow section (and the subsequent glissade!) ledhead69   2011-10-25 4     Edit Delete 
2011-10-10  Lake Como Approach  Lots of powder in the Como area. Monday morning I had to park my car below 8,500 due to snow. By 10,000 feet the snow on Como road was a about 6 - 9 inches. By the lake I was post-holing up to my knees in spots (about 2 feet). I hadn‘t brought the snow shoes so it took much longer than expected and I called it a day at Lake Como. Not sure how much will melt with warmer and drier days this week, but should be significant. By the time I got back to my car, snow below 9k was nearly gone. LynnKH   2011-10-11 4  2 1  Edit Delete 
2011-09-18  Lake Como Approach  On Sunday I hiked Blanca from Lake Como, parking at 8800. The area above 13000 is snow covered to a depth of about 6 inches. The valley down to 11000 was dusted with snow in the morning but had melted away by the afternoon. An ice axe is definitely recommended for the Blanca route above 13000. The snow made for relatively easy climbing once on the ridge, but slowed things down in the lower talus fields. Much of this may melt off if we get some dry weather -- Thursday and Friday saw heavy storms. The attached picture looks from Blanca back down the ridge toward Ellingwood. pinhead   2011-09-19 1     Edit Delete 
2011-08-10  Lake Como Approach  In regards to the bear sightings, it seems that bear has been a big problem snatching food all night. My friend hiked it last week and said that all they could hear was banging pots and whistles to try and scare the bear away. The DOW showed up and they had decided to euthanize the bear. At 5:20 the next morning they heard a gun shot and they saw the DOW had shot the bear. Sad, but did make them sleep better. etrex   2011-08-10  0     Edit Delete 
2011-08-01  Northwest Ridge  I just wanted to post a bear sighting in the vicinity of Lake Como. There was a large lone bear at the log cabin just above Lake Como. When he saw me he shimmied up a tree about 30 feet and I was able to get around him to continue hiking. Talking to others that day that had been camping in the area it seemed like that bear had been making quite a few appearances. Just wanted to let anyone know going into that area that they might get eaten if not careful. Brady Artvandalay   2011-08-02  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-26  Lake Como Approach  Blanca and Ellingwood Point are clear of snow. Summer hiking conditions are here! mrschaible   2011-06-27  0  2    Edit Delete 
2011-06-19  Northwest Ridge  First snow encountered above lake como, but snow is mostly gone. A few patches obscure the trail beyond crater lake but otherwise present no technical challenge. Ice axes, crampons, etc. are not necessary, although snow was very firm in the morning so we had to be careful in the few instances when we traversed snowfields. No notable post-holing for the descent (noonish) A report on 6/4 mentioned that the author had lost sight of the standard route upon encountering a snowfield and circumvented it by an uphill route. We unknowingly found ourselves doing the same thing, and like the original author ended up on the Ellingwood/Blanca traverse. The most natural ascent route was full of took us into the notch gully mentioned in the route description for the traverse, but was full of loose rock (helmet recommended). From here on the route was in good condition and a fun scramble to the summit, from where we could pick up the faint northwest ridge route again for the descent. We took a picture of the snowfield where we lost the trail which I will be uploading soon to clarify. bogpetre   2011-06-20  0  1    Edit Delete 
2011-05-08  Lake Como Approach  Como road was dry nearly to the lake - just short of the cabin we encountered snow. Early in the day, we didn‘t post hole, but late in the day snowshoes were definitely needed. Above the lake we were happy to have snowshoes. Ditched them at the base of the ridge of the saddle. Cornices on the ridge are easily avoided. Trip report with photos of conditions to come soon. LIV   2011-05-09  0     Edit Delete 
2011-04-10  Lake Como Approach  The road is bone dry until about 10,500, and then a mix of packed snow and bare rocks takes you to 11,200. Snowshoes are helpful past that, though certainly not 100-percent necessary. Past Lake Como I‘d plan on putting on flotation. We made it to about 12,700 before being turned around by unreal conditions, but the Sangres are still pretty hurting for snow. All the lakes and creek crossings remain thickly frozen. We had a party of three and another guy followed us, so there should be a good trail to Crater Lake if anyone plans to take advantage of the good weather the next few days. SurfNTurf   2011-04-10  0     Edit Delete 
2011-03-30  Northwest Ridge  Como Road is very dry until you start to get into the forest. Crampons weren‘t necessary as the snow was fairly soft by the time I was ascending. Used microspikes for the snow-covered portion of the road on the ascent, snowshoes from the cabin to the ledges, switched back to microspikes for the remainder of the ascent and descent back to the ledges, and snowshoes on the descent of the road (some annoying postholing in the soft snow later in the day, but not too bad). Some good plunge-stepping and glissade opportunities help shorten the descent. Photos: anna   2011-03-31 4     Edit Delete 
2011-01-23  Northwest Ridge  Tough conditions in the Como Basin. Lots of wind slab. Scree is not frozen in place. Highly variable snow, from bulletproof stuff to soft powder to unconsolidated fall-apart sugar. The bottom of the road is dry to 8800 feet. From there to 10,300, there‘s variable snow up to half a foot. Shady north aspect areas from there to Como Lake have about a foot of powder. We put in a trench, but by the end of the day many areas above treeline were windblown over. Dancesatmoonrise   2011-01-24  0     Edit Delete 

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