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Ellingwood Point  
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2014-07-04  North Ridge via South Zapata Creek  Summer conditions in the Zapata Lake area and on both Ellingwood and Blanca. The snow on the C2 couloir is gone, except for a tiny, insignificant patch near the top. esagas   2014-07-04  0  2  Edit Delete 
2014-06-13  South Face  Did the traverse from Blanca to Ellingwood today. Trail is basically clear of all snow; well any snow can be avoided for the most part. On the way to Ellingwood, we did have to cross a few snowfields, but they were only about 6 feet wide in the places where we crossed. We did not have ice axes or crampons or any ice/snow gear at all. bbass11   2014-06-13  0     Edit Delete 
2014-06-07  North Ridge via South Zapata Creek  South Zapata Creek trail is clear all the way up to South Zapata Lake. Be prepared with crampons and axe if you‘re attempting C2. Alternate route C3 is 1/2 snow covered but doable. Firechap31   2014-06-10 1     Edit Delete 
2014-05-10  North Ridge via South Zapata Creek  Snow starting about a mile before the lake. Above treeline patchy but pretty snowed in by the time you reach the lake. C2 in great shape. Snow off and on from the saddle to the last ridge. Enough snow on the final push to keep it interesting. druid2112   2014-05-13 4  7    Edit Delete 
2014-02-16  South Face  We were able to drive 4 miles in from the highway on the Lake Como Road. I have a stock 4WD 4-Runner. There is snow and mud on the first flat section of road. We had to drive in the brush next to the road to avoid it. If you care about your car, you would stop at 8,800 feet. We continued to around 9,700 feet, but it beat my car up and I got some damage. Multiple difficult rocky sections where a spotter helps or having a modified 4WD would do the trick. Lake Como Shed is in good shape. We covered the door with a tarp that we brought. It is still there. Snowshoe and boot track to the summit. Multiple steep snow slopes in the upper basin. There was a lot of snow. The snow seemed stable. No obvious avalanche signs were identified, however, it was scary being in avalanche terrain. Mickeys Grenade   2014-02-17 4  1    Edit Delete 
2014-02-01  South Face  I drove 1 mile in from the highway with a stock 4WD on the Lake Como Road. People have been getting stuck on the snow covered road. There were tire tracks next to the road in the brush that I used. I stopped after a mile. I didn‘t want to push my luck in the dark. I car camped at 7,800 feet. Things went well all the way to the cabin at Lake Como. Above that there was a lot of wallowing trying to break trail. I made it to the Blue Lakes at 12,150, except everything was white and I couldn‘t see a thing. It was snowing hard and visibility was poor. I decided to turn around. There was more snow above Lake Como then I was expecting. It was a long tough day for me. I left the car at 3 a.m. and got back at 4:30 p.m. Mickeys Grenade   2014-02-02 4  4 1  Edit Delete 
2013-10-25  South Face  10/14 peak conditions report was about the same that we experienced today 10/25, 5" or so of solid snow above 12k, which turned to soft powder above 13k, at which point I found microspikes helpful; some waste deep post-holing above 13k when descending Ellingwood via a gully, quite unpleasant. It snowed on us most of the day. Road was snow covered and icy in spots above 11k as you enter the forest/shade. We had camped at 10k just before the steepest part of the road switchbacks up to the right. If we had gone another 0.25 miles or so and few hundred feet in elevation, then we would have found some more suitable space to park and camp. BrentRichter   2013-11-02  0     Edit Delete 
2013-10-05  Southwest Ridge  Totally dry. Some very small and inconsequential packs of snow on the SW ridge. All avoidable. The Lake Como approach is damp and muddy in a few places, but no big deal. stoopdude   2013-10-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-19  Blanca and Ellingwood  Traversing from Little Bear to Blanca, then walking the saddle between Blanca and Ellingwood I experienced a minimal amount of snow on the ridge down Blanca. My dad and I experienced no snow as we started our ascent from the saddle to the summit of Ellingwood Point. Clean as a whistle back down the trail to Como Lake. CMCMG   2012-09-21  0     Edit Delete 
2012-06-05  Southwest Ridge  There was no snow anywhere on the route. This is a great route. When I finished I traversed to Blanca. Great day! Nelson   2012-06-06  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-18  South Face  Climbing ellingwood from South Zapata Lake and took north (?) ridge to the summit. Snow forces some harder moves but nothing was icy and nothing got above class four. Snow coulior to ridge was in great condition foxbox   2012-05-22  0     Edit Delete 
2011-06-26  Blanca and Ellingwood  Blanca and Ellingwood Point are clear of snow. Summer hiking conditions are here! mrschaible   2011-06-27  0     Edit Delete 
2011-03-26  South Face  Skied Ellingwood and had a contiuous line from the false summit (bump), right before the summit. Parked at 8,800‘ and hiked up the road to reach snow near 10,300‘. Skinned the remaining road and all the way to 13,300‘ where I switched to crampons and climbed unconsolidated, trap-crust snow to the ridge and left to the summit. Blanca has no snow for a ski descent and Ellingwood won‘t hold what it has much longer if the Sangres don‘t get some good spring snow, soon. BillMiddlebrook   2011-03-28 4     Edit Delete 
2011-01-23  South Face  Ellingwood‘s South Face holds a lot of unconsolidated sugar snow and facets, topped off by a thin, breakable crust layer. There was almost no sign whatsoever of slabs or consolidation of any kind above 12,800‘. Above 13,500‘ we found heavily rimed boulders and rocks protruding out of the snow pack, with unconsolidated sugar filling in the space between them. Due to the nature of the breakable crust, the unconsolidated snow, and the loose talus underneath it, it took our party an hour and a half to climb 500‘. Climbing and skiing on this face in its current condition is not recommended. See Dancesatmoonrise‘s Blanca conditions update for info on the Blue Lakes area and the Lake Como Road. benners   2011-01-27 2     Edit Delete 

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