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Summit Peak  
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2014-08-17  South and North Ridges  I went over the summit of Summit south to north, as part of the three-bagger with Unicorn and Montezuma. The north ridge of Summit does "go" but that‘s the only nice thing I have to say about it. Expect occasional scrambling with lose rock and scree fields at the angle of repose, and for your route to deviate 100-200‘ from the ridge proper. Test every hand and foothold. The south ridge is all grass and much more agreeable. TravelingMatt   2014-08-18  0       
2012-10-06  Standard  Dry. All of the Eastern San Juans (SE of 160) are still dry. Brown slopes, low water levels, and small amounts of snow/ice in northern facing aspects higher than ~12,800. Dry otherwise. Fletch   2012-10-08  0       

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