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2016-07-18  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Summer conditions all around. Maybe have to take one step in snow. Just a trickle of water on the hourglass, again, avoidable. Here is a time lapse of my hike for reference: 
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2016-07-17  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: The hourglass has a small snowfield still below it as noted in a previous CR. It is easily by-passable on either side. The hourglass itself had a tiny but of water, but is easily avoidable. There are now 4 ropes total. The typical one hanging from a central anchor that has 3 ropes partially entangled in eachother. There is also a new rope anchored higher up and to the right side of the gully above the constriction. (See picture) The central ropes look to be in very bad shape, have numerous knots in an attempt to "repair" sections with core damage. Most notably, the orange color rope is cut about 3/4 of the way through not far from the anchor point. As usual, I would NOT trust these ropes at all. Once above the hourglass, lots of loose rock ready to fall. My partner and I stuck far climber's left and found it a bit more "solid" up there. (Just as Roach recommends) It's a bit more exposed in places (Roach notes it can go class 5 in areas) but I personally found it the best route to minimize knocking rocks down and staying on my feet. 
RyGuy  2016-07-17   1      1       
2016-07-16  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Climbed the West Ridge/Southwest Face route this morning own essentially summer conditions. Awesome conditions and bluebird skies all day. MINIMAL water coming down the hourglass with no storms over the last two days. There is a small patch of snow at the base of the hourglass, but it is avoidable with some route finding. Per usual, the ropes aren't in great condition and I wouldn't trust them, but they could come in handy for a handhold here and there. Looks like someone set up another rope/rappel on the climbers right above the usual anchor. It looked steeper over there so we went to the left so I have no idea on the status of that rope. For the record, the climbers left seemed much easier coming down once we could see the cairns, but the best left route was more to the left than we thought it would be and took a spicier route up the middle of the upper face on the way up. The mosquitos were absurd at Lake Como even with copious amounts of bug spray. 
LivingOnTheEdge  2016-07-16   0             
2016-07-10  Route: Northwest Face
Info: There is a small, avoidable pocket of snow midway up the NW face, but otherwise the route is bone-dry. The traverse to Blanca and Ellingwood was also dry and solid. On our descent we forced a 50m glissade above Crater Lake so we could justify our decision to carry axes, but they're really not necessary at this point in the season. 
fakejox  2016-07-11   5      1       
2016-07-09  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Gully from Como Lake road is clear of snow. Traverse on ridge toward Hourglass is clear of snow. There are a few snowfields below the Hourglass.. One directly below. But you can pretty easily get around it either to the left or to the right before entering the Hourglass. We went around to the right of it (south) before climbing the Hourglass. The Hourglass is relatively dry now, with only a little water running down the middle. (probably because of the lack of recent rain). No spontaneous falling rock when we went up, maybe we were lucky. 
bdloftin77  2016-07-09   0             
2016-07-04  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Climbed LB on 07/04. Conditions were really good. The traverse was a little tricky b/c the cairns are small and I started really earlier so it was still dark. There was a little snow that you needed to traverse below the hour glass. I climbed to the top of the snow and made sure I had good holds on the rock while stepping on the snow. I did not use crampons or an axe. The top of the snow lead me directly to the bottom of the hourglass. The hourglass is very wet but the left side was much more dry so I stayed as far left as possible. I used the rope once or twice, did not rely on it fully however. Be safe and have fun! 
rlynde  2016-07-04   3      1       
2016-07-01  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Lake Como Rd is in fine shape, insanely rocky and technical as always. Started hiking just before Jaws 1 around 10200ft. The approach gully from Como Lake to the SW face is completely snow free and just dirt. Same for the traverse over to the Hourglass, snow is a non-issue. There are still several large snowfields at the base of the Hourglass. We were able to avoid them all by staying to climbers left into the base of the Hourglass. There is a fair amount of water still flowing down the Hourglass so expect some wet cold hands if you climb the gut. As of 7/1 several ropes existed in the Hourglass, one had a fairly large core shot about halfway down (green if I recall) and the orange rope had a smaller shot about 2/3 of the way down. Don't use the ropes on the ascent without being able to inspect them, as damage already exists and more could easily happen any day. The upper slope above the Hourglass was snowfree so take extreme care with rockfall. We did not do the traverse due to constant storms and tons of rain, but it looked snowfree and in good shape otherwise. 
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2016-06-18  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Attempted the hourglass route on Little Bear, started around 2:30AM from about 10,300' on the road. The lower portion of the road has improve *a little* (evidence of grater/bulldozer moving rocks around). The gulley from the lake had intermittent snow to the notch. The traverse from the notch to the base of the hourglass is almost 100% dry, some small snowfields that can be avoided. Snow was rock solid all the way up until ~9:30AM. The hourglass itself has snow from the base to about where the lower section of ropes are anchored in. We decided to call off attempting the summit at about 13,600' due to ice bridges (snow in the hourglass in some parts had a 3 foot gap of air/running water underneath the snow layer, as well as verglas on the left side). I certainly didn't want to stick around to experience what happens when those pockets of ice/snow collapse and begin to slide down the lower portion/slabs of the hourglass. 
nsaladin  2016-06-20   5   2   2       
2016-05-30  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Still a lot of snow. Icy in places in the hourglass, but no ice bulge requiring special maneuvering. Snow was pretty soft in most of the hourglass and gully. We used crampons for much of the traverse. Lots of post holing in the early afternoon on the far side of the lake and on the traverse. Nice glissade through the gully and no hidden rocks coming down. No new avy debris by noon today, but gully, traverse and hourglass all had evidence of pinwheels or rollerballs from previous days. One skier descent through the hourglass. 
TheseThousandHills  2016-05-30   0             
2016-05-23  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Snow started patchy a little less than a mile to Lake Como, became constant and deep around the lake, bring some sort of floatation. Evidence of small wet slides in the area, get the weather right and there may be more. The hourglass was in great shape- about ideal conditions. There were a few bulges of ice that were easily avoided. The traverse across was spotty with snow, you can mostly rock hop or stay on the ridge. Be careful out there! 
koeffling  2016-05-24   4      3       
2016-03-19  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Got really lucky with the Hourglass, but who knows how long these conditions will last. The gully is pretty solid, was able to kickstep into someone else's butt mark (thank you, previous glissader!) and for the most part avoid sugar. The back side of the ridge is snow free until past the second notch, not far from the hourglass apron. From there the snow was solid up and into the hourglass. Lots of kickstepping fun. The hourglass was great, solid snow up and even past the Y. I went to the right and managed an almost continuous snow line all the way to the summit. There are 2 modest ice bulges in the hourglass, but both can be skirted. However, I don't really know how or why those things form so who knows, they could be the size of a bus by now for all I know. Weather was clear and crisp. The wind got pretty steady and cold at the top. It should be noted I got an early start. Summited at 0830, back my camp at the lake at 1100. Not sure how much things might have softened up after that. 
druid2112  2016-03-20   5   1          
2016-03-17  Route: Southwest Ridge
Info: Parked at 8,200 ft at the intersection of 21st and Grant only a short way up the 4WD rd. (This is about 1 mile BELOW the TH, Not sure if this is legal or not - I just put a note on my car and hoped for the best) You will defiantly need high clearance, more than 8" to make it up this road The route is mostly snow free and NO winter gear was used except for waterproof boots of course, although others may find microspikes and gaiters useful in a few spots. Included a couple pics, Upper hour glass looks very thin, and the little I could see of Blanca looked windswept. Beware...This route is a BEAST... 
illusion7il  2016-03-18   5             
2016-03-05  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Summited on Saturday March 5, 2016 via Hourglass. Road became impassable just below Jaws .5. Made it to 9730 in stock Jeep Wrangler. A stuck 4Runner blocked road at that point. Hiked to Lake Como. Some in our party wore just boots, other snowshoes. It was soft and we postholed quite a bit especially just before lake. Lake Como was frozen solid, soft drifted snow all around. Snow was sugary in lower couloir. Used snowshoes from Lake Como to halfway up it. South face was mostly clear just below ridge but solid snow to base of Hourglass - used crampons to cross this section and all the way to summit. Again, snow was not bad in Hourglass but soft in places, sugary in others and icy elsewhere. 
Alan Arnette  2016-03-06   7   2   1       
2016-02-14  Route: Northwest Face
Info: Solid trench in place up the road and several parties there this weekend. NW face has mostly sloughed but there are still a few soft spots. We went left of the hand and Grimpeur led a mini M4 pitch - maybe avoidable right of the hand? Stayed right of the main snow gully and slogged up to the ridge (accessed on the left side of the gully). Ridge to LB was spicy with wind but mostly dry. Descent down hourglass was springlike and fast. The slope traverse was still somewhat frozen but I‘d recommend not touching it after noon. Tension cracks and iffy once it heats up. N gully was powdery but mostly stable on climber‘s right. 
Monster5  2016-02-15   0      2       
2016-01-23  Route: South-West Ridge
Info: Made it to about a mile below the TH in a Subaru Forester and found a very reasonable route through treeline across Tobin Creek. Right after the creek crossing I went east and gained an obvious ridge that took me to the main SW ridge. Some areas of deep snow were sporadic and then none above treeline until the Mama Bear Traverse. There was a good amount of snow on the traverse and it was very loose and dry. If you feel comfortable of class 3/4 terrain it should not deter you from attempting this route. I did not bring snowshoes. I used an ice axe at the end of the traverse but never put on my crampons. Over all I would say this route is in good shape and is a "safe" way to climb LB right now. 
paulbarish  2016-01-25   0   3          
2015-09-26  Route: Little Bear-to-Blanca Traverse
Info: I solo climbed Little Bear, Blanca, and Ellingwood starting from Lake Como on the 26th. Conditions and weather were excellent. Beginning with Little Bear, the Hourglass actually wasnt nearly as technically challenging as I expected. Id say climbing never exceeded 3rd class the entire time. Theres a very small trickle of water that you can easily avoid. Just be careful early in the morning though, as much of it was frozen solid and could be a significant hazard if you cant avoid it all together. Rock fall danger is definitely a threat in there as well, so be very careful if there are other climbers present. The LB-Blanca ridge was incredible and definitely the gnarliest traverse Ive ever done. The exposure and difficulties are relentless for the entire distance. One notable feature that I feel like people should be aware of comes about halfway across the ridge. As you approach one of the headwalls, youll hit a gap on the ridge crest. Although its tempting, you should NOT try to cross directly over this gap. Its actually quite easy to backtrack a few yards and just go down to the left around this wall. The rock on most of the ridge, including this area, is pretty rotten and trying to jump across that gap could quickly turn into a fatal mistake. There quite a few other spots where you have to decide whether to cross directly up and over some small towers or skirt around the ledges. The dangers come from either traversing along the exposed face or having to downclimb the narrow and crumbly ridge each time, your choice. Other than that, it‘s just a matter of staying focused and moving deliberately with each step and hand hold. Overall, it was a beautiful fall day in the Sangres. These conditions wont last much longer, so get it while you can. 
r_grizz  2015-09-28   0             
2015-09-20  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: First gully to the ridge is long, loose, but mostly just a grind on slippery class 2 scree. Hourglass is pretty dry, very few little tiny trickles of ice here and there. Definitely still in very good condition. There are up to 4 fixed ropes, the longest one, and the one you see first, is a blue one and is in alright condition. Later it turns into the salmon colored one that you see at the anchor. We used it only on the way down to hold onto, putting full bodyweight on it at times. There are a lot of knots to isolate abraded sheathing, and we added a few more. Note that because of all the knots, don‘t expect to rap off this rope. 
ezabielski  2015-09-20   0   8          
2015-09-16  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Took ATV to Lake Como. 2 hour trip with two packs and two guys on the ATV-NEVER AGAIN...Bill, from Salida, "You were right!" We got there and back, but I need my ATV in one piece-so no more. NO bear issues-canistered and hung food anyway. Actually saw a bear carcass around southwest side of the lake. If you go, pick up some trash to help out those who don‘t feel the need to carry out their trash. We took out a lot, but more is there. Despite 2 days of the peak shrouded in clouds, the trail, Hour Glass and upper reaches are mostly dry and fine (small trickle of water down Hourglass). Ropes: the lower orange ropes are sketchy, at best. The green rope is good, but is nicked about 20 feet from the bottom. Above that it looks fine should you want to use it. Saw one other guy at summit headed across the traverse to Blanca and Ellingwood. Looks like a nice few days ahead for climbing in the Sangres. Enjoy if you can get there! No photos. 
salty  2015-09-16   0   1          
2015-09-12  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Climbed Little Bear on a beautiful Saturday morning. Left Lake Como at 6:10 AM and summited at 9:40 AM. A couple thoughts: - The route is described as Class 4 but it seemed more like Class 3 to me. Little Bear is closer in route difficulty to Snowmass than either Capitol or North Maroon in my book. - The route description says to stay to the right side of the gully that starts at 12,000 feet. We actually climbed up solid rock on the left side of the gully and this made the gully a fun, quick section. Whatever you do, avoid doing a scree slog by going right up the middle of the gully. 
awpalmer27  2015-09-13   0   1          
2015-09-07  Route: West Ridge and Southwest Face
Info: Was 1 of about 8 or 9 ppl that reached the summit of LB on Monday. The peak is dry. Minimal water flowing down the Hourglass. Two ropes are available in the Hourglass and are in good shape, should you want/need to use them. Start early and bring/wear a helmet. 
Grover  2015-09-07   0             

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