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Mt. Sherman  
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2015-03-28  Route: South Slope
Info: The road can be driven until one mile below leavick mine which sounds like standard winter closure (and same condition as was posted 3/25). There was evidence of vehicles attempting to drive past this point and apparently becoming stuck (holes in snow with sticks for traction). There were a handful of groups on variations of the south slopes today. Groups favored the eastern side of the south slopes which has lower slope angles and less snow than the middle of the south face. We did not observe any evidence of unstable wind slabs which had been mentioned in CAIC reports for several days this week. There is a small cornice in saddle between Sherman and Sheridan, and it was warm enough today that wet slides should be a consideration. We found a ski-able line from Sherman‘s summit to the car with some tight spots between exposed rocks on the eastern side of south slopes and two very brief sections of walking (rocks on upper middle portion of south slopes and bare ground near 12,000‘). Snow coverage on the road below treeline is thin in places and appears to be melting quickly. 
a day in the life  2015-03-28   1         Edit  Delete
2015-03-25  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Road up four mile creek was in good condition. Some snow, but a 2wd car could make it to about a mile below leavick. From there, used snowshoes until I had to turn around. Made great time as the snow was in good condition, however it quickly turned into a whiteout about 200ft below hilltop mine. Had to turn around because of conditions and time, as I had places to be. Could have made it if I had more time on my hands, but since I was pressed for time I couldn‘t wait out the storm. Couldn‘t see the ridge at all, but I heard it had a large cornice the day before and the slope looked very loaded (at least the small bit I could see). Recommend crampons, ice axe, and snowshoes/skis. Good luck, will be trying again soon! 
dweiss2  2015-03-27   0         Edit  Delete
2015-02-14  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Road is fine for passenger cars up to the normal winter closure site. Snowshoes were a big help on the approach, though you could make it without them. Road was mostly snow-free after that and can easily be navigated, though microspikes/yaktrax help. The standard route goes toward the ridge after the Hilltop Mine, but it‘s covered in snow and overhung with cornices. Instead, you can go NW up the face and re-join the standard route at the flat area on top. There were snow fields up the face and along the ridge to the top, but nothing that would have required crampons. The ridge to ~14000 feet was extremely windy, but was fine at the summit. 
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2015-01-21  Route: South Slope
Info: I climbed today via the SW Ridge and skied the South slopes. The ascent is as expected. I had to take the skis off twice to cross bare spots and I used crampons and an ax to get up on the ridge. The top 1000 ft of skiing was horrible. The slope is completely wind hammered. I had to down climb 200 ft. To get by rocks. I was incredibly lucky with the weather. Although it snowed a lot in Fairplay it didn‘t start snowing on the route till after 2pm. 
Nelson  2015-01-21   0         Edit  Delete
2015-01-17  Route: South Slope
Info: Did the South Slope with asarsam yesterday, it was sunny, cold and windy. Sherman got 5-7 inches of fresh snow the night before, deep powder about 12,500 feet. Sherman shows some great ski from summit to about 12,000 feet. We broke trail from winter closure to all the way to the summit, but about 11,500 feet the blowing snow covered all our tracks. We used snowshoes going up and just micro-spikes coming down. Driving with my Subaru Outback to the winter closure TH was not a problem, some snow and icy spots here and there. 
javy20040  2015-01-18   0   3      Edit  Delete
2015-01-02  Route: South Slope
Info: Snow was continuous from the road to the summit. We used snowshoes for the entire ascent and I rode from the summit back down to the road. We also used snowshoes along the road though the snow was a little light in a few places. The trailhead was just as noted on 12/31. Vehicle tracks, partially snowed in, went up to the traditional winter closure. I parked my stock Tacoma with average tires maybe 1.5 miles back from that spot. A couple other high-clearance vehicles parked alongside me. 
MarkMadness  2015-01-04   6   1   2   Edit  Delete
2014-12-07  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: My hike started from the winter trail head at 11,000. The total trip was 10.2 miles and 3500 feet. Snowshoes are not necessary. I used microspikes from 13,700 to the summit. They were very useful and I‘m glad I had them. The route is in great condition from bottom to top and very doable. Just watch out for a couple of ice patches between the summer trailhead and the closed gate. Once the sun is on them they are treacherous. 
Nelson  2014-12-07   0         Edit  Delete
2014-11-09  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: You can avoid snow to the saddle. After that it is firmly packed to the summit. 
dash83  2014-11-09   0         Edit  Delete
2014-10-25  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Some snow, mainly higher up. Some care might be needed gaining the saddle and a few spots on the ridge. Recommend poles. We used our MicroSpikes on the way down, but not on the way up. 
MountainHiker  2014-10-25   4         Edit  Delete
2014-10-18  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Snow here and there on the trail...deeper snow before the summit but nothing crazy. Neither snowshoes nor microspikes really required, even to get down 
Fr3ako  2014-10-18   2         Edit  Delete
2014-10-11  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Drove all the way to gate. We started hiking around 7:30 and had limited visibility so we had to keep looking for route, which was also covered in snow. You can get an idea where the road/trail is but still a little tricky. The wind really picked up once you gained the ridge, which made it more difficult to see. Postholed a lot is an understatement since i think we were the first ones to gain summit. Some drifts were quite deep, especially on ridge. We made summit and then started to descend only to find that our tracks had already been covered by the wind. As we got closer to the saddle visibility started to open up and we could see all the way down. 
kc_hiking  2014-10-11   0         Edit  Delete
2014-10-05  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Some snow once on the ridge but it isn‘t too bad. I was in trail runners and never wished I had anything heavier. Never felt the need for gaiters or traction either. 
skik2000  2014-10-06   0         Edit  Delete
2014-09-14  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: The road and trail were completely clear of any snow; in fact there was no evidence of any of the recent snowfall anywhere on the mountain. The ridgeline from the saddle up to the summit was INSANELY I‘ve never experienced before on a 14er before; but the summit itself was pleasant and just a tad breezy. 
bdavis  2014-09-15   1         Edit  Delete
2014-08-31  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Trail was dry the entire way. We had some super gusty winds on the ridge, but then it was very calm on the summit. We also had a little bit of snow showers, but none of the snow stuck. 
vusteph  2014-09-01   0         Edit  Delete
2014-07-11  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: There are only two small snow fields beneath the saddle. Neither field is more than 50 feet across. Poles are helpful, but both fields can be traversed without poles or traction. There is lingering snow at the summit, but it doesn‘t interfere with the trail. The snow on Sherman was pretty tricky last month, but it has finally melted to the point where Sherman is now a good choice for folks looking for a relatively easy first 14er hike. 
benmetz  2014-07-12   1         Edit  Delete
2014-07-06  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Info: Beautiful day to hike Mount Sherman from Iowa Gulch trailhead. Getting to the trailhead was fine on a 2wd SUV. There was one section of a rock slide about .25 miles from the trailhead that could be tricky for a car with limited clearance. The trail beginning had only a few swampy sections, but easily traversed by jumping some rocks. There was a few patches of snow on the trail, but nothing that couldn‘t be walked around. 
dpradas  2014-07-06   0         Edit  Delete
2014-07-03  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Other than a snow bank before the saddle (that can mostly be avoided), the trail is clear up to the summit. No need for any traction. For a faster decent, take the slide that somebody carved out in the snow bank. 
awake  2014-07-03   0         Edit  Delete
2014-07-01  Route: South Slope
Info: Nice climb up the drainage. Started at 0615 and snow was solid. Climbed with BD Contact Strap crampons over trail shoes and trekking poles. Snow almost all the way to the summit except for a 500‘ talus climb under the summit snowfield. Very foggy, couldn‘t see the summit until I reached it. Got back to the drainage/road intersection at 0945. Snow was still solid, no post-holing at all. 
Vinny  2014-07-01   0         Edit  Delete
2014-06-28  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: As I think was everywhere on Saturday pretty cloudy and windy. Anyways its pretty much smooth sailing aside from a sizeable snowfield. I started around 5:45AM and it was still rock hard for me. Microspikes would be nice for this patch if you go early, else just wait til later when things soften up and you can kick. I used rocks myself, but trekking poles or any other equivalent would perhaps work nicer. On a positive note there is a carved out glissade slide that is very fun. 
cordisimo  2014-06-28   0   1      Edit  Delete
2014-06-20  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: I didn‘t intend to hike a 14er Friday but finding myself at the Colorado Trail TH at Kenosha Pass with only one mountain bike cleat (lord knows where I left the other one) I decided to push past the pass and into mining country to kill time until I could purchase a replacement shoe. I concluded it was time to check the Sherman box. The road is clear to the gate and driving a Prius I was able to make it the last pullout just before the gate without any trouble. The gate was open. There are a couple of small patches of snow between the gate and the slope to the saddle. Neither pose technical challenges. The slope to the saddle holds a 100‘-200‘ slope of snow. A staircase has been kicked in for the entire ascent up the slope. Adjacent to the staircase is a deep(ening) glissade channel. The summit is holding snow but nothing technical. Snow was firm at 9:30, but by 11:00am it was softening. I post-holed the first step of the decent down the slope, and opted for a standing glissade down. Wearing trailrunners I made the ascent in ~1h25m, and the descent in ~35m. 
tlongpine  2014-06-23   0         Edit  Delete

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