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Mt. Sherman  
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2013-03-31  South Slope  We skinned to the summit from Leavick today. Skinny in some spots on the 4wd. Snow was in good shape on South Slopes from summit down to where it mellows out and then good again to 4wd road. Gemeni looks like a good ski right now. XC Snowboarder   2013-03-31  0  1  Edit Delete 
2013-02-08  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  The weather looked so good today, as compared to the weekend, I decided to swap my day off from tomorrow to today. It was a good move. The weather was great on the mountain today. I carried snowshoes, but never used them. My gaiters and microspikes were useful in spots, but not critical. The only real accumulation of snow was in the bowl beneath the Sherman/Sheridan saddle (pics 1 and 2). I simply stayed to the right of the snow and made my way up to the dark rock on the ridge (extreme right of #1). The ridgeline itself was pretty clear (#3). Mike Cormier   2013-02-08 3  2    Edit Delete 
2013-01-26  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Made it to the same spot as previous, just slightly below the summer trailhead. Road blocked by ice. DON‘T park on the ice sheet, someone‘s car slid and domino‘d several other cars into each other. The road/trail is almost completely clear the entire way, there are patches of ice intermittently up towards the large structure at the back of the valley. I kicked some steps up maybe 50 feet of snow to gain the ridge, but others were veering a little farther south and walking up, no issues with traction (though microspikes might be a good idea). Upper ridge had a little snow, what existed was almost rock solid and I plunged through to my knee less than 10 times the entire day. Cake. speth   2013-01-26  0  1    Edit Delete 
2013-01-18  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  TH conditions are the same from the last report. Made within 200 yards of the summer TH gate. Big ice sheet blocks the rest of the way. Climbed Sherman via standard route today. It‘s still a safe option. There wasn‘t much snow, less than 6", before the last 200-300 ft. push up to gain the ridge. Snow was knee deep but I stayed on top pretty well. I varied from the standard route slightly so I could take the safest route up and over the cornice. The cornice is still pretty small. After I gained the ridge the climbing was cake besides the wind. 30-40 constant with 50+ gusts. Blew me over a few times. I used microspikes going up until I gained the ridge then just booted it up to the summit. No traction aid on the way down. Not sure I could have climbed it much faster in the summer. Flew in from 1k feet yesterday. Started 6:00 Summit 9:05 Car 11:00 ThuChad   2013-01-18 4     Edit Delete 
2013-01-13  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  You can drive to within 200yrds of the summer gate with a AWD/4x4. This morning was COLD. Snowshoes were not needed. Microspikes are definately nice to have. winmag4582001   2013-01-13 4  6 1  Edit Delete 
2013-01-01  South Slope  Road conditions for the Fourmile Creek TH are the same as was posted by climbingbiz on 12/29. We parked just above the Leavick Mine site, on the left in the big pull out. Snowshoes were left at the truck. Spikes were not needed, but there is some ice on the road farther up, but can be avoided by going on the right side of it, in the snow. Ascended S slopes, descended S slopes. Cold frickn day. Pix: 1.) S slopes route, taken on our descent. Note: the gully we came down is low angle and we thought it to be safe and efficient by plunge stepping down. 2.) Closeup of Sheridan/Sherman saddle, where the SW ridge route typically is gained in summer. 3.) Sheridan‘s NE ridge and connecting saddle with Sherman 4.) Looking down from near the summit, looking at Fourmile Cr rd/valley d_baker   2013-01-01 4  1    Edit Delete 
2012-12-29  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Road is blocked with snow near 11,000ft by a few snow drifts, but still mostly clear otherwise. Snowshoes are not needed, though micro spikes came in handy a few times. The summer route goes through a large snow drift on saddle between sherman and sheridan that is best avoided. I took a more direct route just to the right of the snow, though there was a good amount of loose rock. climbingbiz   2012-12-31 2     Edit Delete 
2012-11-09  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Drove all the way to the gate on my 2WD corolla just fine. Very windy at the top, 20-30mph sustained with gusts. The last 100-200ft of elevation has some snow/ice but if you keep well to the right as you exit the drainage around 13,800‘ you‘ll find it easier to reach the top, it‘s a bit longer but worth it. leonel8a   2012-11-09 2     Edit Delete 
2012-11-03  West Slopes from Iowa Gulch  Small amount of snow on the summit ridge. No need for traction or snowshoes yet though. Similar conditions on Dyer, Gemini, and Sheridan. Drove all the way to the gate. Small amount of snow and ice on the road - but easily passable by just about any car. alpinenut   2012-11-03  0     Edit Delete 
2012-10-22  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Road was completely dry and in great shape. The gate at 12,000 was actually open and road was easily passable beyond the first mine at 12,300 if you‘re up for it. Little to no snow to speak of the entire route. The little bit of snow present did not cover the trail at any point. Winds were approximately 20-25mph at summit out of the west and temp was 25 up top at 9AM. slider175   2012-10-22  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-10-13  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Reached the summit around 10am on Saturday. Roughly an inch or two of snow on the way up, two to ten or so on the way back (due to drifts). Was still snowing when I left, so I‘m not sure what the final amount was. Had micro spikes with me, but didn‘t end up using them. The final incline before the summit ridge had brutal, constant winds--I ended up crawling up roughly 150 yards from the final saddle as I was nearly knocked over several times (I‘m roughly 6‘2", 205 lbs, so it was really going). Visibility was roughly 20 yards or so near the summit, about a 1/4 of a mile towards the TH. Weenus   2012-10-15 3     Edit Delete 
2012-10-03  West Slopes from Iowa Gulch  Clear of snow and ice until basically the saddle of Sherman and Sheridan. Snow and ice is present on the ridge to summit of Sherman, just tread carefully- no need for spikes in my opinion. Winds however....constant brutally epic wind blowing West to East (the entire way up the west slopes). On the ridge, the wind was so strong my girlfriend was having problems walking the entire way. LetsGoMets   2012-10-03  0     Edit Delete 
2012-09-30  West Slopes from Iowa Gulch  Road is dry to trailhead. Very little snow along the trail up to the SW Ridge. Some hard-packed, icy spots along the SW Ridge but nothing that necessitates traction aids. UPDATE 10/2: Most of the snow has already melted. Still a couple of icy spots on the upper part of the ridge, but nothing significant. anna   2012-09-30 3  2    Edit Delete 
2012-07-10  Standard  Road is in great shape, we saw many standard 2WD cars at the gate. Route is in excellent shape. If you go early like we did the rocks may be slick from the frost. Add Sheridan if you can the views are amazing! MTGOAT72   2012-07-11  0       
2012-06-01  West Slopes from Iowa Gulch  This website provides a more accurate distance from Leadville than the Roach guidebook. It is around 7 miles from town. Just before the second powerline crosses the road is where you start. No snow to speak of. A few "spots" must be crossed. And, the summit ridge is snow covered, but mainly flat and not of concern. Fast route, big wind yesterday. We made it up and down with a moderate/slow pace in less than 4 hours (car to car). aaron479   2012-06-02  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-25  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Weather was lovely, not nearly as windy as I had expected having done Sherman before. Part of the main trail between 12000‘ and 13000‘ is covered in snow, so we opted to scramble up the scree to a point higher up on the ridge instead of traversing the saddle. (Microspikes would have made taking the normal trail a piece of cake, but we didn‘t have any.) Descending, the snowy saddle made for amazing glissading. Picture attached as proof. There wasn‘t this much snow above 13000‘. Overall a pretty easy hike, microspikes potentially recommended if you want to climb the snowy saddle but not needed if you are down for some scree. My 26th summit and one of our group‘s first. (He absolutely loved it and has been infected with the climbing bug. Mission accomplished.) conspiracie   2012-05-27 1     Edit Delete 
2012-05-19  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  The upper trailhead is open and clear, but a bit rough for 2WD. The summer trail is not broken through the snow yet. The winter alternative takes a short cut to the saddle with few switchbacks and crosses a snow field with well-placed footholds. Microspikes and an ice axe might make a climber more comfortable but are not required. The ridge has very little ice or snow on it. dswink   2012-05-20  0     Edit Delete 
2012-05-15  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Newly arrived to Colorado from a much lower elevation I was looking for a training/first climb. Sherman was convenient and is ranked by many as the easiest 14er, so that seemed like a logical choice. On 5-14-12 I got a very late start on a beautiful day and drove to the gate on the 4-mile side. The road is in good condition. I have a 4-wheel pickup but I saw a lady in a Subaru drive past the gate (which was open) and further up the road a ways. There is no snow on any section of the road. On the ridge above the hillside mine structure there is abundant, firm snow that will take you all the way to the saddle. There is a small cornice at the top but it is very manageable. The snow is perfect for kicking steps and no traction is needed. Headaches, wooziness and the late hour dictated that the saddle would be the “summit” of my day. I got some trail intel from a local that I met in the saddle. He advised that the Iowa Gulch approach is easier in spring with less snow. He also told me he had turned back short of the summit due to “icy” conditions. Both proved inaccurate. On 5-15 I started earlier from the Iowa Gulch side (and must have acclimated some, because I felt better). The dirt road is in good shape, easily passable for a passenger car and there is a good parking area at the closed gate at the end of the road. This approach is considerably longer and there is a lot more snow than on the other side, the kind you traverse between open patches of talus…and the kind where you post hole on the return in the afternoon. If you are looking for “easiest”, I would suggest approaching from the Four Mile side. I found nothing “icy’ on the ridge to the summit. There are a few muddy patches, but no need for traction devices and the snow on top is firm. Sorry, I can not upload photos with my connection. scrambling   2012-05-16  0  1    Edit Delete 
2012-05-05  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Fourmile Creek Road is open and clear of snow all the way to the gate at 12,000 ft and the gate is open and several vehicles drove a little further (less then a 1/4 mile) up until the road was partially covered by a snow field. I expect the road to be completely open to Hilltop mine within two weeks. I had hopes of ascending the South Slopes snow route, but that route has less than 20% snow cover. I ended up using the standard route which was mostly clear of snow. From Hilltop Mine the trail is partially covered by snow up to the Sheridan/Sherman saddle at 13,100 ft. Avoid avalanche risk by ascending the western side of the snowfield by the rocks. There is a 200ft cornice hazard on the midsection of the snowfield. There are tracks where people have been glissading down from the ridge on the far eastern side of the snow field. From the saddle the southwest ridge is free of most of the snow until the final broad ridge to the true summit, where there is a very consolidated snow pack with very minimal to no exposure. I didn‘t use my micro spikes and I only used my ice ax for the glissade. I would recommend trekking poles for added stability on the snowfields. The north ridge of Sherman (to Gemini Peak) has some wind slab issues, but nothing too hazardous. Photo 1: snowfield from Hilltop Mine to the saddle Photo 2: from the summit looking back at the snow packed ridge Photo 3: Sherman/Gimini/Dryer from the south (Sheridan summit) Photo 4: Glissade point off of east side of Sheridan wtrimble   2012-05-05 4     Edit Delete 
2012-04-22  Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek  Co Rd 18 gets muddy and rutted near the approach to the gate closure at 12,000 feet, so I recommend passenger cars park a bit lower. Patches of snow on the lower part of the route give way to a good big snow field just below the 13,150 foot ridge. This snow field has no post holing and can be traversed in boots (no spikes needed, though helpful). From the saddle to the top snow on the trail in spots, again no spikes needed. Go hike it now before the melting of the snow takes away the fun glissade off the ridge! atbaritone   2012-04-23  0     Edit Delete 

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