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2014-06-28  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: As I think was everywhere on Saturday pretty cloudy and windy. Anyways its pretty much smooth sailing aside from a sizeable snowfield. I started around 5:45AM and it was still rock hard for me. Microspikes would be nice for this patch if you go early, else just wait til later when things soften up and you can kick. I used rocks myself, but trekking poles or any other equivalent would perhaps work nicer. On a positive note there is a carved out glissade slide that is very fun. 
cordisimo  2014-06-28   0   1          
2014-06-20  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: I didn‘t intend to hike a 14er Friday but finding myself at the Colorado Trail TH at Kenosha Pass with only one mountain bike cleat (lord knows where I left the other one) I decided to push past the pass and into mining country to kill time until I could purchase a replacement shoe. I concluded it was time to check the Sherman box. The road is clear to the gate and driving a Prius I was able to make it the last pullout just before the gate without any trouble. The gate was open. There are a couple of small patches of snow between the gate and the slope to the saddle. Neither pose technical challenges. The slope to the saddle holds a 100‘-200‘ slope of snow. A staircase has been kicked in for the entire ascent up the slope. Adjacent to the staircase is a deep(ening) glissade channel. The summit is holding snow but nothing technical. Snow was firm at 9:30, but by 11:00am it was softening. I post-holed the first step of the decent down the slope, and opted for a standing glissade down. Wearing trailrunners I made the ascent in ~1h25m, and the descent in ~35m. 
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2014-06-16  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Road is clear and in good condition. 2wd cars can make it to main parking area at 4 Mile creek. 4wd can make it to upper part of the road. Trail was clear to summit (south ridge) from 4 Mile creek, with exception of 1 large snow drift near saddle. Easy to navigate around this drift. Cornices still present on the snowpack on the east slopes of surrounding mountains and are starting to break loose. 
Lucky Day  2014-06-18   0             
2014-06-14  Route: from Mosquito Pass
Info: Snowfree access from Mosquito Pass to Sherman via the ridgeline (Mt Evans, Dyer, Gemini). There are some good options for a thin ski descent, but it‘s great hiking right now. I did hear that some Iowa Gulch hikers were struggling without crampons on their way up. 
ulvetano  2014-06-15   1             
2014-06-07  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Info: County Road 2 is clear until about mile five (zero is Main Street and East third street). After that there is significant snow on the road to the summer Iowa Gulch car park. The first mile of the trail is covered in significant snow. We turned around after post-holing between knee and hip deep in this basin. From our brief scouting trip, the gulch between Sherman and Sheridan appears relatively free of snow. 
ekviatnie  2014-06-08   0             
2014-06-05  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: There has been decent freeze the last couple of nights. Today you could do the whole thing without snowshoes or crampons or ax. This presumes an early start. The south slopes looked pretty thin. I am not sure there is a continuous line to ski or climb. 
Nelson  2014-06-05   0   1          
2014-05-04  Route: South Slope
Info: My buddy and I had a 7am start from the end of the plowed road. Don‘t be tempted to drive up the road as we saw both a Jeep and an Explorer stuck in the snow when returning to our car later in the day. No snowshoes or traction required for us, though we were post-holing a bit the last mile on our way back at around 11:30. VERY windy towards the summit (to the point of blowing us over); but at least it wasn‘t bitterly cold. Saw a couple of cornices off to the left; but the avalanche danger seemed minimal along the South Slope route. All told it was a 4.5 hour round trip for us (2 young men in our mid-20s). Photo #1: Looking southwest towards Mt. Sheridan on the way to the summit Photo #2: View from the summit 
jladderud  2014-05-04   2             
2014-02-28  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Info: Parked at the CR2/dirt road intersection (not drivable past this point) and were able to skin up to around 13,000‘ before it got too rocky/wind-swept. No avalanche danger right now on this route if you follow the standard west slopes route (though that might change after this current storm). We put our skis on our packs around 13,000‘ and angled up towards Sherman‘s SW ridge. Around 13,500‘ we decided to ditch our packs since the wind was so bad that the skis on our packs were acting as wind sails and throwing us around everywhere. Despite the awesome sunny weather and relatively mild temperatures all day, the wind was so bad that at times we had to crawl and had serious doubts as to whether we‘d be able to summit (plus we had 2 dogs with us...although they seemed to handle the wind better than we did!). Once you get to around 13,800‘ on the ridge there is more snow, and a ski descent from the summit would be feasible, though you‘d have to take off your skis for the bare section between 13,000‘ and 13,800‘. 
sstratta  2014-03-01   4   3          
2014-01-25  Route: South Slope
Info: The access road to Sherman has a very packed trail, easily hiked without snowshoes. We turned off shortly before where the route description suggests to be able to use mostly dry ground on the way up. The largest drainage on the right of the road has a cornice at the top; I suggest going around that drainage by staying higher rather than lower. The snow on the way up the wide south slope "gully" was good and not deep. I highly suggest microspikes (or crampons if you want to carry them) since some of it has solidified and is slick. However, you can also stick to just mostly rock on the way up this as well. We cut over to Gemini too and it was almost completely dry the whole way. I also included a picture of Sheridan for those who may want to attempt it. As of the date of this report, it looked possible to hike pretty much completely dry. 
Tony1  2014-01-26   4      1       
2014-01-02  Route: South Slope
Info: Winter trailhead (~1/2 mile below Leavick Mine) is recommended. Used snowshoes from car until reaching the S/SW windswept face of White Ridge. This face leads to saddle between Sherman & White Ridge. In the past, I‘ve hiked up the road until near the gate and then turn to the N (right turn off the road) to find the safest slopes. However, on this hike we turned off the road ~1/4 mile before the gate, around 11,800‘ contour. On TOPO!, I can see the CR 18 symbol near the turnoff. It‘s a flat area and signs of campers‘ use in the past. From this turnoff, we went to the E (right) of a line of trees to stay on mellow terrain. Some trail breaking was necessary but was not unreasonable. The pictures attached have approximate routes shown in green. 1st: looking up through the trees near our turnoff 2nd: above trees on bench (~12,200‘), looking down at our route from road 3rd: another view of lower route 4th: on descent, our tracks leading to S/SW face of windblown saddle route is fairly obvious 
d_baker  2014-01-04   4             
2013-11-26  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Overall, pretty good conditions. I drive a Subaru Impreza and on stock tires I was able to drive all the way to 11,100‘ or so (and parked in a small pullout). Only one section before then had some extra snow that made driving through it more challenging (but still possible). Nice hiking conditions along the road. Along the ridge, the snow was deeper and we sunk in more, but no serious postholing. The final approach to the summit (where it is nice and flat) had wonderful hard packed snow, which made the going very easy. I recommend some form of traction (I used Yaktrax) and gaiters. 
rlaur001  2013-11-27   0   3          
2013-11-23  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: 6-12" of snow all along the route to 13k ft (to the ridge/saddle), snowshoes required; thereafter bare rock to a few inches of snow on most of the route to the summit with occasional annoying drifts, no more than 12" deep. Micros pikes are helpful. 
BrentRichter  2013-11-23   0             
2013-11-10  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: The road up to the gate was mostly clear, and any 4wd vehicle should be able to drive up to it. There is one (seriously only one) ice sheet at the gate that you need traction for, but after that there is intermittent snow on the trail. We barely post-holed thanks to other hikers from previous days, and after the ice sheet we did not take our microspikes out again. Maybe 6 inches of snow at the most in some areas. Windy as hell at the top and on the ridge line down to the saddle between Sheridan and Sherman. We also climbed Gemini Peak, which was snow-free. 
LizWeiss  2013-11-11   0      1       
2013-10-25  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Some snow on the saddle and on the quarter mile ridge over to the real summit. I used gaitors but left the microspikes in my bag. 
bhess86  2013-10-27   0             
2013-10-02  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Some avoidable snow on the road below Hilltop Mine. Snow covers some of the trail that switchbacks up to the saddle. The snow was soft with a foot track / steps. No snow issues above the saddle. I used a pole but the MicroSpikes stayed in the pack. 
MountainHiker  2013-10-02   2             
2013-09-25  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Peak conditions were very good today. We camped the night at the nearby campground, and began our climb at 6:25AM, summited around 9AM. Minimal snow cover, the trail was easily followed. VERY windy on the descent (every bit if not more of the 60 MPH forecasted winds). Thankfully, it was very sunny and beautiful weather other than the wind. 
brianlpowers  2013-09-25   0             
2013-09-14  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Sherman is good to go. No rain/washout/drainage/TH issues. Frost and snow on the upper portion of the ridge leading the summit, but nothing substantial that would be cause for concern. We started at 5a, back to the car 830-9ish. Clouds were coming in, but this is a peak can be easily tackled in short windows of clear weather. PM me if anyone wants any pictures of the upper ridge. Shouldn‘t be anything that sticks around though 
forbins_mtn  2013-09-14   0   2          
2013-07-05  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Info: The climb was rather windy due to storms moving in all weekend, but once we reached the homestretch the wind was almost non-existent. We summited about 11:30 am with about 20-25 other people along the way. The snow along the last 1/4 mile is avoidable and you don‘t need anything more than good trail runners to summit for the foreseeable future. 
theMickster  2013-07-08   2             
2013-06-26  Route: West Slopes from Iowa Gulch
Info: Depart @ 6:45, summit @ 9:15 (with my 5 y/o son). Back to car @ 11. Lower trail almost 100% clear. Small snow sections (less than 5) all avoidable if desired but easily crossed. From saddle to summit, almost 100% clear, but all snow is avoidable. Snow on summit, but clear in the wind shelters. 
trudginalong  2013-06-26   0             
2013-06-22  Route: Southwest Ridge from Fourmile Creek
Info: Departed TH 0830. @ ~13 snowfield pack on slope below Sheridan-Sherman saddle - kick-step no need for spikes but brought them just in case (great glissade for descent) southwest ridge to summit - avoidable pack in areas. 
wcropp  2013-06-22   0             

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