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James Peak  
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2014-06-18  Route: shooting star
Info: Hit the base at 11pm. Firm to mid foot punching all the way up. A few runnels, no rock fall issues though debris present. Bergschrund-like feature was a bit soft and tricky to find purchase - bypassable. No snowshoes. Std route was a mix of tundra and sun-cupped snow fields to St Mary‘s Glacier. 
Monster5  2014-06-18   0   6        
2014-06-17  Route: From St. Marys
Info: Some hard-packed snow drifts below treeline. The glacier is holding fairly firm snow in the morning, quite a bit softer in the afternoon, and extends just about all the way up to about 11,500. Some large sun-cupped snowfields past Jamaica flats. Post-holed in a couple of places after noon, primarily on the higher edges of the snowfields (hidden mini-bergschrunds). All in all, good snow conditions for hiking; no need for crampons or spikes. Floatation would be overkill, but was glad to have gaiters on the descent. Good glissading off the summit! Note: If you decide to ascend the via the ridgeline on the right, there are a couple of small cornices so stay left; the ridge itself is mostly dry, so they‘re easy to avoid. 
jaymz  2014-06-18   0           
2014-06-09  Route: St. Mary's Glacier
Info: There is fresh snow up there from a storm on the night 06/08. The hike to St. Mary‘s Glacier was clear of snow but the once you get to the glacier the snow continues all the way to the Summit. We went early in the morning so the snow was fairly hard on the way up and the micro-spikes we packed were useful on the way up the glacier; however, on the way down the snow began to soften and we were post-holing our way through the whole glacier. It would probably be perfect for back country skiers right about now. 
fjallajokull  2014-06-10   2           
2014-06-08  Route: standard
Info: Skinned and hiked up half way to the summit today. Snow ends after St. Mary‘s Glacier all the way through the flats. The escalation to the summit is still in most of the way. 
habaceeba  2014-06-08   1           
2013-11-16  Route: St. Mary's Glacier
Info: Saint Mary’s Glacier has enough snow to be skiable from the lake to the top. However, the skiable portion is fairly narrow: veering too far to either side will likely result in hitting bare rocks or terrain. The area between the top of the glacier and James Peak is fairly barren with sporadic snow and ice patches. I climbed James Peak today without snowshoes—microspikes and an ice axe were helpful in places; however, I probably could have gotten by with a simple pair of trekking poles. 
political animal  2013-11-16   0           
2013-01-19  Route: St Mary's Glacier
Info: Trail up to St Mary‘s glacier is mostly packed snow with rocks sticking up out of it, with a couple bare sections. If you really want you can find continuous snow in the woods to either side. Snow on glacier is windblown, but decent for skiing. Beyond the top of the glacier it doesn‘t look like there‘s good snow anywhere between there and the summit, didn‘t go any further. 
farcedude  2013-01-22   0           
2012-11-07  Route: clockwise loop to Kingston
Info: After St.Mary‘s most snow is avoidable if you want to add a little distance wandering about. I went for a more direct route. Broke through up to my knees in places. On the steeper slopes, some sections were hard and fast and an axe was nice to have for safety. Gaiters, spikes and poles were very helpful too. 
powhound  2012-11-08   0           
2012-06-09  Route: Shooting Star
Info: Shooting Star is still in fantastic shape for climbing. We measured a maximum of 53 degrees steepness, but it may have been slightly steeper a few places. An early start (4 am from St. Mary‘s trailhead) was key to our summit. Superstar is starting to look fairly nasty and melted out at the top. Sky Pilot (what we could see of it) looked pretty ugly as well. Starlight and Starbright looked pretty good. 
Nathan Hoobler  2012-06-10   3           
2011-10-15  Route: Southeast Ridge
Info: I don‘t know how much today‘s snow will affect James Peak, but as of Saturday, Oct. 15 it was pretty dry. If we‘d have stayed on the true trail we wouldn‘t have encountered much snow at all. We instead ventured along the Southeast Ridge and negotiated two or three snowfields that were in great condition for snow climbing. St. Mary‘s Glacier is also pretty dry. Up high there were even many, many patches of bare grass. Suncups galore. Didn‘t see any skiers up there, but it‘s possible on a small section to practice glissading and self-arrest without much danger in the runout. 
SurfNTurf  2011-10-17   2           

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