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2016-05-23  Route: :Landry Line
Info: Climbed Amphitheater to East Ridge and rode the Landry Line. Conditions have changed much due to skier traffic, and weather. Top 1/6th of line (summit block) is side stepped out. Combine this with breakable melt freeze facet combos, and rotten snow around rocks and riding becomes unpredictable and terrifying. Navigation and riding through cruxes is undesirable in "safer" snow conditions due to above factors. Middle of the line has 2 ft deep runnels. Choke is not skiable. Icy and heavily runneled. Down climb advised. Very doable. Apron holds snow to 10.4K there is no riding to be had as it's an amalgamation of all sorts of avalanche debris and really not enjoyable. If you're adamant about adding this line to your list wait - it was good for me but was far from what I dreamed about. If you need to ride this peak this season, the Amphitheater would be a much more enjoyable and efficient way. 
freeinthehills  2016-05-26   0             
2016-05-21  Route: Landry Line
Info: Climbed standard route. Skiable from the summit. Snow down to ~10,400'. Exit chute is a bit hairy right now, but doable without taking skis off. Just wide enough for my 172s. A little ice in the runnel running through the choke 
mojah  2016-05-21   2   2   3       
2016-04-25  Route: Maroon Creek Rd
Info: Road closed approx 6 miles from the Maroon Lake. Freeze/thaw cycles on the road consistent up to the day-use parking. Full snow coverage 1.5 miles from the lake. Coverage is 2 feet deep at Maroon Lake. Alpine start, brought snowshoes and didn't need them. Gaiters were good to have at the lake. 
WillRobnett  2016-04-26   2             
2016-02-13  Route: West Face
Info: Conditions are... acceptable. No notable avy conditions (from what we could tell). Jeff and I did this yesterday in a single day; it was pretty difficult. Road to Maroon Lake is packed by snowmobiles (6 miles each way). We had to break trail from there. It took a lot longer than expected, partly due to rock hard snow in the west couloir which necessitated a lot of front-pointing. The upper basins are holding a bit of snow, but seemed stable on the traverse. I felt the headwall was more class 3 than class 4, so didn‘t rope up. We did use a rope to rap that section, which was probably a good idea since it was dark at the time. 
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2015-10-12  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: The Elks are still good to go. Went up Pyramid today and didn‘t run into anybody else all day long. There were a few small patches of snow, but nothing that we felt concerned enough about to strap on traction. Blue skies, moderate temps, gentle breeze. Perfect day for hiking. It is so nice to not have to worry about beating thunderstorms. Snow is predicted for this weekend so now is the time to get up there one last time this year. 
pmeadco  2015-10-12   0             
2015-09-27  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Peak conditions: -Route clear of snow completely -Aspen trees are looking prime Parking: -Arrived 8pm Saturday night and found parking in the overnight parking area. Note: the gate at the "welcome station" was coned off, implying the parking was fun, which it probably way at 5PM, but it is worthwhile to check it out for yourself. Things to know: Bear Canisters: Have one. The rangers are pretty serious about it and it would suck to get turned around if you didn‘t have one. THE FIRST ROCK CAIRN (photo 5): which takes you off the main trail to carter lake. It will take you up into the woods, parallel the main trail and return back to the main trail, which is also designated with a large cairn. Along that horseshoe there is a trail that branches off which is not hard to miss (i did). Luckily i went back and found my way. After the Talus field (photos 10 and 11): There‘s a couple routes that look like the one in the picture from a far. When you get closer you can see the foot trail at the bottom taking you up the best way. Best advice for the top (3rd/4th class section): Follow the Cairns!!! If you ever feel like you haven‘t seen one for a while, you‘re probably not taking the easiest path. 
thatclimberguy  2015-09-28   1             
2015-09-26  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Trail is in good condition. A little bit of fresh snow above 13k but it is all avoidable. Fall colors should be great for another week. On a side note, according to another hiker, North Maroon peak has more snow on its route and is slippery in sections. 
jschooch  2015-09-27   2             
2015-09-26  Route: Passing through the area
Info: Fall colors from the South Elbert Trailhead are peak and some what coming to an end. Independence Pass is holding fall colors better than Elbert. La Plata has good colors at lower elevations. Most of Independence Pass is holding good fall colors. Maroon Bells (Maroon Peak/N. Maroon Peak) and Pyramid are the best fall colors Leadville to Aspen right now. The Bells and Pyramid have a thin layer of snow 13,500 and above. North Maroon looked like it had unavoidable snow above 13,5. 
WillRobnett  2015-09-26   0             
2015-09-23  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Pyramid takes my final count to 48 for the number of fourteeners I‘ve climbed this summer! You can read more about this hike and others by visiting! Enjoy! Time started: 10am End time: 7:40pm Time to Summit: 5 hours and 10 minutes Time to Descent: 4 hours Overall Pace: 1.1 miles per hour GEAR (to bring): Bear spray, helmet, GPS, extra socks, phone, SPOT Satellite Tracker, Map, Topo Map from, hiking boots with 2 pairs of socks on, long-sleeve, wind-guard/raincoat, light weight puffy coat, warm hat, lightweight gloves, day pack with water sack (64 oz), snacks. Road Condition: Black top Trail Condition: The trail around Maroon Lake is slick and smooth. The turn off for Pyramid Peak is the first marked trail by a very large cairn. Once on that trail, it is marked on and off with a very rocky trail that could twist your ankle. Once your in the amphitheater, it only gets worse. My ankles were absolutely shot after this hike having to balance so much on jagged, rarely flat rocks. Don‘t pay attention to the cairns, as much as just make your way to the steep gully. YOU CAN GO UP EITHER TO THE LEFT OR RIGHT! The trail is more defined on the left in my opinion. The gully is very steep with lots of dirt to make you slip. Once at the top of the saddle, follow the trail and once you get to 13,150-13,200, go to the LEFT around the backside of the mountain. The trail is more defined, easier, and you‘ll avoid climbing in the dangerous snow (you should be able to avoid it by 99%). Keep your eyes out for the cairns and make sure you‘re wrapping towards the backside of the mountain as you summit. The rock is solid, but there is a lot of free smaller rocks sitting on them that could cause you to slip. Minor detail, but expect to pay for entrance into the park. 
Sunshineof1985  2015-09-24   2   1          
2015-09-20  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Very light dusting of snow on the upper part of the peak past the 13,000‘ saddle. Most melted when the sun came out leaving the trail a little muddy in parts. Anything concerning is totally avoidable and it‘s still safe to climb for now. 
lkk8815  2015-09-21   2   1          
2015-09-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Lovely day for Pyramid. There is a ribbon of snow just shy of 14,000. Most of the ledges were damp but not dangerous on the ascent. There were a few avoidable patches of snow. Roped up for the descent given the mud, but never felt in danger. Another few days without precip and it will be bone dry up there. We were the only two on the peak today; we saw two attempting North Maroon, which looked substantially snowier. No word if they made the summit. Perfect time of year to climb. 
izzy  2015-09-22   3             
2015-08-19  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Excellent conditions, peak was completely dry. Small snowfield in amphitheater could be walked on or bypassed on talus. 
mdavenport2  2015-08-20   0             
2015-08-02  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Started at 3:20 AM to avoid inclement weather. Route finding across the amphitheater and especially up to the saddle was a bit tricky in the dark. We didn‘t go far enough left before starting the climb out of the amphitheater. If you are scrambling up tallus rather than dirt when hiking up to the saddle, you‘re probably off route. Lots of goats at the saddle. Route finding up to the summit was easier thanks to light and cairns. Summitted at 7:30. Back to the parking lot at 11:30. We found a white Marmot climbing helmet and turned it in to the ranger station by Maroon Lake. 
jladderud  2015-08-03   4   1          
2015-07-18  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: As previous comments, trail dry @ 99%, amphitheatre still has few snowfields that can be crossed easily with summer gear. 
Fr3ako  2015-07-18   5      1       
2015-07-14  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: There is a little bit of snow in the amphitheater, easy to cross. There is one small snowfield that must be crossed right after the leap; it is steep, but only four steps across. Felt comfortable without an axe. Other than the snow crossing Pyramid is in great summer condition, did not see anybody else all day after turning off the Crater Lake trail. 
Cool Hand Luke  2015-07-14   0             
2015-07-11  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Great day on pyramid peak. Snow-free route expect one 15 foot traverse, which had steps in it already. No need for crampons or spikes. Didn‘t even use the ice axe once. 
yingyangsoup89  2015-07-11   0   1          
2015-07-03  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Climbed Pyramid today with no problems. There was one fairly low-threat snow crossing just before the green rock wall. The remaining snow in the Amphitheater was soft and aided climbing and descending. 
Hoot  2015-07-03   1             
2015-01-22  Route: Northwest Ridge
Info: Conditions for the NW ridge are undesirable and unsafe as southerly winds have loaded the upper section of the ridge. We even triggered a small wind slab. Be careful. Pic 1: Final traverse. Heavily Loaded. Pic 2: Crown of our avalanche. Pic 3: Avalanche 
Furthermore  2015-01-23   3   4          
2014-10-07  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: The Crater Lake/Maroon Creek Trail was snow free until the Pyramid turnoff. As you ascend the trail up to the amphitheater there was about 3-4in of snow throughout the hike. In the amphitheater the snow gets to about 7-9in in spots, but I tried to stay as dry as possible by jumping to rocks. However, the route description says to stay to the right of the rock glacier (which was pretty labor intensive as there was quite a bit of trudging in some spots), but on the way down it was much easier to stay atop the rock glacier and hike down/scramble (or up) the rocks to the main trail. Once to the back of the amphitheater, the slope up to the saddle has splotchy amounts of snow and mud, but isn‘t too bad. From the saddle to the summit, the narrow ledge was snow free, but route finding is critical to avoid waste deep snow and patches of ice. A majority of the route has some amount of snow on it, but it varies as to how much sunlight it gets. Used micro spikes but not sure how effective they actually were. Weather was incredible, no wind. Summer/fall season is at its close. 
alexithymia6  2014-10-09   6   5   3       
2014-09-20  Route: Northeast Ridge
Info: Pyramid was incredible today. No snow/ice whatsoever in the amphitheater that you need to deal with, winds below 5 all day, no rain until 3:30 or so. Aspens are changing, get it while the gettin‘s good! 
adamjm  2014-09-20   0   1          

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