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Mt. Edwards  
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2013-06-21  ridge traverse from Grays  Traversed the ridge from Grays. Only small patches of snow to cross along the ridge. Still quite a bit of snow on the summit of Edwards, which is great if you need more water. Tory Wells   2013-06-22  0       
2013-06-09  East Slopes  I approached from the Waldorf Mine and then hiked up the Argentine Pass road and carried on up the ridge to the summit. The road to the mine was almost entirely clear, with a few snow banks that will probably be gone soon. As it was many ATVs made it up there and a few cars bolder than I made it as well (including some gentleman demonstrating some very unsafe shooting practices that shot in my direction). After the mine the road was mostly snow covered, but it was melting very quickly. I would guess that all of the road but the very last .10 mi will be walkable without stepping on snow by next weekend. The ridge was intermittent snow melting quickly in most places, and the summit was pretty deep snow that will be there for a while yet. Nathan Hale   2013-06-10  0       
2012-11-17  East slopes  Road to Waldorf is snowy and icy but passable with 4wd. We made it in a stock ford ranger all the way to Waldorf. Looks like something beefier drove further up argentine pass. These condition won‘t last another storm though. Route was practically snow free. We did need gaiters but no traction. There is a snow filled gully that might offer an easy ascent and descent under the right conditions but we didn‘t have our ice axes so we didnt try. Good luck. The view of Torreys from the summit is very cool. jeremy27   2012-11-18  0       
2012-06-01  Southeast Ridge via Argentine TH  See my report for Square Top. Still one major, difficult snowfield and some smaller ones along trail on west side of pass. TravelingMatt   2012-06-01  0       
2011-10-15  West Ridge  After leaving the standard Grays trail the route to Edwards‘ summit is 95% snow-free on the ridge. Image 2 is a goat on the north side of the ridge below a false summit. Brian Thomas   2011-10-15 3     Edit Delete 

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