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California Peak  
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2014-06-26  North Ridge  Dry the whole way. We added UN13,577 too. Beautiful views all around. Might be a good one to add onto a Lindsey climbing trip! desertdog   2014-06-30  0       
2014-06-22  Zapata  Descended CA to Zapata Falls last night - no snow on W ridge or in tree-wack down to N Zapata trail. The trail is in good condition but a bit difficult to follow at the stream crossing (by headlamp). Ridge to connecting 13ers and 14ers dry. Talus slopes above Lily Lakes looked dry too. No techy snow gear used from Little Bear to CA. Monster5   2014-06-22  0  6 1    
2014-06-14  Lower Huerfano Trail Route  Was extremely windy the entire route once on the ridge. Strongest wind I‘ve ever felt. The only snow was one patch directly at the ridge above the treeline. It looked easy enough to walk around it but I just climbed over it since it was only about 30 to 40 feet high wall of snow. Easy to climb over. No snow along the ridge on the way up except for one small patch around the summit of California peak itself. But this small patch encircling the peak was very small and required no effort to walk over. The summit itself was clear, no snow. Ellingwood Point and Blanca Peak both looked clear of snow on their summits. Very few snow patches everywhere but melting fast. Than217   2014-06-16  0       
2014-02-23  West ridge  The trail towards Zapata Lake was either boot packed or dry all the way to the turn off for the west ridge. I took the west ridge up to UN13660A which was relatively dry with occasional patches of snow. The ridge to UN13577 was about the same but with more snow. Ridge to California peak was mostly dry. West ridge off California had much more snow, especially at and below tree line. Image 1- looking towards California from UN13577 Image 2- Crestones Image 3- LB/B/E ahrendse   2014-02-24 3  1    
2013-10-05  North Ridge  Route is 99% snow free...a little snow near the true summit, can be avoided if you want. Image 1: Typical ridge conditions Image 2: Huerfano / Lindsey Image 3: Blanca / Ellingwood / LB mrickers   2013-10-07 3       
2013-06-02  North Ridge  A little bit of snow on the Zapata trail but no problem. Ditto on the summit. For the complete report from a week ago (but still valid), see Jed‘s TR link here Jay521   2013-06-02  0  1    
2012-10-08  West Slopes  I didn‘t quite make it all the way, but close enough to post a conditions report. Only about 35 degrees near the top, but no snow whatsoever. I had microspikes but did not need them. Some of the nearby Sangre peaks had a dusting of snow on the north facing slopes but that‘s about it. JROSKA   2012-10-09 1       
2011-05-07  North Ridge  Went up California Peak today. Tried to stick to the summer trail, but there was more snow than expected in the trees (did some frustrating postholing), so we bushwhacked up a snow-filled gully to the ridge on the way up. We didn‘t bring snowshoes. And if I had to do it again, I probably still wouldn‘t bring them - just find a different way up. The ridge is long and the ups and downs are disheartening, but we made it. On the way down, we hiked to the saddle where the trail normally goes, but bushwhacked again straight back to the meadow in photo 1. Photo 1: about where the snow began in earnest and where the bushwhacking began. This is an open meadow where you encounter a fence. Photo 2: the gully that we went up. The snow ended somewhere around 12,000 ft, but then there were a few hundred feet of talus before the ridgeline - really sucked up some time. Photo 3: view of the ridge once we got up there. Photo 4: ridgeline leading up to California Peak. CarpeDM   2011-05-07 4       

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