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Mt. Sniktau  
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2014-12-12  Southwest Ridge  Packed like I was ready for some winter snow climbing.. Should have packed like it was summer instead. Hardly any snow from the top of 6 to the summit, what little there is can be avoided. BagginPeaks   2014-12-12  0     Edit Delete 
2014-04-12  From Loveland Valley Ski area  Safe climbing both western ridges. Snow almost all the way to the summit. Carried snow shoes and crampons and used neither. stevebillig   2014-04-14  0       
2013-12-16  Loveland Pass  Windy. No much snow, only in spots. Snowshoes were great help, though. Cornices below the summit. Picture: Approaching to 13.152. AndesX   2013-12-17 1       
2013-10-30  Sniktau/Cupid/Grizzly from Loveland Pass  Windblown, with small patches of snow up to ~2 deep. Pictures: 1. on the way up to Sniktau from Pt. 12,915 2. the ridge up to Grizzly 3. Parnassus & Bard from Sniktau 4. Torreys from Cupid Blix   2013-10-31 4       
2013-04-29  Standard from Loveland Pass  Mt. Sniktau seems to always be relatively clear. Perhaps the good Lord wants to give us summer hikers at least one mountain to practice on. As you can tell from the pictures, the trail up to PT 12915 was about 50% dirt and rocks, with the rest in drifts 4 to 9 inches deep (mostly hard packed or ice. The wind was running between about 30 to 45 mph, which finally convinced me to turn around for the sunny and 80‘s in Denver. This was my third hike up towards or to PT 12915 in the past 6 weeks and it has been about the same conditions each time. onepeakatatime   2013-04-29 4       
2013-04-13  Loveland Pass  Went halfway up Sniktau today after skiing A-Basin and turned around because of the wind. I turned around at the point at upper right of pic 1 where the route turns left toward the summit. Brought microspikes but did not need them. Pic 2 is the west side of Torreys. Brian Thomas   2013-04-13 2       
2012-12-21  Loveland Pass  Hiked up Sniktau and Cupid from Loveland Pass this morning before work. Relatively dry. I was ready for winter, but could be hiked in trail runners (if you don‘t mind some frozen toes), there are a few patches of snow but all is blown hard and packed down. Nice easy hike, slogged away and was back in the car in under 3 hours. Floyd   2012-12-21  0       
2012-06-09  Loveland Pass  Trail to the top from Loveland Pass is snow free. MC.Ikema   2012-06-11  0       
2011-12-17  Standard route  Firm, wind-swept snow along the entire ridge sergeisorkin   2011-12-19 1       
2011-09-25  Standard  Sniktau is snow-free. Cupid looked snow-free, but we didn‘t climb it. worldstrad   2011-09-26 1       
2011-09-19  Loveland Pass route  Sniktau and Cupid are virtually snow-free today on the trails (9/19/11). Grizzly Peak D has a dusting of snow. psa954hiker   2011-09-19 2       

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